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rain dance THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 2011

After weeks of very little rain, we had an enormous thunderstorm on Tuesday. The girls ran outside to jump and dance with joy. I followed them out; I couldn’t resist. Watching these girls dance in the rain, with their soaking wet little bodies and glowing faces, was the highlight of my day. Seeing our girls welcome the storm, so visible (and loud!) in the open sky around them, my heart swelled with love. I felt the same when Ellen called, “Mama, the wind is singing to us,” as the wind came whistling through our southwest windows one evening. I felt the same when, this morning, Amabel said, “Mama, I saw some lovely fog covering the earth while you were still asleep.” I felt the same when Ellen carried one of the many giant spiders from a window sill outside onto the Thyme and when Amabel pointed out flowers in the meadow that I hadn’t yet noticed. And I felt the same that very first morning when we woke at dawn to the birds, singing. We can’t escape the elements here. And this is exactly the point. This is the life I dreamed about for these two little beings we love so very much. I am so grateful to be here - so grateful that our children are here - surrounded by the natural world.



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