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Paper Plate for half of the plate. Step 6. Decorate the border of the Cover Paper with Crafty Star Stickers. Step 7. Cut a piece of Bark Paper to create a manger, glue this to the scene. Step 8. Fill the manger with White Merino Wool Tops. Glue into the scene. Step 9. Wrap and glue Hessian around a Wooden Bead to create Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Glue Mary and Joseph behind the manger and glue baby

Jesus into the manger. Step 10. Glue a Foilboard Star to the top of the Paper Plate scene.

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You Need:

Nativity Diorama • Materials List PA020 PA416-BE NP050 PT854 BG2025-NA ST110-GO CB701-ME CQ535-WH HE050-** AA005

Paper Plate 23cm Pkt of 50 Cover Paper Dark Blue A4 Pkt of 100 Bark Pattern Paper A3 Pkt of 40 Liquitemp Paint Copper 500mL Wooden Beads Rnd Natural 25mm Pkt of 100 Crafty Sticker Stars Gold Pkt of 70 Foilboard Stars 76mm Pkt of 50 Merino Wool Tops White 100g Hessian Coloured 172m wide Supertac Adhesive 500mL

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Step 1. Fold a Paper Plate to form a cone and glue to hold. Step 2. Glue Decorative Trim to the edges of the cone to decorate. Step 3. Cut a Polyball in half and use to create the head of the wise man, gluing it to the top of the cone. Step 4. Add features to the head adding hair from the Merino Wool tops and drawing on eyes with an EverZart Pen. Step 5. Create a crown for the Wise Man by manipulating Metallic Wire Cord and adhere to the head. Glue a Jewel to the crown. Step 6. Create a cape from Chinese Fabric and glue to the back of the cone.

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Step 1. Cut out the centre of a Paper Plate leaving the corrugated rim. Step 2. Lightly paint the rim of the Paper Plate with the Copper Liquitemp. Step 3. Trace around the Paper Plate onto Bark Paper and cut out the shape. Glue this to the underneath of the Paper Plate. Step 4. Glue the top half of the painted plate to the centre of a sheet of Cover Paper. Step 5. Cut the Cover Paper so there is a border around the

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You Need:

Wise Man • Materials List PA049 CT035 DE6125 CQ535-DC WG800-G0 JW100 MT120 AA005 PN145

Paper Plates Coloured 23cm Pkt of 50 Decorative Trims Assorted 7.5m Polyballs 60mm Pkt of 10 Merino Wool Tops Dark Chocolate 100g Metallic Wire Cord Gold 25m Reel Jewels Assorted sizes Pkt of 15g Chinese Fabric 98cm x 1m Assorted Pkt of 4 Supertac Adhesive 500mL EverZart Permanent Pens Black Pkt of 20

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Zart Christmas Catalogue 2016