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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations Welcome to this short article about picking the right wedding invitation for you special day. There are so many choices out there that it can be overwhelming so how do you decide? Basically, do what you want!

You know, it’s funny, but how often do we actually do that? And I’m not talking about picking a wedding invitation, or deciding whether to order bespoke invitations, or personalised wedding invitations. I mean; how often do we actually do that? - What we want? Now, it’s not for me to say that we’re all brow beaten in this world, unable to really do what we want because we’re influenced by our family, or our friends, or something. Or because we’re downtrodden in some way, unable to exercise the choices we want to make. Ok, perhaps we can’t all afford an aeroplane (none of us), or a Ferrari (well, not a good one anyway), but seriously, most of us could afford perhaps some choices of where to live, a reasonably nice car, a choice of holiday, or a nice meal out. Just perhaps not all of those things all of the time, I guess. But a wedding invitation card? – yeah, of course that’s affordable. No, here’s what I think it is. I think it’s a complex world. So it’s the list of choices itself that’s rich. A rich choice of types. Of sizes. Prices. A rich choice of designs. Even though no-one could understand why some of them exist! (BTW, that bit’s usually of course because a designer once spent a day doing that design, and a company paid for it, so now they just keep trying to sell it.) Do you buy a wedding invitation card where you print the wedding details, and put all your money into the card itself, rather than spending on personalised printing? Or should you go for a personalised design? Or even a totally bespoke card?

A Question of Style? So, modern or contemporary, Miss? Ah, so you’d like something in between traditional and modern, of this broad design type, of this detail, and that detail, and all these other details? Great, well it’s simple now that we’ve narrowed it right down. That just gives you these 894 choices. Perhaps you’d like to have a look at them on your own for a few minutes?? - Agghhhh!

You know, It is people that count. And I don’t mean at your wedding! No, it’s the feel of the overall group of choices people are putting in front of you. A bit like when you visit a possible wedding reception venue. Or the bridal gown boutique. Are they interested primarily in finding ways to charge you much more for not really so much more? And up-sell you to another level, because now they’ve somehow made your spending intentions and budget seem inadequate? So, our advice? – Find somewhere where the wedding invitations company you’re looking to buy from has designed / selected / produced a range of cards that to your mind comes across nicely as; Hey, a lot of these are fine and more. They’ll do the trick, and there’s just a little bit of something special there too. Don’t look at thousands of cards. Or shops that sell thousands of cards. Find somewhere where there are a few nice ones. They’ll be the people who have seen the problem, and then cut out all the duffers. Then choosing’s a lot easier. There; you’ve done what you want!

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Choosing a wedding invitation  

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