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Note from the CEO Being over 20 years in the corporate incentive industry, through all those challenges and victories, had made us what we are today.Aiming at the highest standard of service with an affordable budget, we dedicate our 100% energy and persistence to accomplish your goal. In the heart of Inspira Tour, we believe in the alignment of your goal and ours. In these years of growing competition, we are stretching ourselves to make every distinctions, every signatures, at every step of the process, in order to be the pioneer and inventor of a new breed of services. Our focus to details, habits, emphathies, understandings, anticipations, technlogies and integrated databases, will increase our competitiveness to serve you better. As part of our commitment, we always keep on asking ourselves. Questions like : How can we be in assitance to obtain an efficient and effective campaign for your company? How to motivate your dealers? How to empower and inspiring them? How to keep their loyalty? How to increase your profit? How to achieve success? How to grow and expand? You will see our reasons of existence in the next pages.We elaborate them in powerful statements like : Who we are, What we do, Why we do it, How's it look like. We are proud to be in partnership with you, as well as our esteemed existing clientele.

Daniel Tan CEO

Welcome to Inspira World!

we WHOare?

We are an Incentive House, a travel agent who specialized in corporate tour management. Most people call it Incentive Tour, since the tour is created to be a motivation for dealers/employees/sales-force to reach a certain target of performance. And when they reach the target, we provide them with a rewarding trip. Not only we serve you with total assistance and dedication, which will empowering and enhancing the client's corporate objective, but we always bring out the “WOW factor� in your trip. From Shanghai to San Fransisco, or from Sevilla to Saint Petersburg, we always inspiring our attendees by delivering the kind of program they expect. With Inspira Tour, the 'wow' just keep on coming. Our team consists of young, energetic, cheerful, hard-working, creative, and ready for challenges individuals, who committed to deliver a service-excellence to you.

WHATdo? we

We are your business empowerment catalyst. Tell us your dreams. Share your objectives. We are committed to make them into reality.We will drill all the crucial factors that will empower your business. What is the result that you desire? What will inspire the attendees? How to achieve your desire? How much cost to make it happen? These factors must be the essence of our products, thus the key factors of a successful trip. We assist you to communicate to your attendees, collecting all the necessary travel documents, preparing all the tour components and mixing them into an Inspiring Journey. With our 22 years of expertise, you can be sure that we will bring your trust to the very maximum impact. Service-excellence, superiorproduct and awesome-creativity but still maintain a competitive price. That's why we have a high repeat business and excellent client loyalty.

we WHY do?

Vision Inspiring. Empowering. Abundance through Service Excellence.

Mision Total assistance and dedication Obtain the “WOW factor� Committed to deliver a service-excellence to you. Create an Inspiring Journey. Bring clients trust to the very maximum impact. Superior-product Awesome-creativity Competitive price High repeat business Excellent client loyalty

Culture Integrity & Commitment Wealth & Abundance Team work & Professional Productive & Consistent Fun & Creative

our 5

competitive advantages

Business Oriented Solution Menyediakan segala kebutuhan Anda, meminimalkan pekerjaan Anda – membuat Anda TENANG & RELAX… Karena kami melakukan segala sesuatu A-Z , mulai dari membuat draft campaign untuk Anda, persiapan sebelum keberangkatan, proses dokumen perjalanan, saat keberangkatan, acara perjalanan, serta pelayanan saat kembali ke Tanah Air .

Inspira Moment Meningkatkan Loyalitas & Penjualan Dealer Anda – PERTUMBUHAN SALES & MARKET SHARE Anda pasti terjadi … Dealer Anda menjadi LOYAL CUSTOMER Dengan moment khusus yang berisi motivasi dan cerita cerita inspirational yang dapat memberikan semangat dan kinerja lebih tinggi

Save Your Time Menghemat waktu Anda – ASSET yang TIDAK BISA KEMBALI, bisa Anda MANFAATKAN untuk CORE BUSINESS Anda …Anda dapat focus ke hal-hal lain yang essential untuk bisnis Anda dan kami memberikan progress report selama persiapan acara perjalanan berlangsung laksana Personal Assistant Anda.

Flexibility Menyesuaikan Itinerary sesuai kebutuhan Anda – KELELUASAAN untuk KREATIFITAS dalam MEMENUHI KEBUTUHAN Anda …

Post Tour Touch Memberikan Laporan yang transparan & konkrit setelah Tour – JAMINAN bahwa Tour yang Anda jalankan benar-benar MEMENUHI MISI BUSINESS Anda…

Our Inspired Clientele

Our Inspired Clientele

How does it look like

How does it look like


62 21 29405333 PT C IT R A B E R K AT I N S P I R A S I W I S AT A Ruko Duta Garden Blok B4 No. 15, Tangerang 15124, Banten, Indonesia Tel : +62 21 29405333 Fax : +62 21 2940 5096 email :

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