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dyablox echoecho oh my guide! v-farm pixonic moolamp podipodi yoople! atomicharts

dyablox Toolkit for the Internet of Things. Tool that aims at building adaptable solutions for multiple contexts through the use of movable blocks. Master thesis project - Domus Academy I-Design 2009 in collaboration with!



server application

client application


Int era

ctiv eS

Configuration Area


ve ck sa lo B t to y n or wa ? em ou up M o y ro D is g th



Programming Area

System Map

kit for the Internet of Things

Place the Block

Create Groups

ea ar fo ion In rat ks. ck u c lo g lo B nfi e b Co r th fo

ea ar fo ion In rat ks. ck u oc lo g l B nfi e b Co r th fo

Configure the Block

Position the starter block

Start the execution of the groups

Memorize Group

Interaction Flow


in collaboration with!

echoecho This project aims at creating a system that immerses users in an alternate reality game by bringing a museum’s collection to life through the use of sounds. By placing a “stethoscope� in front of the artifacts, users can listen to different sound effects and to the narratives of characters from the past.


oh my guide! Oh my guide! is a service of collaborative guiding based on augmented reality. Through a portable device the user can detect where other users are going and follow them. The service connects people in the city and increases the interactions between them.

oh my guide!

v-farm V-Farm is a system that reproduces a virtual farm in which retail shops customers can cultivate, share and harvest their own seedlings. After harvesting, users can exchange their virtual fruits for real products.

gree n car d

web site

serve r

mob ile de vices

v-far m lo unge

green card

touch screen

touc h scr eens

touc h scr een v-far m ki osk

web site mobile apps

v-farm shop shelves

on the move v-farm lounge

home office


pixonic Pixonic transforms real time images into sounds. Using an handeld device to take real time pictures, the software can generate pleasant sounds by scanning the visual contents. The user can interact and manipulate sounds.


moolamp MooLamp is a special lamp based on proximity sensor, alterable color light, color wheel ring, active base and shakeable pole. Users can interact in several way to affect the whole mood of an area.

podipodi Non intrusive user interface enhancement for websites. Podipodi makes possible to embed Youtube, Google search, Flickr, Yahoo, and additional services to any web page. | Technologies: AJAX + JQuery

yoople! Collaborative search engine with intuitive user interface based on drag&drop. With Yoople! anyone can contribute to the creation of the best search index. | Technologies: AJAX + Prototype.js

atomicharts Charting framework based on Flash and XML. With Atomicharts it is easy to create interactive dynamic charts compatible with any browser and language for the web. | Technologies: AS3 + XML

carlo zapponi

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Portfolio - Carlo Zapponi  
Portfolio - Carlo Zapponi  

Portfolio of carlo zapponi, interaction designers and computer scientist.