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where is home? FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011

These photos were taken at our friends’ new farm. Our friends searched long and hard for a place to call home, and now they are finally settled on a remarkably beautiful piece of land, raising their children, chickens, and goats. We went to visit the newborn goat kids this week, and although I’d hoped for a few pictures of the little creatures (they were still in the barn where the light was not sufficient for photos), all I came home with were a few snapshots of my girls exploring. I keep coming back to these pictures - simple as they are - because they illustrate exactly how I envision my children growing up: wandering and exploring in the wild places around home. Like our friends, we’ve been on a search for a new home. But for us it isn’t yet clear where this home will be. Almost exactly a year ago, we fell in love with a farmhouse. And for many months I maintained my hope that we had found our next home. Recently, for a few important reasons, we’ve let that house go and decided to move on. But it’s hard to move on when we don’t know where we’re moving to. My Mom reminded me this week to be more open to the unexpected instead of feeling like I have to have a plan. And I’m trying to follow her wise advice. With an open heart, I am wondering, “Where is Home?”



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