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Magic Marble Step-by-Step


Magic M i M Marble bl PPaints Multi-purpose bright marbling paints which work on a range of surfaces including wood, glass, ceramic, metal, stoneware, terracotta, candles, paper and polystyrene. Great for creating gifts, keepsakes and market/fete stall items. Fast drying.

SINGLE COLOURS – 20ML Blue Black Citron Light Green Ochre Orange Rose Turquoise White

PT780-BE PT780-BK PT780-CI PT780-LG PT780-OC PT780-OR PT780-RO PT780-TU PT780-WH


Set colours include metallic red, silver, gold, metallic violet, metallic blue and metallic green.

new Pkt of 6



Marble colours

Allow to dry

Adding Colour: The order in which you drip the colours onto the water will have an effect on the marbling pattern. The first colour is displaced somewhat by the second one, meaning the second colour will be more vibrant. You can also mix the colours to create an original palette. Colour & Pattern: The more colour you let drip onto the water, the more intense the marble effect. After dripping the droplets of colour onto the water draw the marble pattern immediately using a wooden rod. 2–3 colours can be used to achieve ideal marbling results. res

Choice Of Objects: Smooth surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic must be clean and greasefree, before marbling to achieve best results. On wood or other materials with a darker natural colour, marbled colours will appear darker. Immersing: Place the object, e.g. Polystyrene foam, on a wooden stick and slowly immerse it in the water, stop briefly and then pull it quickly back out. Always work at a brisk pace when marbling, to prevent a semi-dry colour film from forming on the surface of the water which will ruin your marbling effect.

Let dry: Depending on the base material of the object you are marble-painting, the colour will be dust-dry within 15–30 minutes. You can wipe off the objects after they have dried completely. Finished: For the next marbling phase carefully remove the excess colour from the surface of the water using a sheet of paper (edge). Remove any paint residues to ensure that the new colour is distributed uniformly. Replace the water when it becomes too dirty.



Quickly dip item into colour

Clean up

Colours include: colourless, yellow, pink, violet, blue and green. Colours can be mixed to create more colours. For single-colour marbling, use colourless marbling paint and the desired colour.

20ml x 6 colours

Pkt of 6



Sets will produce up to 130 marbled prints!


Add colour to water

Magic Marble Paints Rainbow Set

Colours include: White, silver, black, neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink. Colours can be mixed to create more colours.

Pkt of 6

Magic M agiic M Marble Pain Paints nts Metallic Set

Preparation: Wear disposable gloves and apron when marbling. Fill disposable containers with water (16–21°C) in which the object can be completely immersed. Shake the marbling paint well and then hold the colour close to the water and let it drip onto the surface.


Magic Marble Paints Contrast Set

20ml x 6 colours


Shake well!

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To prevent unused paint from drying out - put lids back on immediately, and ensure lids are on tightly. Always store paint in a cool area, in hot weather paints can be stored in the refrigerator.

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