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01 The Swan Lake collection is inspired by the harmony and grace of the prima ballerina and her corps de ballet. Each rare and stunning diamond is positioned to bring out its character and life.

the art of

forever creating timelessly, elegant diamond jewelry the de beers way Zara de Haldevang and dominique grose




a Pearl of Luxury


02 Enchanted Lotus Large Pendant; a seemingly endless line of micropavé frames a magnificent 0.30 carat center diamond in this exceptionally elegant pendant. 03 The Adonise Rose Ring; micropavé draws the eye along the gleaming stem of the rose while marquise diamonds mirror the form of leaves, nurturing the bloom of a spectacular round brilliant diamond set in platinum. 04 The Arpeggia Collection; a contemporary yet classic High Jewelry collection. Harnessing the visual power of repeated lines, each strand is animated by drops of clear and brilliant diamonds.


05 Every diamond in the Arpeggia Collection is of a unique size and scintillated with its own fire and life.


e Beers is renowned as being one of the most unparalleled, experienced and trusted jewelry designers in the world. With its traditions and heritage stemming back to over 120 years, the craftsmanship and attention to detail in each of their collective pieces are unfaultable. The diamonds are underlined by their 4C mantra: Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity. Originally introduced by De Beers in 1939, this unique mindset has provided a benchmark standard for evaluating the quality of diamonds. Every diamond in the collection is unique; each has its own personality and individual beauty painstakingly crafted by nature’s fair hand. De Beers Diamond Jewellers go well beyond the ‘4Cs’; known for having over 120 years of experience to reflect on, strive to provide the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Each diamond has an unmatched design, timeless beauty and an abundance of elegance. Perhaps what is more significant is the De Beers Guarantee that accompanies every diamond in


a Pearl of Luxury

06 Each rare stone has a distinct vibrancy that dances and sparkles within a carefully curated design.


the collection. Each piece of exquisite jewelry is certified with a De Beers passport and diamonds certified above 0.20 carats are individually polished and microscopically branded with the De Beers Marque. The existence of the passport truly helps to embody the importance and individuality of each diamond; as well as documenting the exact specifications of the diamond, the passport also acts as a guarantee that each De Beers diamond is responsibly sourced, untreated, natural and conflict-free. It was not until 2001 that De Beers Diamond Jewellers was established as an independently managed company; De Beers now runs under the operation of LVMH Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury products group, and De Beers SA, the world’s premier diamond mining and marketing company. With such wellestablished hands nurturing the growth and wellbeing of De Beers, it’s no wonder why De Beers continues to produce beautiful, unique and timeless jewelry.





As a contemporary jeweler, we pride ourselves on our designs which are very elegant, timeless and also quite feminine.



07 The Atea Collection is inspired by the circle, a form reflected across cultures and ages, continuously spiraling to suggest the magical cycles of nature. 08 Each piece of De Beers jewelry is certified with a De Beers passport and each polished diamond above 0.20 carats is microscopically branded with the De Beers Marque. 09 De Beers brings unprecedented life to the art of diamond jewelry, pairing magnificent diamonds with refined craftsmanship and classic contemporary designs.



a Pearl of Luxury



Durrah talks to De Beers Diamond Jewellers CEO, Francois Delage, about the brand and his undeniable love of diamonds.


Tell us a little bit about your prior experience inside and outside the diamond jewelry industry. What drew you to join De Beers? Altogether I have been working in the luxury industry for 25 years. I joined De Beers Diamond Jewellers in July 2009 and before that I was CEO of Forevermark, a diamond brand from the De Beers Group. Prior to that, I was President of the Asia Pacific Louis Vuitton Division so all in all I have been at LVMH for 16 years now.   10 Francois Delage, CEO, De Beers Diamond Jewellers. 11 De Beers selected round brilliant and fancy cut diamonds come to life in exquisitely designed platinum settings. 12 From selecting the world’s finest diamonds to impeccable craftsmanship and sophisticated designs, is what sets De Beers apart from the rest. 13 The Fancy Blue Butterfly Brooch, a timelessly, elegant piece to be cherished for generations to come.


a Pearl of Luxury

De Beers Diamond Jewellers was created in 2001 as an independently managed and operated company between De Beers and LVMH, what inspired this venture? The De Beers name was already known worldwide and has always been synonymous with diamonds. Many consumers do not have the luxury to buy diamonds without the jewelry so we realized we should venture into the field of designing jewelry. We knew we had to partner with a company with experience; in retail as well as branding: LVMH was the only choice for this.   As a relative newcomer to the world of jewelry design, what sets De Beers Diamond Jewellers apart from the competition? If we put aside the quality of the diamonds, which is what we are known for, the quality of our craftsmanship is very important. You should never buy a piece of diamond jewelry just by looking at the front; you should always look at the back to see the craftsmanship and quality of the setting. As a contemporary jeweler, we pride ourselves on our designs which are very elegant, timeless and also quite feminine. We

realize that more and more women are buying diamond jewelry for themselves and we find it very important to target this clientele. Could you tell us a bit about the De Beers Guarantee? We call it the “De Beers Marque”, all of our diamonds are marked on the table (the table being the flat surface on the top of the diamond). So we mark the diamonds with the appropriate technology from the De Beers Group, which basically gives them a unique characteristic, and then each diamond is numbered. The ‘marque’ of the diamond, therefore, is the guarantee that it has met all our ethical standards, which are the highest, and more importantly that it is the best quality.

13 12

quality and beauty of our diamonds in our stores. The De Beers Iris is a demonstration of optical technology; a process developed by De Beers Group R&D, where light is shone onto the diamond to reveal the quality of the diamond’s symmetry. Many diamonds appear the same on paper, they can have the same cut, color, clarity and caratweight from a grading point of view. When you use the Iris technology however on two diamonds that are the same on paper, you will actually see a huge difference from the test. You should never buy a diamond on paper, this test ensures buying a ‘firework’ diamond rather than a dull one.

De Beers created the 4C’s method now used by every diamond jeweler in the world as a guide to buying diamonds, what other factors should we look for when choosing a diamond? We choose our diamonds based on three criteria; fire, life and brilliance. The fire is the light dispersion; if you can imagine the colors of the rainbow, we expect that spectrum of color when a diamond is exposed to a source of light. Life is the scintillation and how the diamond sparkles. The third and most important element, brilliance, is the radiance and the natural transparency. We base our selection process on those three qualities, which is more stringent than the services you receive from most jewelry houses.

In your opinion, what is it about diamonds, especially brilliant, flawless diamonds that fascinate us? I think it’s interesting to go back to the myth and the history surrounding diamonds. Diamonds have always had a magical appeal. The original appeal of diamonds up unto the 19th century, was that diamonds were mainly for poor people and favored by men. At the beginning of the 20th century, diamonds became more accessible and touched women’s and men’s dreams for two reasons; one that it is a miracle of nature. Diamonds are over 900 million years old so there’s this whole time capsule aspect which is tremendously important. The second reason is because a diamond is always about the moment and a memory you want to treasure eternally. For those two reasons diamonds have always been capturing people’s dreams and attention.

When choosing a diamond from De Beers, clients are offered the De Beers Iris, can you explain what this entails? We are the only brand who demonstrates the

“A Diamond is Forever” was an advertising slogan penned for De Beers in 1947. What does the slogan mean and how is it still relevant in today’s climate?

De Beers believes that the slogan truly epitomizes the timelessness of diamonds and whether you are in Bahrain, China, Paris or New York, everyone can relate to ‘a diamond is forever’. Personally I think the ‘forever’ moment is what you want to share and cherish. How do you create those lasting memories? We now live in a fast-pace world; diamonds can create a sense of calm, an everlasting moment which people want to treasure. You are here today WITH AJM Kooheji group bsc (C) to open the De Beers Diamond Jewellers store in Bahrain, are you planning to continue this expansion in the region? We already have a strong customer base in the Middle East and the GCC market. Many of our clients from Bahrain were shopping within our network overseas so we thought it was about time that we opened a shop here. We already have an existing presence in Dubai with two shops there; one in the Dubai Mall and one in the Mall of the Emirates. De Beers is currently looking at other GCC markets to expand to, such as Doha and Abu Dhabi. What’s in store for the future of De Beers Diamond Jewellers? We want to continue selling dreams and to enthuse women, as well as men, to purchase gifts. Our aim is to continue making fine designs which are inspiring while continuing to supply the best quality diamonds. We also want to offer more access to our clientele around the world by developing geographically in our existing Western markets and as well as in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

The Art of Forever  

An exclusive interview with Francois Delage, the De Beers CEO, about his undeniable love for diamonds.

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