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Language The language spoken in Zanzibar is Swahili, however English is widely spoken too. Even though learning as much as you can before you go will make your life easier; we understand that it can be hard. Luckily for you most of the village speaks good enough English and those that will be in charge of your care speak excellent English. Once you are there picking up Swahili will be extremely easy, supposing you put your strongest effort into learning. Everyone is happy to help you out and to teach you especially in return for English!

Just try your best, show your effort and accept your mistakes with a laugh

-Sarah Richardson For now here is some basic Swahili to get you started…

Hello = Jambo How are you? = Habari gani Fine (response) = Nzuri Goodbye = Kwa heri / Kwa herini (more than one peson)

No = Hapana Thank you = Asante Thank you very much = Asante sana Please= Tafadhali

SeeYou Later = Tutaonana

What is your name? = Jina lako nani?

Nice to meet you = Nafurahi kukuona

My name is = Jina langu ni ...

Goodnight = Lala salama

Do you speak English? = Unasema

Yes = Ndiyo


Numbers One = Moja Two = Mbili Three = Tatu Four = Nne Five = Tano Six = Sita Seven = Saba Eight = Nani Nine = Tiser Ten = Kumi

Check out these links for an in depth understanding; rds.html Recommended book to buy once you are there; Teach yourself Swahili (Can be bought from Memories of Zanzibar)


A little bit about the language you will need to know...