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gousty gardens FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

My parents have lived on the land known as Gousty for over 20 years. But two years ago they built a new house, and they’ve been reshaping the landscape with new gardens ever since. My mom likes to rearrange her plants almost as much as she likes to rearrange her furniture. Her gardens are a shifting patchwork of color and texture: she plants and transplants all through the growing season, never running out of enthusiasm for her art. My dad happily transports shrubs, flowers, and bushes to their new homes, often rising with the earliest light to work outside. I took a tour, camera in hand, of my parents’ gardens this week and marveled at the range of color and lush foliage - the vibrant life my mom and dad have nurtured around their home. Watching my parents cultivate the earth as a child, I must have unconsciously absorbed a love for nurturing living things. And now Grandmommy and Grandfather’s ever-changing landscape is nourishing Amabel and Ellen and all the cousins who play in this beautiful place.



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