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INTRODUCING... The identity for Coffee Cup has been especially developed to express all aspects of the coffee shop´s present and future. It is essential that the identity be applied in a consistent mannerto ensure maximum and coherent impact for both the internal and external audiences. It is therefore vital that the following guidelines are in place in order to maintain and manage the new identity. The logo is based on a classic coffee sup´s imagery. The mark has a image of a cup filled with coffee reflecting the slogen of “every day is a coffee day”.



The Coffee shop logo consists of the image of a coffee cup filled with a liquid and name of the company. These should never be used separately x


or altered in any way. The name of the company is ‘Coffee cup’.


The logo should ideally be reproduced on a white background (see recommended design templates). Always make sure there is enough clear space around the logo (see diagram).


To be scaled no smaller than 50 mm in width

To be scaled no smaller than 20mm in width

Depending on how the logo is to be reproduced, you will need to use one of the following versions of the Coffee Cup logo (please note the logo is available at two sizes and should be used according to the dimensions specified).


To be scaled no smaller than 50mm in width

To be scaled no smaller than 20mm in width

1. Full colour logo 2. Black & white logo

TYPE FACES The logotype is set exclusively in Freestyle Script. These should be used for all applications, externally and internally. BambooGothic Book should be used primarily for body text, headings and all main Coffee Cup information. Century Gothic should be used for caption text, facts and figures and titles where deemed necessary BambooGothic Book

COLOUR SCHEME The Coffee Cup logo is to be reproduced in process colour as specified opposite. These are the companies colours which should never be altered or adjusted. These colours make up the primary corporate colour scheme for Coffee Cup and should be applied consistently throughout all company´s promotion materials, signage and livery.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ BambooGothic Book regular upper case

abcdeghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz BambooGothic Book regular lower case

Century Gothic

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Century Gothic regular upper case

abcdeghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Century Gothic regular lower case

C- 40%; M- 70%; Y- 90%; K- 56% C- 40%; M- 45%; Y- 60%; K- 80% C- 0%; M- 0%; Y- 0%; K- 100%

Coffee Cup | identity guidelines

PROMOTION MATERIALS “Every Day is a coffee day” “Every Day is a coffee day”

To ensure consistency across the range of Coffee Cup print material, it is vitally important that what is produced by the Coffee Cup consistent and coherent to both its internal and external audiences. In order to achieve this unified look to the Coffee Cup identity we suggest introducing a flexible set style template for all printed material. The overall look should be clean and crisp with theCoffee Cup logo taking the focus supported by graphics or images related to coffee.

"Every Day is a coffee day"

STATIO NERY In order to successfully implement the Coffee Cup identity, a consistent approach must be taken in the production of all Coffee Cup stationery and literature. Must be taken in mind colors used for the stationery and fonts.

Letonia, Riga, Graudu 168 - 45, LV-3465

"Every Day is a coffee day"

"Every Day is a coffee day"

Zane Kalnina Vice- president

+37129707276 Graudu 168 - 45, LV-3465 Latvia, Riga

Letonia, Riga, Graudu 168 - 45, LV-3465

Logo can be placed in right, left upper corner and middle.

LOGOTYPE CHECKLIST • Use correct artwork from an authorised source. • Specify clearly the version of the logo that you require - the right logo for the right job. • The Logo should ideally be reproduced on white. • It is vitally important never to crowd the logo with images or text. This will reduce the impact and recognition of the Coffee Cup name. • Never create home-made derivatives of the logo. • Never reproduce the logo in colours other than those specified.

Brandbook Coffee Cup  
Brandbook Coffee Cup