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Looking for an experienced Game consultant in Glasgow

ď‚— AGame consultant helps you to create an

accurate game design. He can easily understand the strategic, financial and operational issues facing game developers and distributors. He provides the business leading intelligence strategic, planning services and management solution to companies. ZarrarChishti is a professional database developer and game consultant. He can help you create unique game's design including database solutions.

ď‚— With expert Game consultant services offered by

Zarrar, you can create a perfect games strategy for your market. Zarrar can help companiesvisualize their technological needs. Also, he can predict the future needs of your business. He graduated from Glasgow University with a joint honors’ degree in software engineering (in 1996). He specializes in helping councils and companies with viral online database and online games applications. With the help of his consulting services, you can take your idea and convert it into fully commissioned applications. For getting more details about his services please visit his website.

Contact Us  Tentacle Solutions Limited Regent Court,  70 West Regent Street  Glasgow, G2 2QZ

Find the mobile app consultancy to build an innovative app  
Find the mobile app consultancy to build an innovative app  

The first step in the mobile app consultancy, address all the challenges involved in the making your mobile app a success. Zarrar is the bes...