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D igipak- F r ont The title is called ‘R ober t Stains’ and album name ‘H ouse of Por r idge’ the typography will be quite bold blocked like the typography ‘Br oadw ay’ we are also going to have red writing and white background.

Background will be of Roberts hand on the piano keys, it will have a soft effect which will blend in the background so the track list on top will stand out.

Back view of Robert playing piano

Billing also legal rights

Front of digipack will be a Logos of ‘TAME’ ,‘Sony’ & picture of Robert at the front DVD to indicate the use and then the piano in the background blurred. of synergy who we cooperating with.

Track list which will be written in the style of ‘Broadway’ and in colour white also have a glow effect in the background so it will standout

D igipak- Back Polaroid pictures of Robert giving crazy poses on a white background to indicate his personality, which the audience will be able to notice as an ordinary guy, who they like.

This is going to be filled with abstract text that relate to Robert and his music, such as love, glass slipper and some of his other singles such as ‘Ain’t got jack’ I will all be created in Fireworks where I will use different small and large fonts to make it abstract, it will also have different colours like greens, yellow and black in it.

CD is shown with finger tips on it, this is because the back ground of the CD holder is going to be a picture of Robert with a shock face with his hands out as if he is holding the CD. We did this to indicate his crazy personality.

Review from independent style magazine- “Artist of the Year” . This will relate to our audience as they are familiar with this magazine, as they follow the same audience.

New digipak  

Our new digipak with analysis