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Glass Stone Easyy Project Ideas!


Make M k a paperweight i ht

Make ke a brooch h

Make a fridge fridge magnet m

Glass Stones Clear round (irregular) stones with flat base. Ideal starting point to create an original paperweight or a fridge magnet. Simply adhere paper (face side) using ArtPotch to base to create a paperweight. Turn this into a fridge magnet by gluing a magnet strip to the base, or add a brooch back to create a brooch. Stones can also be decorated with Colour Slix paint. NP170

Approx. 45mm

Pkt of 25

Gifts & Decoration Add a festive touch to your tables & room displays with these novel decorations!




Per Student

Papier Mache Photo Frames

Cardboard Jigsaws

Decorate this photo frame with paint, collage or markers. Insert an image into the frame to give as a gift.

Pre-cut heavy card, which is ready to decorate or draw directly on to. Excellent for art/maths work. Interlocking design with frame.

18 x 24cm (10 x 15cm photo size) BW865

18 x 22cm


Pkt of 5

Pkt of 20



Per Student

Cardboard Bon Bon Blanks

All in one kit!

This pre-cut cardboard design is easy to assemble, creating a bon bon that is ready to decorate.

Magiclay Magnet Kit


Per Student

Per Student


Per Student

This kit challenges participants to work in miniature form to make creative magnets to put on the fridge or give away as gifts. Kit includes: Magiclay Coloured 240g, Magnets, Modelling Tools, Joggle Eyes, Plastic Storer and instructions.



18cm long


Pkt of 10


Papier Mache Drums Papier mache drum on a handle. Two beads on strings create the sound by twisting the handle. Decorate with paint or collage.

Cardboard Bon Bon Snaps

Makes 20 magnets


22x 8.5cm





Pkt of 10


Pkt of 144

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