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Is Virtual Reality the Future of the Construction Industry? The demand for construction has never been greater. Even though it’s a very diverse industry, it’s one of the leading industry sectors in the UK. But that doesn’t mean it’s at its best.

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onstruction workers face problems on a daily basis, including reduction in skilled workers, criticism for the amount of waste, levels of performance and productivity. Not to mention the fast growth of technology that companies need to keep on top of. Digitalisation of the construction industry is happening now, but can virtual reality make a positive difference? Virtual reality was originally introduced for the ultimate gaming experience. Users put on a headset and are fully immersed inside a simulated environment, being able to interact in

a 3D world in the game of their choice. These flew off the shelves and are still very popular today. It has become apparent that virtual reality is not only good in the entertainment sector, but can also benefit industries such as medicine, architecture and construction. The use of virtual reality in construction has many benefits and is predicted to thrive in the industry, along with other innovative technology, proving fundamental to a company's operational needs. Utilising modern technology can help expand your business, as well as improving training, efficiency and productivity.


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2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

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