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BAND NAME Mise-enscene

Digipak title CD Recurring images of artist Inside and outside packaging

Iconic digipak cover

Distinct colour palettes for each band member.

Song list and summary

Analysis Of “GORILLAZ” •

“Gorillaz-Demon Days” digipak cover continues to brand the band as they have done before by using profiles of the entire band against a white background as this is how they’re often branded and is easily recognisable to both their target audience and a mainstream audience. The cover of this digipak features all members of the band on a side profile facing the right with expressionless faces, this may not seem very interesting at first glance however due to the fact that the entire band are animated this gives them a visually interesting edgy appearance that contrasts the covers of most bands available. The name of the band and digipak is also at the front of the digipak and is presented in plain, small simplistic white text above and below the images.

The use of small and plain text is effective as it gives the audience the significant information required and lets the band stay as the main focus /centre of attention of the cover. The logo for the “Gorillaz” is usually present on most (if not all,) their albums but is not included on this as I believe the creators thought that it would look out of place and make the digipak distracting and take focus away from the cover art. The back cover features in small text a song list and summary of what’s included. The text on the back cover is also in plain white text with no images featured to add to the simplicity of the package and draw all attention to the front design.

The CD’s design is also plain, both featuring a blank black base and white text. This may not be appealing to a mainstream audience but appeals to their target audience as their target audience is more likely to be interested in the bands unique designs on the cover than what’s on their CD.

The inside of the digipak features the same design motif of the front cover on the inside with each member of the band having their own panel on the inside of the digipak. The band members profiles on the side once again feature them against white backgrounds to continue with the already set design but now has the band pulling more interesting faces which represent their personalities. This will appeal to both their target audience and a mainstream audience because the target audience will enjoy seeing their favourite members of the band in special one off images while mainstream audience members will be given an idea of their personalities. Each member of the band has a unique colour scheme to go with their panel and to make them stand out in their side profile. The green colours of “Noodle’s” side profile in addition to her costume let the audience connote mystery and a sense of unique identity from her costume. “2-D” features a warmer colour palette with reds and oranges which connote love, passion and perhaps rage. The green colouring in addition to the red colouring contrast each other and give an impression of rebellion and rock and roll which add to his rebellious mise-en-scene as he is pictured with a love bite on his neck and cigarette in his mouth. “Murdock’s” costume and black and red colour scheme connote his Gothic style and Alice Cooper like stage presence which appeal to the target audience as “Murdock” is always referred to as being a goth. “Russell’s” costume is much more urban and has a paler colour scheme which connotes a rough and cool personality, especially with the pose he is striking.

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Digipak 3  

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