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‘Equipping Walls’ II Studio, Spring 2014 School of Architecture Boston Architectural College

The title of this wall to be equipped is MAKING WALLS MORE HONEST. The architect of this project is ZANE BELL.

Grouping In an attempt to create a more efficient piping system,house hold items for living are separated into utility use. Plumbing and Electricity are the main supply pipes.

In architecture, pipes are stored in walls. Water, Gas, electricity and information are stored in these pipes, creating complex connections of tubes, whose sole purpose is to support each space. These tubes are rarely allowed to enter the space and if they do, then it’s briefly, and theatrically it disappears back into the wall. The interior space is therefore less to do with walls, doors and windows, its more influenced by many valves that regulate the flows of all tubes and the many orifices through which these materials enter and leave a space. Architecture is more piped than we think, according to Mark Wigley. Pipes take a bigger proportion of space and cost. The drawings of the pipes of a building are more complex than the drawings of a city. Pipes are therefore installed in the subconscious of the architect.

Dimension/Space Study Dimension study. The scale of human form shapes the interaction within a space. This is important to be able to make the space as efficient as possible and aid in the design of pipes that


Human Activity required for each space Walls facilitate the process of storage Plumbing

With this in mind how do we expose the pipes of architecture not only to make walls more honest, but also to expose their purpose, and use them to create atmospheric space,

Household items are further grouped into usage to help support spaces that will be served more efficiently. Exposing the storage of pipes within the walls.

Walls are removed leaving the pipes.

Pipes that were once stored are now used to create storage capabilities and inform space.

Clamping mechanism to connect planes to piping allowing shelving and flat surfaces to help shap a living space. Stripping the walls in architecture to reveal the inner mechanical workings. Leaving a skeletal shell similar to that of the human body. The utilization of this mechanical machine starts to shape the atmosphere around it.

Climate Defines Space

Light Study

In architectural design Form and Function generally define spaces. When removing walls to make them more honest the idea then shifts for something else to define space and to qualify the environment for human interaction. Climate can be modulated by the mechanics that traditionally are present in the walls. Exposing these mechanics can create these atmospheres within a space.

A study of usage of light within a space for the duration of a 24 hour period ,provides information on a grid pattern that will facilitate a more effecient way to use light and create a more flex able usage. Traditionally



6 AM

6:30 AM

Grid 1

Grid 2

7 AM

Walls create restraints that ultimately shape the atmosphere of a space. If the walls become striped of their structure is it still possible to modulate the individual climate required for living.. Generally the body needs to maintain a certain temperature to be comfortable in a space. When in the shower the temperature needs to adjust to naked skin. In the bedroom the temperature can be cooler due to the use of blankets. Theoretically my process will utilize pipes to create these climates variances within the spaces.

Bathroom - 72 Degrees

Living Room - 68 Degrees

Exporential Atmospheric conditions

Kitchen - 64 Degrees

Bedroom - 61 Degrees 6 PM

8 PM

10:30 PM

Movable Lighting 72 Light creates an atmosphere within a space without the physical restrictions of a wall.

68 Feet 11 PM

Existing Conditions

Static Lighting

Suspended light fixture is connected to a pipe that allows one to pull the fixture as you navigate the space.

For every 68 feet of forced hot water through a 3/4� pipe, the tempreture will reduce by 20 degrees.

Walls to Pipes Thermal Zones

Pipes within the walls now facilitate the living conditions and are used to moderate the temperatures within a space.


TV Stand


From Main

Book shelf

From Main

Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Living Room Office


Cold Water Faucet Hot Water Faucet Cold Water Pipes Hot Water Pipes

From Main

From Main

Hot/Cold Water Pipes

Hot/Cold water Pipes and Lighting

Walls to Pipes to Atmosphere The spacial qualities of the space that was once created by the walls have been removed. In its place pipes are now defining areas. The pipes are now more efficient than the walls by adding to the effectiveness of human interaction. Atmosphere of this interactive space in now dictated by the pipes rather than the walls.

Making Walls More Honest - Instalation  

My first C1 Studio . Equipping walls and making them more efficient was the idea of this studio.I chose the remove the walls and utilize the...

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