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Chromacryl Students’ Arcylic Paint A high quality, student grade acrylic. Thick with excellent covering power & intensity.

Zart Junior Paint

SINGLE COLOURS – 2 LITRES Black PT202-BK Burnt Sienna PT202-BS Burnt Umber PT202-BU Cobalt PT202-CO Cool Blue PT202-CB Cool Red PT202-CR Cool Yellow PT202-CY Green Deep PT202-GD Green Light PT202-GL Magenta PT202-MA Orange PT202-OR Red Oxide PT202-RO Violet PT202-VI Warm Blue PT202-WB Warm Red PT202-WR Warm Yellow PT202-WY White PT202-WH Yellow Oxide PT202-YO


This paint is suitable for young children and is therefore ideal for Early Childhood and Early Years. Zart Junior's formula is versatile; use them straight from the bottle for brushing, finger painting, block printing and stenciling. They can be used where an economical, creative art and craft colour is needed. Available in nine bright colours.


Pearll Pa Paint nt

SINGLE COLOURS – 2 LITRE Black PT215-BK Blue PT215-BE Brown PT215-BN Green PT215-GN Orange PT215-OR Purple PT215-PU Red PT215-RE White PT215-WH Yellow PT215-YE

Use for colouring paper, card and polystyrene when creating decorative items. Non-toxic.




SINGLE COLOURS – 500ML Blue Green Pink Violet White Yellow

PT850-BE PT850-GR PT850-PI PT850-VI PT850-WH PT850-YE


Zart School Colours Matt finish acrylic paint. Non-toxic, water based and will go on most porous surfaces.

SINGLE COLOURS – 2 LITRES Black PT210-BK Brown PT210-BN Cool Blue PT210-CB Cool Red PT210-CR Cool Yellow PT210-CY Green PT210-GN Honey PT210-HO Orange PT210-OR Purple PT210-PU Turquoise PT210-TU Warm Blue PT210-WB Warm Red PT210-WR Warm Yellow PT210-WY White PT210-WH Wear protective clothing as some colours will stain. Each



Shimmer Glass Paint Paint on glass, tiles, terracotta pots, or leather with this water-based permanent paint. Thoroughly clean object prior to decorating. To clean, wash wet brushes in cold water.

Liquitemp Metallic Paint Metallic poster paint which provides good coverage on most paper, card and polystyrene surfaces. Wash up with soap and water but may stain clothing if left to dry. Non-toxic.

SINGLE COLOURS – 500ML Copper Gold Silver


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PT854 PT852 PT853


SINGLE COLOURS – 130ML Black Blue Brown Copper Gold Green Red Silver Violet Yellow


PT407-BK PT407-BE PT407-BR PT407-CO PT407-GO PT407-GR PT407-RE PT407-SI PT407-VI PT407-YE

$7.90 Prices exclude GST • Prices valid until 31 December 2016

Zart Christmas Catalogue 2016  
Zart Christmas Catalogue 2016