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Transform a budget friendly Paper Plate into a variety of festive decorations - angels, nativity dioramas and wise men. Using simple paper construction techniques, bring the plate to life with these wonderful activities.

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White Paper Plates PA020

Each E ach h1 17¢ 7¢


Step 1. Take two Paper Plates. Step 2. Roll one plate to form a cone for the body of the angel and glue together. Step 3. Cut the other Paper Plate in half. Roll each half into a cone and glue together. Step 4. Glue the small cones to each side of the large cone to form the arms of the angel. Step 5. Cut a Polyball in half and glue it to the top of the angel's body. Step 6. Cut a Metallic Doyley in half. Roll each half of the Metallic Doyley to form a cone. Step 7. Glue the metallic cones each side of the arms to form the wings of the angel. Step 8. Paint the head with glue and sprinkle Glitter over the glue. Step 9. Cut a Tinsel Stem in half. Use this to create a halo. Insert the halo into the Polyball. Step 10. Tie some Metallic Braid around the halo to form a loop from which the angel can hang.

These could easily be transformed into other festive characters i.e h Santa, Elf, Josep To Make


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1 PA020 Paper Plates White 23cm Pkt of 50 2 PA049 Paper Plates Coloured 23cm Pkt of 50 3 JW100 Jewels Pkt of 15g 4 WG800-GO Metallic Gold Wire Cord 25m 5 CT035 Decorative Trims 7.5m 6 HE040 Hessian Natural Metre


11 $8.25 $9.35 $7.35 $7.50 $4.90 $4.55

7 MT120 Chinese Fabric Pkt of 4 8 PA035 Doyleys Metallic Silver Pkt of 50 9 DE6125 Polyball 60mm Pkt of 10 10 CQ535-DC Merino Wool Tops Drk Choc. Pkt 11 BG2025-NA Wooden Round Beads Natural 12 NP050 Bark Pattern Paper A3 Pkt of 40

$35.25 $13.80 $2.20 $11.95 $22.50 $23.50

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You Need:

Paper Plate Angel • Materials List PA020 PA035 DE6125 GL250-SI CHO58-SI CT025-SI AA005

Paper Plates White 23cm Pkt of 50 Doyleys Metallic Silver 19cm Pkt of 50 Polyballs 60mm Pkt of 10 Glitter Bulk Silver Jar of 250g Tinsel Stems Silver Pkt of 100 Creative Metallic Braid 100m Silver Each Supertac Glue 550ml

$8.25 $13.80 $2.20 $6.25 $7.50 $3.95 $19.95

Pkt Pkt Pkt Jar Pkt Pkt Pkt

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