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Decorate by adding beads to the branches!

Step 1. Paint a Wooden Model Stand with Shimmer Paint and set aside to dry. Step 2. Cut 1 metre of Armature Wire and then cut it into four lengths: 1 x 15cm, 1 x 25cm and 2 x 30cm lengths. Step 3. Start with one of the 30cm lengths of Armature Wire. Insert one of the ends into the slot of the Wooden Model Stand to create an upright wire stand.

Step 4. Thread two Wooden Beads onto the upright wire. Step 5. Take the second 30cm wire length and place it horizontally above the two beads. At its mid-point, twist it around the upright wire, once attached curl up the ends to create a spiral. Step 6. Slide on another two beads and then attach the 25cm length of wire as previously instructed. Step 7. Repeat this pattern until the 15cm wire is attached and two beads end the pattern. Step 8. To complete, curl remaining length of the upright wire.

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Curly Tree • Materials List WG901 CN220 PT407-VI BG2016-AS

Armature Wire 1.5mm Roll of 175m $31.95 Reel Wooden Model Stand Pkt of 30 $19.95 Pkt Shimmer Paint – Violet 130mL $7.90 Jar Wooden Beads Round 16mm Asst Pkt of 100 $8.00 Pkt

Prices exclude GST • Prices valid until 31 December 2016

1 x Reel 1 x Pkt 1 x Jar 3 x Pkt

This free-standing whimsical bird adds glamour and fun to festive displays. The form can be easily manipulated by young hands, and its basic design can be modified and decorated to suit all levels. Step 1. Cut a 50cm length of Armature Wire. Step 2. Fold this in half and then twist the wire together at the half way mark. Step 3. Shape the body of a bird from the loop in the wire. Step 4. Twirl up the open ends for the tail. Step 5. Cut a tube from a Glitter Stocking and slide over the wire body.

Step 6. Pull the stocking firmly across the body and tie the ends together in a knot. Step 7. Add a Pearl Bead for an eye and cut a wing from a sheet of Defraction Paper. Step 8. Slide the bird onto a Wooden Model Stand and decorate the stand with Metallic Yarn.

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You Need:

W Whimsical Bird • Materials List WG901 CN220 MT414 SM318-GO CT020-GO PA908 AA005

A Armature t Wi Wire 1.5mm 1 5mm Roll R ll off 1175m Wooden Model Stand Pkt of 30 Stocking Pieces – Glitter 10 pieces 50g Pearl Beads – Gold Pkt of 70g Metallic Yarn – Gold 20g Ball Defraction Paper – Silver A4 Pkt of 10 Supertac Glue 550mL


Create a majestic and fun festive tree out of armature wire and beads. Develop construction and fine motor skills while exploring colour and movement.

$31.95 $31 95 $19.95 $15.95 $7.95 $5.95 $8.25 $19.95

Reel R l Pkt Pkt Pkt Ball Pkt Tub

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1 x Reel R l 1 x Pkt 2 x Pkt 1 x Pkt 1 x Ball 1 x Pkt 1 x Tub


Zart Christmas Catalogue 2016  
Zart Christmas Catalogue 2016