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Design Brief Reebok is best known as the fit brand, constantly developing and directing their designs toward a healthier lifestyle with a passion for sports. The goal of this project is to design a sport shoe influenced by traditional style marching bands where drive can be correctly executed and perfected.


Marching band has always been a passion of mine since I was 13 years old. Through band I was taught traditional style marching and the meaning of drive. Seeing marching band members executing drive with precision and accuracy does nothing more than inspires me. When executed correctly,

drive takes on the form of a pointed to with a knee raised to a 90 degree angle that is parallel to the ground. In some cases, the knee maybe elevated beyond 90 degrees. Drive can only be obtained when followed by correct form and execution.

Besides the technicality that is associated with marching band during formations, band also has its fun side with dance routines. During dance routines band members are allowed to get low on the field and perform their music while showcasing their dance skills. With this being said I want

to illustrate this combination of seriousness and playfulness within my design.


During performances Bando shoes are mostly worn with spats. Spats cover the instep and ankle of the shoe. My goal is to transform this classic

silhouette into a more modern design that still provides the traditions of uniformity and military aesthetics.

Ideation Depending upon the performance, bands can march up to 3 hours if they are participating in a parade.

While marching no one really has time to tie up their shoe laces. Therefore, with this design I wanted to incorporate a shoe lace-less concept.

Normally, the silhouette of the bando shoe combined with the spats goes above the ankle. However, I wanted to play around with the possibilities of making the shoe have a low top silhouette.


Using the technology associated with

the buckling of a woman's sports bra, there is no longer a need for shoe laces. For added security and ankle support, the flap is wrapped around the ankle to only be secured by hooks located on the front and side of the shoes under the buttons.



With the use of zquick


Abstract Logo Design


in the soles, this design permits agility, flexibility, as well as security through long parades and technical formations.

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