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Welcome Note Learning organisations all across the world are now finding new and innovative ways to boost staff morale/well-being, develop teams, inject fun, rekindle passion and ultimately increase productivity and staff retention. In many organisations these are very well established goals. Historically 'fun at work' was more often than not something that was frowned upon. Legend has it that in 1940 John Gallo was sacked because he was “caught in the act of smiling”, after having committed an earlier breach of “laughing with the other fellows”, and “slowing down the line by maybe half a minute.” His employer was none other than Mr Henry Ford, who firmly believed that “When we are at work we ought to be at work, and when we are at play we ought to be at play. There is no use trying to mix the two.” Of course attitudes have changed dramatically over the years and there is now an abundance of research to suggest that when employees are happy, engaged and motivated at work, they produce better results, complain less, they are more punctual and their levels of attendance improve. As John Cleese once said, “if you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.” Tree of Knowledge provides an innovative range of services and tools that help others to share knowledge, becoming more enterprising in their learning and personal development. Tree of Knowledge is driven by a passionate belief in motivation and the power of fun and enjoyment as key learning tools in introducing enterprising learning to schools and in delivering fun interactive motivation and empowerment workshops to employees in all areas of business. Our business is built on five key values that aren't just talked about but embedded into how we work. This can be felt in our presentations, resources and our offices. Each of our values has benefits for both our business and our clients. From small acorns Tree of Knowledge has grown fast, becoming possibly the UK's most exciting young person and adult development company. Putting fun back into schools and workplaces all over the UK, we have worked with hundreds of thousands of people both young and old. At the heart of Tree Of Knowledge is our vision to be the motivational company most admired for its people, partnership and performance. We work with people who genuinely want to learn and grow. We build value through our employees by creating an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity, resourcefulness and by dealing with everything in an open, ethical and entertaining manner. Guided by focus on our five values LEARNING, EXCELLENCE, PASSION, FUN and INNOVATION our purpose is to unlock the potential in everyone, helping people to help themselves and to fulfill their ultimate dreams and ambitions. We will inspire the world. Wishing you fun at work…always!

Gavin Oattes Managing Director Tree of Knowledge 1

Courses Fun@Work This interactive workshop is like nothing you’ve experienced before. It takes any preconceived ideas or stigmas associated with motivational training and blows them apart! It uses the vehicle of having fun to motivate, focus and empower you and your colleagues, boost self-confidence and ultimately produce a happier workplace with greater productivity. Learning Outcomes Benefits Understanding of a positive mindset and its benefits

Positive working environment

Build confidence and self belief

Positive working relationships

How to identify and cope with potentially stressful situations

Greater results

Greater productivity

Recognition of responsibility and impact on work environment

Happy people Refreshed, refocused and re-energised

How to create a work environment that promotes a positive and fun ethos yet produce great results The benefits of fun and laughter in the workplace

Science of Selling This interactive sales training experience is unique not only in its content, but also in its delivery. SOS teaches you real skills and strategies that you can apply immediately. Tree of Knowledge have a reputation for delivering high impact and unique workshops. With speaker Colin Mcleod, a renowned psychological illusionist specialising in the mind and how we think, this course guarantees to give you tangible outcomes which will make all the difference. Learning Outcomes


How to make the lasting impact on clients so you stand out

Improved client relationships Build rapport with people instantly

Learn to understand needs, ensuring your product is perfect for them

Clients will feel understood

Understand how to read other people properly, because knowing how they think will teach you how to sell to them

Increased sales

Greater confidence in selling correctly Motivation among sales teams

Leading people to buy from you, the language and techniques you need to close those sales A proactive attitude towards sales and learning to motivate yourself to put these techniques into action

Speakeasy TOK are fast becoming known for their unique and exciting speakers. Confident presenting is an essential business skill. Whether you’re delivering a client presentation or speaking internally, presentation skills are crucial – and many people have a real fear of public speaking. You can feel self-conscious, often showing this in your body language or a wavering voice. Let us share our secrets and experience with you! Learning Outcomes


How to be more confident and say goodbye to nerves

Feel confident in any situation

Posture, body language and movement

Enhance the clarity and power of your voice

Essential steps of preparation

Have an easy-to-use checklist for fast preparation

Managing attention span

Maintain audience attention throughout your session

Getting off to a good start

Connect with your audience through eye contact

Key messages

Create a convincing and memorable outcome

Handling questions effectively

Focus attention on key points you want to get across

Using humour effectively

Anticipate and prepare questions effectively


Win more business and get buy-in to your ideas

Courses The Course The Course provides the opportunity to focus on the positives and allows delegates the chance to reflect on recent achievements and successes of the team. Delegates will discuss the key values that are involved in creating a successful future for all involved in the organisation and will design, create and build their very own crazy golf course inline with these Learning Outcomes Benefits Recognising strengths and celebrating them

Stronger, happier teams

Understanding the different qualities each individual brings to the team

Strengths and potential strengths identified Forward thinking teams with greater morale

Understanding of how you may be seen by others

Shared vision

Realise how your own motivation relates to the motivation of the team

Improved communication

Learn about the dynamics of your team The importance of driving teams forward

APODO System Training The successful implementation of the Apodo System can depend very much on the motivation of the individual or team leading this resource. It is with this in mind that this workshop aims to motivate users of the Apodo System by allowing them to experience the outcomes of the Apodo System first hand. This fun, interactive workshop helps users to interpret the importance of learning and development, encouraging delegates to feel more confident in using Apodo. Learning Outcomes


Boost staff morale Raise self-belief and self-worth

Teams using intiative and ultimately taking more responsibility

Increase productivity and staff retention

Growth mindsets and more motivation among employees

Equip people with the skills to allow them to become more independent in their learning and achievement

Better decision making

Develop new skills, qualities and attitudes to help shift individuals and society away from a dependency culture towards a 'can do' culture

Higher level of business awareness

More creativity among team Greater planning and organising Teamwork

Free up the time that used to be spent sourcing and researching interactive, relevant and fun activities


Inject fun Encourage responsible risks Encourage thinking 'out of the box'


The APOD The most unique, affordable, in-house learning and development system available.

Decision Makin Mindset and Motivation


Planning and Organising

Initiative and Respo

All the interactives in APODO attributes that are paramoun 4

O System



Creativity With over 100 hands-on, fun, interactive activities, the APODO System for Business aims to: Boost staff morale Raise self-belief and self-worth


Increase productivity and staff retention Equip people with the skills to allow them to become more independent in their learning and achievement Develop new skills, qualities and attitudes to help shift individuals and society away from a dependency culture towards a 'can do' culture

Business Awareness

Free up the time that used to be spent sourcing and researching interactive, relevant and fun activities Inject fun

are designed to build and develop various key skills and nt to any organisation, their people and their successes.

Team TOK

Tim Harrison

Colin McLeod

Business Development Manager ‘Is not James Bond!’

Speaker ‘Inventor of the eye-pout!’

Alan Burton

Gavin Oattes

Dougie Clark

Director ‘Does a wicked Marks & Spencers pose!’

Managing Director ‘Its hide and seek next...right!’

Director ‘Coffee cup comes with saucer as standard, Dougie optional!’

Jenny Andrews

Eddie Leahy

Speaker ‘Doesn’t do Sleeves!’

Speaker ‘Has to crouch just to fit his hair in this box!’ 6

Testimonials “The best I've ever seen.” Peter Jones, Dragons Den, 2010 “I really enjoyed the course and have never had anything like it. It was very interesting, motivating and inspirational. I would recommend to anyone.” Carol Cairns, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce “Loved the course, hugely entertaining, laughed and learned a lot.” Vicki Redmond, Scottish Gas “It's like a training course in a comedy club - brilliant! The most fun I've had on a training course ever, and it was really beneficial too.” Pamela Paton, Alliance Trust PLC “Happier, enjoyed fully, very thought provoking. Lots of laughter, everyone relaxed, everyone engaged quickly, points made were strong and valid. Would recommend, there are very few businesses who would not benefit!” Christine Connor, Bank Santander “Motivated, impressed, wonder why all seminars in the world are not like this? Would like to see more of TOK in the business community” Claire Owens, Fife Chamber of Commerce “Fantastic! This was a 'stop and think' moment. Great session, fun, relevant and possibly life changing session” Ewan Thomson, First Scottish Group “Definately an eye-opener. Energising and inspirational. Very happy I came along. Thank you.” Ivan Artolli, The Balmoral “This is something I and a number of people I know, both personally and professionally could benefit from. A cracking interactive morning! Good mix of interaction, knowledge sharing and humour.” Adrian Lawrence, Lloyds Banking Group “Positive - want to share the inspiration with others. Thank you - I really enjoyed this, I want all my team to attend this course.” Donna Park, Scottish Natural Heritage


TOK Entertainment As well as training events, Tree of Knowledge deliver some unique and exciting corporate entertainment to our clients. Whether you plan to reward your staff, entertain your customers or have a totally different Christmas party we have something for you. Here at Tree of Knowledge we pride ourselves on having some really talented and creative individuals in our team.

Available for corporate entertainment are;

Gavin Oattes After five years on the UK comedy circuit and sell out shows around the world, aged just 23 Gavin turned his back on performing…….for primary teaching! It was working in this hugely creative learning environment that Gavin stumbled upon an unexpected career as a motivational speaker for kids. A chance to write, perform and work with kids on a daily basis, Gavin had found the dream job. Gavin now owns and runs Tree of Knowledge and is recognised as one of the most exciting speakers in the country. However, his love and passion for stand-up comedy and all things silly has finally caught up with him. At the start of 2010, eight years since his last official 'gig' Gavin has made a long-awaited, much welcomed and highly successful return to the world of comedy. Gavin is in demand for wake-up sessions, after dinner speaking, keynote and compere. “Very original and very very funny” Channel 4 “High energy, in-your-face humour. Brilliant.” Beat Magazine, Australia “I think everyone should start their day like this. Gavin gave a hugely entertaining and very poignant presentation to a mixed group and managed to keep everyone engaged great talent!.” - Carol Rutherford, The Scotsman

Colin McLeod How do you describe Colin Mcleod? Quite simply - a mind reader, a thought reader, a psychological illusionist, a mind magician... Colin's unique ability hasn't gone unnoticed since he joined Tree of Knowledge in 2007. Since then he has used his incredible skills to motivate, inspire, educate and entertain thousands of people around the world. Originally trained as a forensic scientist Colin has written five books, released his own DVD's and been invited to perform at the legendary Hollywood Magic Castle in Los Angeles and Caesars' Palace in Las Vegas. Colin is in demand for wake-up sessions, entertainment and after dinner speaking. “Slick, skillfull and utterly compelling” ***** - Spotlight “One of the greatest thought readers of our time” Uri Geller “Totally amazing…a Sherlock Holmes of the mind” Daily Record 8

TOK Responsibility Social responsibility is an ethical or ideological theory that business should contribute to the welfare of their communities and an entity whether it is a government, corporation, organisation or individual has a big responsibility to society at large. Tree of Knowledge is passionate about making a difference within our local communities. We have been working with youngsters of all ages for many years around the UK. Many organisations approach Tree of Knowledge with ideas as to how they can support the unique and inspirational work we do within schools and nurseries. At TOK we have many different courses and resources for young learners aged 3-18 including our awardwinning APODO and PEAPODO Systems as seen on Dragons' Den. Are you looking for an opportunity to form a partnership with a school in your local community? Tree of Knowledge could be the perfect platform that allows you to do this in a fun, ethical, enterprising and educational way.

The APODO System

The PEAPODO System


“Today was one of the most important experiences of my school career. Thank you.” S4 Pupil, Kelso High School

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