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Construction Sector AI Revolution in 2019 By GENIEBELT (SOON TO BE LETSBUILD)



rtificial Intelligence increases its power in different sectors. Furthermore, that kind of technologies is more reachable. The manufacturing sector is using AI technologies in the core of production for quality control, shortening design time, reducing materials waste, improving production reuse and performing predictive maintenance. What about the construction sector? In the construction sector, the technology level is always lower than in the manufacturing sector. But, AI is different from all other technologies. If you have the data, you can start to see the benefits of AI technologies without any extra effort.

2019 is a Critical Year to Gain Competitive Advantage

This article based on the experience of Botmore Technology which is working on AI and ML Technologies on the construction site. THE EUROPEAN WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING AWARDS >> MAY 2019

Profitability of the construction sector is going down globally. In addition to that productivity, quality is drastically low respect to the manufacturing sector. So the early adapters for AI technologies in construction sector can gain a competitive advantage to increase their profit margins. WHICH TECHNOLOGIES WILL CHANGE THE SECTOR: •

AI-powered image processing

Machine learning

Natural language processing

Data-driven solutions


BIM management

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2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

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