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PAPER CRAFT Cardboard Hands Pre-cut hand shapes in assorted sizes from an A4 size sheet.


Paper Shapes

Patty Panss

Paper shapes in 6 skin tones. Decorate with pastels, markers, crayons and paint.

Use for collage and decoration. Cut, glue and create.

Assorted colours PA233 PA234

Pkt of 1000


Pkt of 1000

Assorted shapes & sizes


ASSORTED SKIN COLOURS Faces – 17cm length Hands – 12.5cm length

Pkt of 100


Pkt of 50

Paper Plates – White

Paper Plates – Coloured oloured

Good for disposable palettes, and as a starting point for masks.

Ready to use in construction ion or mask making. Bright glossy colours.



$12.95 PA015


Mini Metallic Patty Pans

Mini Patty Pans Use for collage and decoration. Cut, glue and create.

Assorted colours

Pkt of 1000



Paper Plates – M Metallic

Honeycomb This is the material that sequins are punched out of. Fabulous for displays, weaving and collage.

18cm diameter


18cm diameter


Pkt of 50


Pkt of 50


An assortment of Gold, Silver and Holographic Silver paper plates. Great for decorative construction.

23cm diameter


23cm diameter


9.5cm diameter


4 x 10m rolls assorted

Pkt of 50


Pkt of 50


Pkt of 60


Pkt of 4

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Fabulous metallic colours in these mini patty pans. Use in collage, threading and paper construction.

Assorted colours

Pkt of 100

Laser Shred Fine shreds of metallic fibre to be used in collage, for hair and decorative ornaments.






Pkt of 20g


Prices exclude GST • Prices valid until 31 December 2016

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