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Vicky Ernst Head of Innovation Transformation, Arcadis

sharing my experiences with other candidates as they consider their submissions next year.

I was delighted when I was informed that I had won the 2019 WICE Best Woman in Digital Innovation award, and ecstatic to know I was amongst some other great Arcadis finalists! I joined them in promoting the great news on social media. I also called a close friend and former colleague, who is an industry role model for me. Winning means so much as it’s the culmination of my efforts and a celebration of the last 25 years of my career. I’m proud to be recognised for making a difference to people’s lives through and promoting the importance of digital innovation in our industry. As a WICE winner, I want to encourage other women, both at Arcadis and across the industry, to be confident and seek out opportunities to be recognized for the great work that they do. I hope I can be of some inspiration to those who wouldn’t usually put themselves forward for an award. We are all focused on deliverables, but I would encourage colleagues to take the time to reflect and be proud of their achievements and those of their teams. I look forward to coaching and

Taking part in the WICE awards this year has been wonderful, if intense at times! Preparing for my presentation and the judging panel alongside my day-to-day work required me to focus, step back and reflect upon what I have achieved during my career. The judging day was a great opportunity to network and share learnings with other people in the industry. The WICE awards shine a light on the people who work in the world of construction and engineering, which has historically been underrepresented by women. I strongly encourage you all to apply to these and other industry awards, so we as women can stand strong and embrace our achievements, meet like-minded peers and strive to be our best selves. My advice for any company considering submissions for the 2020 WICE awards would be to make sure that there is support for all nominees. Individuals need practical as well as personal support, as the process can take time. Nominees may need to juggle normal work and the submission process, without feeling like they have let anyone down or neglected any area of their work. I would also suggest that we celebrate those people not usually in the spotlight, mixing up the opportunity for recognition.



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2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

2019 WICE Magazine  

2019 WICE awards and summit summary.

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