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Edited by Lisa Mann and Suzie Norris

Issue Four 2011

A mini sampler of the

The fashion publication, 3rd Floor celebrated the release of its fourth issue on the 1st June, produced by a handpicked team of students from Southampton Solent University. Filled with a stunning collection of images, illustrations, interviews and articles, the publication depicts the theme of ‘Inspiring Minds’, with sub headings of Psychology, Phenomenon and Philosophy portrayed throughout. Created as a soft back book, this edition aims to inspire and provoke its readers through revolutionary imagery and intellectual articles. We aim to challenge readers to contemplate the world around them and to broaden their perceptions through a range of thought provoking topics. Full of insightful interviews; Stephen Jones reveals why he is lucky enough to work with the crème de la crème of the fashion industry, whilst Holly Fulton talks about her eclectic visions which inspire her Art Deco prints. Others include; Caryn Franklin, Debra Bourne, DR Linda Papadopoulos, Safia Minney, Gary England and Perry Curties. Exclusive prints are shown throughout the publication from Gary James McQueen, print designer for Alexander McQueen. 3rd Floor’s imagery showcases the work of some of the best up-and-coming design talent in the UK including Rachael Freire, Martina Spetlova, Alison Clemency-Buddenhagen, Emma Griffiths, Fiona Paxton and Ioannis Dimitrisous alongside more established names such as Holly Fulton and Michael Van Der Ham. Photography effects have been combined with simple shooting techniques to create an array of both artistic and pixel sharp images, giving a diverse yet signature photographic feel to the publication. The fourth edition can be bought at Magma Books in London and Manchester for £10.00 from 1st June 2011.

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Psychology The human mind is the epicentre of all thoughts, memories and ultimate control over the body. Here 3rd Floor examines the psyche and its functions, exploring and analysing how it can affect behaviour and how this translates into everyday life.

Phenomenon Sometimes we are faced with an occurrence or circumstance that is perceptible by the senses but simply unexplainable; a phenomenon. 3rd Floor has taken the opportunity to delve into the unknown to search for the lost answers and reasoning for such things.

Philosophy Philosophy allows one to study the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence. Each individual will have various interpretations, but here 3rd Floor has endeavoured to analyse a number of angles, to provide a coherent and educated insight.

3rd Floor; Thoughtful Fashion Imagery 3rd Floor have always published stimulating and exhilarating imagery, offering the 3rd Floor reader an innovative archive of fashion photography. The featured inspirational and innovative editorials display the best of fashion in the creative world that surrounds it. 3rd Floor’s enthusiasm for originality and style are depicted within all of its imagery. Working alongside professional individuals through all areas of our work, 3rd Floor aims to offer creative content which can provide an ever- lasting point of reference for creative individuals. The 3rd Floor team are dedicated and work hard to bring 3rd Floor’s readers uniqueness, with the fourth issue raising the standards higher than ever before. The editorial shoots compromise six themes; Alter Ego, Reverse Psychology, Structure, Metamorphosis, Prophetic Fallacy and Time. Garments used for the editorial shoots, have been lended by designers such as Holly Fulton (left), Rachel Freire, Tamzin Lillywhite, Nancy Van Ostren, Culietta, Michael Van Der Ham, Neurotica and many more.

3rd Floor; Insightful Interviews The 3rd Floor fashion publication offers an informative and intelligent perspective of the fashion industry. We don’t follow - We simply take inspiration. Injecting the publication with its own creative identity, an identity that is eclectic, style-conscious and innovative. “Hats should be optimistic and you should have a great time wearing them as they can be a passport to a different place or a different personality that you might want to assume.” Stephen Jones “Someone had described my work as House of Elliot on crack [laughs] - which was something I was really pleased about!” Holly Fulton “We noticed the corporatisation of fashion, from the late 1980s to where we are now, the birth of big brands and how this transformed onto the catwalk. We had seen the mushrooming of digital imagery and noticed how having thousands of images all over the planet plays out as you’re seeing the same image.” Caryn Franklin

Gary James McQueen’s prints are featured throughout the publication, including the design on our front cover.

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Melting Wax Flowers courtesy of Gary James McQueen

Third Floor Publication Issue 4 mini sampler  

A sneak preview of the fourth issue of Third Floor magazine