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KATHERINE JACKSON — BEST WOMAN IN HIGHWAYS “An industry that better reflects society will be better equipped to solve the diverse global issues the world is facing; which is why I am committed to increasing diversity in the profession.”

RACHEL GILLOTT — BEST WOMAN CONSULTANT “The WICE aim of enticing women into, and creating role models in our industry aligns very much with my personal values and opening up young minds to the possibilities and opportunities is key to improving our industry.”

RHIANNA ROSE — BEST WOMAN PROJECT MANAGER “I hope that by my positive actions I can encourage people, from all walks of life, into our wonderful profession. Only when engineering is truly accessible to all will there be full equality, inclusion and diversity.”

MINA HASMAN — BEST WOMAN IN ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY “The WICE Awards stand for ‘breaking down barriers and building new heights’ which are essential to futureproofing our industry and creating a resilient, collective and inclusive environment for the next generations to thrive on.”

ZOE MOSS — BEST WOMAN IN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT “I approach every day the same way – when I get up every morning and put my feet on the ground… I want even the devil to think ‘oh crap she’s up!”



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2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

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