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Residential Communities / Buildings

One solution to satisfy everyone in your Residential complex. The Zapelin Media Server is an extraordinary technological achievement that will allow you to obtain IPTV channels and “inject” them directly into your existing Coaxial TV network. Once it is installed, residents simply need to “retune” their TV’s to automatically detect the new channels that have just been added.

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No need for individual Internet connections No need for a Set Top Box No need for a secondary Remote Control No need for a Satellite Dish No need for a decoder No need for Networking investments NO LIMIT to amount of connected TV’s

The technology has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of Hotels & Residential complexes that want to be able to enjoy IPTV channels on the TV’s that are already in the Rooms or Homes without spending fortunes on huge Satellite dishes, complex networking, Smart TV’s nor Set Top Boxes. The Zapelin Media Server (ZMS) is not only the most cost effective solution but is is also the only solution that is most flexible and “future proof”.

Change Channels Dynamically

Add or Remove channels as needed

Residents can be of many different nationalities, so switching one channel for another is done easily and residents won´t have to retune the TV.

Over 270 Channels to choose from. Easily add more channels if the community Bandwidth can handle it, or remove channels if they are no longer required.

How does your Residential Complex qualify to install a Zapelin Media Server? 
 Your complex must either have or obtain a single and dedicated “community” ADSL line installed at the Central Communications Room where all the Coaxial TV cables come together (for TDT / Sat etc). The amount of consistent Bandwidth obtained via ADSL will determine the amount of channels that can be injected. Generally speaking it is necessary to have about 1Mbit of ADSL speed for every IPTV channel. We can assist you in obtaining a dedicated IPTV optimised ADSL line and if ADSL is not a good option for your complex, check with us to see if we can provide you with a WIMAX alternative.

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