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Hannah’s first question gets to the heart of my blogging quandary. As I was writing and ‘publishing’ over the past two years, I often asked myself, (although I couldn’t articulate it at the time) “Did I tell the story right?” And also, “Did I tell the right story?” I’ve always wanted the telling to be honest and yet there are so many ways to tell a story and, of course, so many stories to tell. These are my stories but they are also my daughters’ stories and our family stories. And yet they aren’t really stories at all unless I tell them. If I don’t make an effort to tell them, they may never get told. So, is it perhaps better to make an effort at telling rather than not to tell at all? I love to write. I love to write stories. I want to write stories for my children but also for anyone who wishes to read along. Storytelling takes practice, and it is best to practice in front of an audience, and thus the reason for my return to this blog.



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