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Photo credits:  ChrisFna  Call  

Photo credits:  Brian  Freeman  

Photo credits:  Chelsea  Pedersen  

When I  was  a  liEle  boy.  I  always   wanted  to  meet  Superman  and   become  just  like  him.  When  I   got  older,  I  started  to  realize   that  there  as  no  such  a  thing  as   Superman.  When  I  found  out,  I   decided  I  sFll  wanted  to  be  like   him.  I  want  to  be  become   famous  just  like  he  was.  When  I   was  a  liEle  boy,  I  loved  to   imagine  about  anything.  Now   I’m  a  14  years  old  boy,  I’m   laughing  at  this  story  right  now,   I  find  my  childhood  dreams   were  humorous.  This  is   something  that  I  can  cherish   about  my  childhood.  

Secretly  SUPERMAN!  

Ryker Von  Pedersen     What  a  liEle  cuFe  brother   right  there!  (On  previous   page.)  His  name  is  Ryker  Von   Pedersen.  He  is  2  and  half   years  old.  I  picked  this  picture   as  my  best  shot.  Because  this   story  has  a  funny  story  back   of  this  picture.  I  just  love  him.   I  think  this  picture  would  be   my  best  shot.  We  were  in  the   airplane.  We  were  leaving  Los   Angles  to  Hawaii.  He  thought   he  was  leaving  back  to  his   mother’s  mom.  He  just  didn’t   want  to  go  back.  But  it  was  a   vacaFon  with  him.  So  I  find   this  as  funny  story.  I  love  him.  

The Messy  Tools  Make  Me  Go  Crazy   When  the  tools  are  in  wrong   place,  it  drives  me  up  the  wall;  it’s   like,  so  annoying!  I  just  hate   having  the  tools  in  wrong  place.  I   like  to  have  the  tools  in  the  right   place  because,  I  can  know  where   the  tools  are.  If  the  tools  in  wrong   place,  I  probably  wouldn't’  be  able   to  find  the  tools  what  I  needed  to   use  to  fix  cars  or  something  else   that  needed  fixing.  I  like  to  have   the  tools  organized.  I  just  hate  the   tools  in  wrong  place.  So  the  tools   are  needed  to  be  in  the  right   place.  

Photo credits:  Chelsea  Pedersen  

Volkswagen Shop     I  have  a  couple  dreams  but  I  will   only  explain  one  of  my  dreams.   Owning  a  shop  is  one  of  my   dreams.  I  own  a  1967   Volkswagen  bug.  I  have  been   working  on  it.  I  just  want  to   have  a  place  for  my  bug.  So  I   can  give  aEenFon  to  my  bug.   No  interrupFons,  annoying,  or   distracFons.  If  I  had  no   distracFons,  I  would  finish  my   bug  sooner.  I  also  would  like  to   have  all  tools  in  my  shop  so  I   have  everything  in  one   organized  place.  Working  on  my   bug  in  my  future  shop,  it  would   be  so  awesome.  

Photo credits:  Chelsea  Pedersen  

Photo credits:  SPORTSWURLZ  TEAM  

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