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LONDON Commercial Services What makes us special?

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Commercial Cleaning Services

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How we care for Your business?

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“When boosting your output is a must, commercial cleaning service is a must-have”.

★ What makes us special? Introduction from: S. Parker, News UK Clients' first impression is essential for any company's reputation. The office environment represents what your business is. The pleasant work place you provide for your employees is a sign for the attention to your customers. They surely know that! “For years Commercial Office Cleaning London has worked with huge and small companies. We know how significant customer impression is for your business. Our job is not only to clean and freshen up your office place, but also to help you in creating an outstanding image for your business!” said executive director P. Simon. Commercial Office Cleaning London is proud of its great selection of experienced professionals. The result of their hard work is implicated in the company's benefits list. This is a short citation of it:

Scheduling opportunities according to your company's requirements;

Regular daily office cleaning, as well as overnight cleaning;

A strict policy to deliver safe service, and use a range of ecofriendly, asthma-safe cleaning products;

Your commercial property's privacy and agenda remain undisturbed;

We look to establish a lasting bond with your business.

According to recent data, London has over 8 000 000 businesses – from commercial offices to shops and restaurants. This makes the city the busiest business region in the UK. This fact explains the demand for commercial services. The government requirements for clean and safe workplace emphasize on the need for more qualified professionals working in the industry. Service providers such as Commercial Office Cleaning London use specialised products and equipment for more effective and long-lasting results.


Commercial Cleaning Services The Ultimate Catalogue

“Enjoy great discounts by booking a combination of our comm ercial services!”

★ Service Provider Testimonials Customers about Commercial Office Cleaning London:

The company I work for occupies one floor of an office building. It was a smart decision to outsource its cleaning and maintenance rather than employ cleaners. I got recommended by a retailer in the same building and now I am recommending it to anyone looking for commercial cleaning solutions. - Stephen, T., Principle Staff Officer

“My business got exactly the benefit I looked for – the clean work environment can easily be distinguished in the statistics for the month. Commercial Office Cleaning contributed to the 70% increase in sales for the last two months. We had a cleaning lady but it was too much for her, now the place is cleaned by two well-trained cleaners, who found it really easy to settle in the office and perform their duties in a professional manner.” - leading software company’s Office Service Manager - S. A. Peterson

★ Green Cleaning Clean Planet & Clean Workplace! Asthma-Safe Cleaning Products. Effectively destroys all known germs and allergens.

Non-Toxic & Bio-Degradable Products.

Reducing the damage to the environment.

Strong, Safe & Gentle care for any surface.

★ How we care for Your business? To insure your company receives the most thorough cleaning and maintenance services, we insure our staff are able to perform their duties to best extend. This starts by selecting professional and presentable people for your commercial spaces. In addition, our cleaners are fully insured, certified and have the required legal documentation. Also, we provide Job Completion Checklist for prioritising the duties for your desired service. Our representatives are available to discuss your requirements and have them all written down in the contract. In order for your business to run as smooth as ever, our cleaners will meet every demand your business has, such as cleaning after the working hours, cleaning air vents. Complete confidentiality is also a feature we would like to emphasize on. Your business' privacy will remain undisturbed. Our cleaners' only job is to bring cleanliness and hygiene to your commercial space. Our tradesmen are also available for maintenance of your property. We offer discounts when booking a combination of our services, because we care for your business' budget.

★ Tradesmen Services

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