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Sensual This collection is all about exploration of the senses, with a strong belief that jewellery should not just be for adornment or decoration, but should evoke the senses of the wearer as a favourite scent, silken lingerie or warm rain drops on your skin do, radiating that special feeling from the inside, out. The gentle touch on the skin by the delicate chains in this collection creates that effect and heightens your senses. Patrick Suskind's "Perfume" and my love for exquisite scents had a lot to do with this collection.

Sensual Ring

(SR s/os/gp) £100s/os/ £115gp

Put these rings on and they become alive. They move, they flow, they drape your fingers, they take on your beat. The minute you stop they‟ll stop with you. They are like you, amazing! To best experience it, wear a few of them at a time. Stack them anyway you like, mix them with my “Morning Dew” stackable rings.

Sensual Stack of 3 Rings

(SSR3 s&gp) £290

Stack of three sterling silver, Sensual rings, one of which has been gold plated. Please note that the rings could be made out of different chains pictured in this gallery.

Sensual Stack of 4 Rings

(SSR4 s/os) ÂŁ380 Stack of four sterling silver Sensual rings, the top ring has been oxidised

It is difficult to relay the motion of these rings in a still picture. When worn they don't just look spectacular, but feel amazing on your fingers too. They are a show stopper!

Sensual Stack of 6 Rings

Stack of six sterling silver, Sensual rings, two of which have been gold plated using two different shades of gold (green and red), one ring has been oxidised. (SSR6) ÂŁ650

This one is the most spectacular stack of all.

Extra Sensual ring

(SESR s/os/gp) £125s/os / £155gp

This ring heightens your sense of feel even more than the Sensual rings. Wear it when you want to feel extra special. Itâ€&#x;s a great accessory to your evening or special day wear.

Cascading Waterfall Earrings

These earrings are gorgeous and contemporary and would look beautiful during the day or with your evening wardrobe. (SCWE s/os/gp) ÂŁ300s/os/ ÂŁ330gp

The silver chain strands run down like a waterfall gently caressing your neck, reminding you that you are a Goddess!

Level Waterfall Earrings

(SLWE s/os/gp) £300s/os / £330gp

Despite of the amount of chain, they are still light in wear. The chain moves freely on the hoop. The earrings have a sterling silver post and a rubber back for the security and comfort.

Cascading Waterfall Double Ended Necklace

This piece could be worn in many different ways (SCWDENs/os/gp) £300s/os / £350gp

Along with the Sensual and Dew Drop Rings this is my favorite piece in this collection. So graceful the way it falls down your back and cascade down your front giving you this incredable feeling that shines from within. Would look amazing through a shear blouse or a backless dress. An epitome of grace and femininity. Carress the strands of the Waterfall pendant and restore your tranquility.

Monsoon Earrings

(SME s/gp) £240s / £280gp

This silver rain, no, too heavy to be rain, itâ€&#x;s a Monsoon. A magnificent Monsoon! Put them on and experience it!

Dew Drops Rings

Dew Drops Ring could be worn on its own, worn with another Dew Drops Ring or stacked on top of the Sensual rings. They are such a joy to wear, feel and listen to. (SDDR os) ÂŁ240

Each ring and Dew Drop Earrings is completely hand made from start to finish without any premade parts including each dew drop. If you have any scrap silver or silver jewellery that you donâ€&#x;t wear anymore and you love Dew Drop pieces including this ring, then this is your opportunity to get rid of something unwanted and turn it into a fab jewellery that youâ€&#x;ll wear all the time and be complemented on.

Dew Drops Earrings

(SDDE s) ÂŁ400

Dew Drops & Bells Necklace

(SDDBN os) ÂŁ850

This necklace doesnâ€&#x;t just look spectacular, feel amazing, but sounds great too. It was designed to celebrate the sense of hearing. The beautiful and gentle chime of the four bells adds to the joy of wearing this piece along with the weight of the sterling silver dew drops and the sparkle of the Smoky Quarts briolette cut stones.

Dew Drops & Pearls Bracelet

(SDDPB os) ÂŁ650

Yet another gorgeous piece from the „Sensualâ€&#x; collection.

Dew Drops Necklace

Each silver or an oxidised silver dew drop comes at £23, gold plated £28 (SDDN s) £120

Make this necklace grow by adding more dew drops through the years making your cluster of dew drops flourish. Make it multi-coloured by adding oxidised or gold plated dew drops.

Love Potion Bottle Necklace

This handmade sterling silver perfume bottle necklace is designed for you, beautiful Ladies, so youâ€&#x;ll never be caught out without your favourite scent. Each bottle could be personalised with the initials of your choice. It makes a great and unique present for someone special! (SLPB) ÂŁ500

She came in and her scent filled the room, when I turned around she vanished.

Multi Purpose Sterling Silver Vial Holder Necklace

(SMPVHN os) ÂŁ380

These were part of my design process for the Love Potion Bottle. Although I designed them with a thought in mind to be used as perfume vials, since Iâ€&#x;ve been approached to make them for other various uses, like for storing ashes of loved ones (darkly romantic) or for use as a pill box. Each vial fits a regular perfume tester bottle and can have any charms or semi precious stones of your choice added to its top and bottom.

My Baby Bell

(SMBBN os) £115

It is said that babies start getting to know their mum while in the womb. They get used to her voice, her touch, her surroundings. This bell necklace was designed with that thought in mind. It has a very comforting chime and would be a great first toy for the baby. Very easy to wear with your other favorite silver jewellery.

Bell Earrings

(SBEs) ÂŁ135

These earrings are a beautiful addition to 'My Baby Bell' necklace. The fresh water pearls bring a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Sensual Every piece of jewellery in the collection: Handmade and hallmarked 925 silver in London UK The abbreviations next to the items code in the collection books and web site shop correspond to items being: s - executed in sterling silver os - executed in oxidised sterling silver (black or tarnished effect) gp - 23.5ct gold plated sterling silver

Stones used in the collection are: Semi - precious briolette cut stones and fresh water pearls Every piece of jewellery in this collection is designed by and copyright of Natasha Salkey

Any inquiries should be emailed to or by phone +44(0)7967743691


Natasha Salkey


Natasha Salkey