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Step 1. Cut a triangle from a sheet of Stiffened Felt. Step 2. Decorate the triangle with Glitter Spiral Glue and Hologram Sequins. Step 3. Glue a Sequin Star to the point of the triangle. Step 4. Paint a Wooden Model Stand with Shimmer Paint. Step 5. Wrap a length of Metallic Yarn around the stand securing with a knot.

Step 1. Trace around a Cardboard Star onto a sheet of SStiffened Felt. Cut out two stars. Step 2. D Decorate both stars with Colour Slix, set aside to dry. Step 3. Paint the ends of each point with PVA and dip into Glitter. Step 4. Make one cut to the centre of each star and slide the two stars together. Step 5. Punch a hole through the felt star with a Experiment skewer and thread through with contrasting a length of Metallic Wire Cord. colours and Twist together to make a loop.

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30 You Need:

Triangle Tree • Materials List FE069 CN220 CT020-SI AA090 SM323-HR SM323-STL PT407-SI

Stiffened Felt Assorted A3 Pkt of 10 Wooden Model Stand Pkt of 30 Metallic Yarn – Silver 20g Ball Glitter Spiral Glue 53mL Tubes Pkt of 6 Sequins in a Jar – Hologram Round 50g Jar Sequins in a Jar – Stars Large 50g Jar Shimmer Paint – Silver 130mL

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To Make


Bauble Star • Materials List FE069 PT915 GL250-SI CB860-SM WG800-SI MB002

Stiffened Felt Assorted A3 Pkt of 10 Colour Slix Assorted 30mL Pkt of 8 Glitter Bulk – Silver 250g Cardboard Stars – Small 15cm Pkt of 10 Metallic Wire Cord – Silver 25m Roll Satay Sticks / Skewers 20cm Pkt of 100


The Ch Christmas Star, also known a the 'Star of Bethlehem', as is one of the most striking symbols used in both traditional and nontraditional tr festive displays. three-dimensional version This th can be easily constructed and decorated decorate by students of all ages.

Create a self-standing festive tree! This tree design makes a great starting point for embellishment and collage. Extend this activity by adding stitches.

You Need:

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Zart Christmas Catalogue 2016