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paper dolls SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2011

If our “lessons” at home were divided into subjects, one subject would certainly be Paper Dolls. I can’t remember when it started - Amabel’s love for paper dolls. But I do remember when we came across these tiny scissors that once belonged to a master seamstress, my Grandmother Lois. Amabel immediately asked to use them. At first I said, “No. They are too sharp.” But then, knowing how careful and meticulous she can be, I changed my mind. And they’ve been Amabel’s most prized possession ever since. Her scissors are perfect for the tiny precision work of paper dolls. With them she has cut out dozens and dozens - if not hundreds by now - of little figures, articles of clothing, and accessories. She has a stack of cigar boxes full of tiny people in her bedroom. Amabel seems to prefer her scissors to crayons, colored pencils, or markers. She will happily color, draw, or “write” for very short periods of time. But she will eagerly cut out paper dolls for hours. While I was browsing in a local toy shop recently, looking at paper dolls, the owner kindly offered, “Have you seen our pre-cut paper dolls?” Pre-cut? I went over to where she was pointing and politely looked at the dolls. Then I tried to explain that for my girl, cutting is the whole point. Amabel might line everything up after it has been cut out, but the act of freeing the little dolls from the confines of their pages is what really holds her attention. One day last week I was pondering all the cutting Amabel has been doing, and I decided to document part of her collection. She and I spread her dolls all over the floor of her room, opened boxes on her bed, and organized piles and piles of dolls and clothing. Now we may not have any “traditional” school work to show for this lovely year at home, but we sure do have a lot of paper dolls.

Dover Wizard of Oz Paper Dolls

Fabric Paper Dolls from Grandmommy 13


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