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My inspiration to do this particular style on this picture was seeing the grid that Chuck Close had done for his work.


huck Close at the White Cube Gallery was my favourite exhibition that we attended

because it was the only exhibition that showed me an insight of how an artist would work from scratch to get to its final piece and show the progress of how they got there. Personally seeing this event has opened my eyes to how an artist would prepare, start from scratch and lead to a finished masterpiece. Seeing Chuck Closes’ development stage and the journey of how he got there made me realise there is a lot of ways to make a final piece. Even though all of his work was outstanding and magnificent , the two pieces of work stood out the most to me were: A pencil grid on a large canvas with numbers that represented the colour, which he would use to make the painting; at the bottom there was key which showed what each colour number represented. Using a grid allows the artist to deconstruct the image and rebuild it block by block.

A portrait collection which was based from a basic sketches leading to its final state. All this was side by side, which was very interesting, because it showed the journey.


his example of a

step by step portraits that I saw. It was very interesting because you can see a journey he has made.


nside the White Cube Gallery was all OF Chuck Close’s work on display , including “When Chuck met Obama”, “Roy Lichtenstein self portraits” and the individual step by step paintings .


ore of his work includes, self portraits ,friends and family members. There was a piece

of work that was very interesting; a portrait that was etched in copper which stood out from a distance because of the detail and techniques that went into it, for example different shades of lines.

The reason I used these colours to change the background of the picture was an inspiration that I got after seeing the colours that was used into making the glass.


uring the visit we attended a glassblowing workshop were we got to see some

amazing glass work. We also got to see two professional glassblowers working on a new piece. What was interesting about this particular visit, was the way they twisted and turned these glass in to complex shapes. In addition, the way they rolled the glass to get the right colours out of It. Seeing the progress of production in the working environment and how these glass pieces were constructed from scratch. In a way seeing this was a demonstration lesson for me because I got to witness first handed how professionals would work in this field of work. On the main floor the glass that was already finished and turned in to the desired objects was for sale and the prices ranged from ÂŁ50 to ÂŁ4000 per item.


snapshot of

the inside of the gallery/workshop where all of the finished products were on display. As you can see in the back of the work shop, there is equipment which used during the creative process .


his is some of the work that was on display and for sale. I liked these in particular because they

was the way, colours were created and mixed together, even though it’s all

y were very interesting to see the shapes and sizes that had been created. What I found interesting

l made out of one piece of glass and more than one process in each piece .


he journey through London took us to The Tate Modern which is one of the biggest gal-

leries that I have been in to, a converted power station that is one of Britain's most known galleries. What I liked the most about seeing the Tate was the scale of the actual building and how every piece of the place could be used to make art out of it. Seeing some of the work and being up close to them helped me to realise how some of these are made and the effect that a picture can have just by seeing the smallest detail that you wouldn't see just by looking at on a post card or on a computer. There were also pieces of work on show that were made out of every day object such as a TV , light bulbs , brick and water this was interesting because it showed that it isn't just the usual paint and brush to make a masterpiece it can also be the things that we use in our every day life. I must admit, not everything that I saw wowed me but the Idea of going on this visit was to open my eyes and realise not everything is a world-class masterpiece of art but anything can be art so seeing the work in the Tate Modern has a meaning even if you don't like it personally.

I liked these two pieces of work because of the way the they are created and also the visual effect that they bot sponge instead of wood. The second piece is a great illusion because just by looking at it you might think that’s a ri sion that the canvas is ripped. What I like the most about these four paintings are the way the colours bounce off ea reminds me of pop art which uses repetition o

th have, the first picture I can relate to because I did do a piece at college that was similar to this but I used ip on the canvas but in reality what the artist has done is that he has painted the black line but given the illuach other and the repetition of the shapes which make them stand out even more against the blank wall this of simple shapes to reinforce the image.


panoramic view of the Ground & First floors inside the Tate modern, where

e just by looking at it you can tell the magnificent size of the gallery.


hese were a group of fluorescent tubes that were turned in to these shapes. What I liked abo

that the inspiration for this could be American in the 70’s or 80’s because of the lights and the shap Amer

out these the most was that every one had their own interpretation of what it could be, mine was

pe also one of those looked like the Empire state building and other buildings that you can see in rica.


ational gallery is one of the most respected galleries in the country because of its her-

itage and what it represents窶馬ational artwork treasures. What I took from this particular gallery is that the paintings on show are true masterpieces in their own right. From what I saw I think their main concentration of the National art gallery is mainly traditional and very fine art. All of the paintings I saw dated from 12th to 20th century, so seeing these really old paintings and realising how rich and realistic the colours are for these to be created in past centuries when paint had to be hand made was truly amazing for example seeing the cobalt blue in some of the paintings to make the sky was magnificent because you could see the richness in the texture, this to me stood out the most but all the other colours were amazing as well. One more thing that I liked the most about the National was the actual building it self because it was a piece of art in its own right and it represents century's , the art work on the ceiling was stunning and you could see the smallest detail which made it beautiful .


ven though all of the art on display w

al ,these two pieces of work stood out th visit. This is because they both had diffe were similar for example the way the sea ent because there is a certain mood th show, commonly the sea that we all know the sea grey gives the painting a violent natively the Turner represents a whole d ing an end of something in this case the the dock to be destroyed. The whole back a better sense of what is happening and sun setting tells me that it’s the end of the the ships life, understanding this makes yo the image because they way the artist ha relate in one way or ano

was amazing at the Nation-

he most to me during the erent characteristics but a is represented is differhat the artist is trying to w is blue but having made destructive feeling. Alterdifferent mood which bee warship being pulled in kdrop and sunset give you my interpretation of the e day and also the end of ou think differently about as done it by making It all other .


ompared to the other two paintings which involved water this I liked in particular

because you get to see a different side of what water could represent and also it’s a great piece of painting to compare to. I like this because the way the paint was applied and mixed to get the effect and shadows of the warm summer day and how lovely the texture of it was when seeing it in person and the size of it. By having a calm not choppy river it shows that the artist is trying to give the effect that it’s a day were people would relax and enjoy themselves, the mixture of the green in the river gives the smooth and calming effect that you would get from the shadows of the surrounding scenery.


omerset house was the last gallery on the visit to London and we went to see

“Becoming Picasso� Paris 1901 and also the other permanent galleries . Seeing the Picasso exhibition was an eye opener for me because I got to witness his work when he was around the same age as me and I saw the starting work of well respected artist. But all together I was not very impressed with the work that was on display personally I though they could have brought in some of his better work in. Seeing the permanent work in the galleries was more inspiring for me because it was more than paintings that I saw. Some of the paintings in there were a great pieces of work to look at I liked enjoyed more because there was a lot more to offer and to get inspired from. What I liked the most about this was the old religious paintings of saints and some Greek gods this was interesting because of the fine detail and choice of colours. In general I liked the visit but the Picasso exhibition I didn't like but it was inspirational.


hese were just a few painting of young Picasso that were on show even though I didn't like the

tells a story of its own, its amazing how the pictures look distorted but still effective because of how artists have used and mixed their colours is spectacular in everyway. Even if I didn't like the exhibitio

exhibition it self I still found these four in particular interesting because each individual painting

w they are. Through out this journal I have spoken about colour several times but the way these on itself the colours I saw through this journey has changed my own mind of how to use colours .


his is the only painting that I like, where there was a mixture and the only one were

to be Jesus healing the naked people. What I liked most about this was the skin tone o the sun was coming from. These are all great details that

e naked characters where involved, this was interesting because the man in the middle seems

of the naked people and how they were shaded depending on were the stand and which way artist in those days were very good at showing to the audience .


hese are some of the renaissance paintings that were on display at the Courtauld gallery. I lik

the same era, going from left to right you can tell that all these have different characteristics and st resent. What is interesting the most again is the way these co

ke these three in particular because there is a wide variety in paintings even though they are from

tyle. If you study them closely you will see they have the same meaning because of what they repolours were created and mixed t give an emotion to the viewer.

london journal final peice  

a day in london

london journal final peice  

a day in london