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As a young child I had a reoccurring dream of being pushed in a stroller onto a round open topped elevator that slowly oscillated as it rose. Years later upon recalling this dream to my dad he was surprised to learn that at 1 year old I had remembered the I. M. Pei designed portion of the Louvre when he and my mom took me along on a trip to Paris. In addition to my natural interest in vehicles, as architects both of my parents would instill in me an appreciation for structures. From a very young age the tendencies of Autism led me to be placed in special education preschool and kindergarten. As a child I would spend all of my free time building vehicles and structures out of K’Nex and Legos. Later in life I would produce detailed drawings of vehicles and structures that I created to the specification of my imagination. I had as much of an aversion to following directions from books and manuals as I did to those from adults. I attended regular elementary school until 5th grade when that defiant spirit led me to be placed in special education once again. After 2001 the next 6 years were to become my war against the philosophy of behavior modification. This is a philosophy shared by many specialized schools I had to attend as well as many other institutions worldwide. It is a philosophy of praise for compliance and deprivation for defiance. This is how captive animals are treated. The effect of this philosophy

caused me as an 11 year old boy to first attempt suicide. Often when I verbally communicated my disagreement with this philosophy to my teachers I was ignored and therefore many times I had to visually communicate this disagreement by throwing chairs, punching walls, breaking windows and smashing computers. I know firsthand that if you treat a person like an animal they will act like an animal. I knew in my heart that preserving my character was well worth continually getting pinned on the ground, being thrown into solitary confinement and refusing the token bribes of snacks, toys and trips given out for falling in line. All of the medications, hospitalizations and therapies I endured couldn’t dissuade me from that belief. By age 16 after multiple expulsions I had forged a legacy of defiance and destruction that few schools would touch. Aseltine School was the exception. I am forever grateful for their life changing insight and wisdom. In many ways they are the only people who could fully understand why I had to fight a war to keep my character. I became the sole 2009 high school graduate of Aseltine School and in the fall of that year I began attending City College for Graphic Design. While pursuing my education I also held a variety of volunteer and professional positions in the public and private sectors. I took a summer internship at Caltrans where I learned how to use 3D modelling software. I volunteered at an animal shelter. I

worked for an electronics assembly equipment dealer doing everything from sourcing and fitting small parts to loading and delivering large assembly equipment to companies throughout Southern California. I taught graphic design skills at my high school alma mater to children from difficult situations which I can relate to. I completed a full school year term as a Senator in the City College Associated Students Government where I was instrumental in building their website along with advocating on transit and disability issues. I’ve also completed design work for a number of clients. Thus far my life is as good as it could be considering all of the transition and adversity that I’ve had to face. I know many other people from the places I’ve been who continue to suffer today. As happy as I am with my own prospects I will only truly be happy when I’m able to provide opportunity to the people who society has disregarded.






The Great Advance




New Transport Pictograms






General Transport


Zane’s Drawings


Class// Logo & Packaging Instructor// MaeLin Levine Fonts// Helvetica

Helvetia High upon a wooded mountainside sits Helvetia, a Swiss modern themed lodge accessible by the aerial tramway depicted in its logo. 20 to 35 year old middle income guests arrive by tramway to a world of tranquility and relaxation. Young adults can appreciate viewing nature in an idyllic way in contrast to their increasingly complicated lives. This simple, relaxed view lends itself well to an aesthetically clean Swiss Style.


Large panoramic windows beautifully frame free flowing natural scenery. Helvetica is the natural type choice. Solid fields of red or white adorn branded items including the tramway cars and stationery. The logo is colored opposite of the field upon which it’s placed and is shown separate from the logotype on the branded items within the hotel.

tia ve el H





Class// Self Initiated Instructor// Self Fonts// Custom font Zanector

The Great Advance Greatly inspired by and named after a piece of instrumental music by Francis Monkman, The Great Advance is a complete, consistent and efficient aesthetic for a future society where people of all ages and means are welcomed. When undertaking such a project one might first think about what aspects of life couldn’t be represented by a single kind of efficient design. Creativity and subjective choice shouldn’t be defined by efficiency. Who are we to define the single most efficient kind of food, music or art? Most subjects related to engineering are defined by efficiency and would greatly benefit aesthetically from an efficient, consistent design. I reached this objective by dividing the project into just 3 categories;


Transportation: vehicles, Community: structures, and Activity: every other mechanized aspect of life. Each of these categories became a book which contains a set of 5 objects that are all individually illustrated through an environmental spread followed by a technical spread. The last 2 spreads of each book contain all of the 5 objects illustrated as a group. The first of these 2 spreads illustrates the objects in single colored thin outlines while the second and final spread illustrates these objects in full color. Black, white, light orange, light blue and a light grey were the 5 colors I used. I created the complete 2 weight Zanector type family used for all of the copy in this project.


Zanector ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz !@#$%^&*0123456789+-=(){}[]| _\:;“<>”/’`~,.? Zanector Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz !@#$%^&*0123456789+-=(){}[]| _\:;“<>”/’`~,.?



Cars 3

Technology and materials will allow driverless electric cars to travel hundreds of miles at more than a hundred miles per hour. Roadways will also integrate composites into their structures making them stronger and cheaper to build.









Housing Houses will be able to stand 4

alone, or be stacked to accommodate urban density. They will be manufactured and moved to the site to lower the cost of construction.

TGA 201


Specs: Square Footage: 560

TGA 301


Specs: Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 100 lbs Memory: 2.5 petabytes

Materials: steel, glass, bioplastic, silicaaerogel Occupancy: 5

TGA 101

Hi, My name is TGA 301.

I am a robot designed to do your life’s many simple, non-subjective, repetitive and time consuming tasks. However, I lack in areas of affection, creativity and opinion. You may offer my services to other humans in exchange for money or goods and services for yourself. All that TGA 301 desires in return is the proper service and maintenance required for continued normal operation.

Specs: Weight: 600 lbs (empty) Propulsion: 2 electric motors Passengers: 5 Range: 300 miles Top Speed: 150 mph









Types of Vehicles// Cars Trains Airplanes Ships Space

Types of Structures// Housing Power & Communications Civic & Commercial Buildings Large Indoor Spaces Movement of Goods

Types of Industries// Labor Farming Personal Computing Health Freight


Zanector ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR STUVWXYZabcdefghij klmnopqrstuvwxyz!@# $%^&*0123456789+-= (){}[]|_\:;“<>”/’`~,.? Zanector Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR STUVWXYZabcdefghij klmnopqrstuvwxyz!@# $%^&*0123456789+-= (){}[]|_\:;“<>”/’`~,.? 16


Great Advance utilize future efficiency

Community imagination economics

network equipment hypersonic

Activity bioplastic trajectory

systems innovation experiment 17



Class// Studio Practices Instructor// Candice Lopez & Sean Bacon Fonts// Arial Rounded

Yab端n With an arid climate, red dirt, sparse vegetation and scattered eucalyptus trees, the area of Valley Center in northeastern San Diego County distinctly resembles the Australian Outback. An Australian boutique hotel called Yab端n was created to utilize the look and feel of this environment to great effect. Beyond nurturing an interest in Australian Aboriginal cultural, this environment elicits a laid back attitude that feels so refreshing to educated middle and upper income 35 to 50 year old couples that want to get away from the city every once in a while and bring the


kids along to share some quality time together. The peaceful meandering hills, twisting canyons and wide open sky feed the soul with lasting memories. An aboriginal inspired pattern of light brown, light orange and dark red dots and circles adorns branded items including a backpack, water bottle, pencil, notebook and stationery. The logotype and signage consist of a modified Arial Rounded. All other type is set unaltered in the Arial family.





Class// Page Layout Instructor// Lisa Starace Fonts// Helvetica

New Transport Pictograms Pictogram systems have been created mainly to help guide people of any language through specific environments like parks, roads and many public facilities. The consistency of pictograms only extends to within the system in which they were designed. As predominant as transportation is within many of these different systems, its consistency as a most basic universal aspect of life is lost amid designs aimed at other priorities. New Transport Pictograms is meant to universally communicate how universal transportation is. I’ve determined that transportation can be easily categorized 5 ways; Personal/Human Powered: dark green, Vertical/Short Length: light orange, Land: light brown, Air: light blue, and Water: dark blue. All of the pictograms are black with a


white background and placed over the color of their respective categories. When stacked, the 5 vehicles in each of the 5 categories create a tidy square configuration of all 25 vehicles in the system. This complete configuration is shown on the light grey front and back covers the book that I created to illustrate the system as well as to assess how certain environmental mediums on planet earth have created the need for each of the 5 categories of vehicles. Many of these simple designs share components with their siblings throughout the system reinforcing how similar these machines really are. The Helvetica type family is used to communicate the objective and universal nature of my categories and assessments.


Personal/ Human Powered Vertical/ Short Length








Class// Caltrans Instructor// Self Fonts// Highway Gothic

Divestack A diverging diamond interchange is a relatively new and more efficient variation of the typical diamond interchange. A stack interchange is often used on intersections between freeways. While able to handle high traffic loads, a stack interchange is expensive and land-intensive to build. A Divestack interchange combines the efficient attributes of a diverging diamond interchange with the grade separated high traffic capacity of a


stack interchange. Along with designing the interchange itself I created a logo and promotional booklet targeted to transportation departments. Grey, white and the shade of green closest to that of freeway signs are the colors used in this project. Highway Gothic as the type choice is a clear homage to road signage.




Highway Gothic ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz !@#$%^&*0123456789 +-=(){}[]|_\:;“<>”/’`~,.?


Take a drive Top Right// The promotional booklet is presented in spreads. Lower 2 Rows Clockwise// Take a drive through a Divestack in these 8 sequential images.




s: 100-150 mi nstruction cost


less car stacking

Diverging Diamond Interchange


a space efficient solution for traffic congestion

a: 50 ac

more road stacking

Stack Interchange




00 00,0 2 n a y th da more cars a

land are




Class// Web Design Instructor// Julie Willis Fonts// Helvetica

Eyerrow The synthesis of an eye and an arrow have inspired the creation of Eyerrow, a website and app that aims to alleviate confusion, stress and fear from travel and travel planning. Intended primarily for ages 15 to 35, Eyerrow would also be also useful to the general public for a trip across town or a trip across the globe. Departure and arrival times and locations along with many other kinds of information about the modes of transportation available for the trip will be easily accessible to users. One of many potential features could be how the logo displayed at major stations and intersections will indicate to users that


region-specific transportation information is automatically available to them on their devices in and around that location. Black on white is used for the search and navigation functions of the site along with the logo when encompassing the entire brand. All of the different modes of transportation represented are color-coded; Air: light blue, Rail: red, Bus: purple, Taxi: light orange, Car: grey, Bike: green, Walk: magenta, and Boat: dark blue. The Helvetica type family is used for its simplicity and web compatibility. //



Air Rail Bus Taxi Car Bike Walk Boat


Leg 2 Chicago-Bejing 13 hrs 30 mins

Leg 11 Boston-Milwaukee 2 hours 15 mins

Leg 3 Bejing-Moscow 6 days 18 hours

Leg 1 Milwaukee-Chicago 1 hours 29 mins

Leg 4

Leg 10 Paris-Boston 6 hours 40 mins

Yaroslavsky Rail TerminalSouth River terminal

25 mins Leg 9 Rome-Paris 13 hours 16 mins

Leg 8 Cairo-Rome 2 hours 30 mins

Leg 5 Moscow-Kaspysk 7 days 4 hours Leg 6 Kaspysk-Istambul 4 days 10 hours Leg 7 Istambul-Cairo 2 hours 15 mins




Class// Self Initiated Instructor// Self Fonts// Custom font General Transport

General Transport General Transport was born from the bold, idealistic and altruistic side of my mind as a teenager mired in the struggle against the isolating, oppressing and condescending surroundings of special education. At those trying times of my life, my freedom to draw every kind of vehicle under the guiding principles of stylish, efficient and affordable design was my only freedom. Upon completion, the entire system of hand drawings contained 57 individual vehicles spread between 11 categories; Cars: pedestrian and passenger vehicles, Trucks: trucks and towing vehicles, Vertical Transport: elevators, escalators and moving walkways, Tramways: aerial tramways, Trains: trains and monorails, Passenger Ships: passenger and large container ships, Freight Ships: an ice breaker, barges and small container ships, Airplanes, Helicopters, Off-Road Vehicles: off-road and exploration vehicles, and finally, Spacecraft.


Later on I gained the skill and patience to competently vectorize the entire system with minor cosmetic and technical improvements. True to the original hand colored drawings, a white and orange color scheme adorns the vast majority of the vehicles. A new component of the brand is the complete 2 weight custom type family appropriately named General Transport which is used in the logo, logotype and model numbers. From the very beginning I had envisioned this company to build every kind of vehicle for every kind of person. One day I hope to see this vision become the model for public policy created to protect and grow a global economy engineered to serve all of humanity. The survival of humanity depends on our ability to unite our interests, talents and determination. //

General Transport ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz !@#$%^&*0123456789+-=(){}[]| _\:;"<>''/'`~,.? General Transport Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz !@#$%^&*0123456789+-=(){}[]| _\:;"<>''/'`~,.? 48








Class// Self Initiated Instructor// Self Fonts// Hand Writing

Zane’s Drawings Throughout my life I have pursued my interest in vehicles and structures through many different channels such as studying books, building toy models, and designing my own versions of regular objects. I’ve also enjoyed drawing concepts that exist only as theories and experiments or that don’t yet exist at all in a particular form outside of my imagination. At times I would ask myself why certain things like flying cars, hanging monorails or


modular high rise buildings haven’t yet become common in our world. I’ve learned that perception can be a bigger hurdle than engineering. Unimaginative perception creates the resistance that robs our society of progress. I try to base my perception on the freedom to cast aside skepticism and dream big.




ia et

Swiss Themed Hotel

v el



Illustrated Book Series Australian Boutique Hotel Transportation Information App Illustrated Vehicle System Interchange Environmental Design







ia et

Swiss Themed Hotel

v el



Illustrated Book Series Australian Boutique Hotel Transportation Information App Illustrated Vehicle System Interchange Environmental Design






Reflection & Appreciation

Back in 2010 I first signed up for graphic design classes because this subject seemed to involve more creativity and less mathematics than technical illustration. I’m an engineer that hates math and an artist that doesn’t paint. That defiant spirit of mine has created disagreements between me and my design instructors just as it did between me and my grade school teachers. The violent clashes of my distant past between me and those teachers about how they wanted to treat me verses how I wanted to be treated have transitioned into disagreements between me and my instructors about what they say from experience that I should do verses what I say from my heart that I should do. In the end, however fundamental my disagreements with them have been, I more fundamentally appreciate these instructors for helping all of us students become the best that we can be. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.


Education, Direction & Moral Support// Candice Lopez, Sean Bacon, Andrea Singer, Rex Heftmann, MaeLin Levine, Amy Levine, Lisa Starace, Julie Willis, Doug Dailard & Cynthia Lyons-Dailard, City College Associated Students Government, Aseltine School, Marisela Crabb, & My Family The Memories// It’s been wonderful to meet and hangout with all of my friends, classmates and fellow designers. Thank you for putting up with me. Good luck, it’s rough out there. Technical Assistance// Blend, Ridout Plastics, Fastsigns, Clatrans, Tu Phung, & Harv Rubin Software// Adobe CS5, Google Sketchup, & Fontforge

Online Resources//,, & Fonts// Helvetica 75 pt. & Helvetica 45 pt. Photography// Zane Hunker, All found images are used for inspiration only and labelled for reuse with modification. Design// Zane Hunker 619-889-9193 © 2014 All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be used or reproduced without the written permission of Zane Hunker.