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Pre-cut Scratch shapes are ideal for creating a starting point for a piece of artwork!

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Scratch shapes and sheets provide the ideal way to explore and develop the elements of line, pattern and shape. Lines are varied and can be straight, curved, close together, form shapes, and create patterns.

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Art rt Potch h Varnish & Gluee Using a soft, damp bristle brush, apply a coat of Art Potch over the finished scratch design. This protective layer will prevent the surface getting scratched. Decoration lacquer, multipurpose and water-based decoupage glue. Glossy GZ180






1. Vary the thickness and direction of lines to create emphasis and movement 2. Repeat and combine different lines to create new symbols. 3. Combine line and shape to fill a background space. 4. Lines can be used to make shapes both geometric and organic. 5. Areas scratched out around and between shapes can be used to highlight positive and negative areas.


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250mL Each




250mL Each



6 & 7. A pattern is created when any mark or line is repeated. Patterns created from line and shapes can create the look of texture, such as scales on a reptile or pebbles on a pathway.

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Scratch Classroom Booklet  

Easy & Fun Theme Based Project Starters for the Classroom

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