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Process Book 2

Design for the Existing

Perpetual Kid Around the holidays-- when online shopping is at its peak-- websites such as Perpetual Kid are often on the radar as a source of entertaining and interesting gifts. Perpetual kid was founded around 2005, although there is no real source for who founded it or where it was founded. The company is still young and has the potential to thrive. Unfortunately, its youth means that it has not fully established a brand. The online store sells an array of items, all of which would be considered “juvenile” by some crowds and “joyous” by the rest. It is the purpose of Perpetual Kid to “entertain your inner child,” and the products they provide do just that—although you would never realize it by their logo, website, or even packaging what it is they are trying to sell you.

On occasion, if you submit a request with your purchase, before delivery, one of the employees at Perpetual Kid will draw an image of their choosing on the box. Also, with almost every delivery, Perpetual Kid will randomly throw in a handful of rubber monster finger puppets. These are fun little quirks established by Perpetual Kid that adds that youthful joy to receiving items from them. Otherwise, this is the only sense of branding you will see out of them. There is an obvious need for a redesign, and the youth of the company might be a hindrance for doing so. Adding a splash of colors, some quirky fonts, familiar imagery, and quick wit will help bring the website to par with its competitors.


The Blues Blues. Dull and boring blues. That is about the extent of the design that Perpetual Kid has placed both into its logo along with its website; both are in need of a major change. This is a company that is supposed to represent fun and amusement for one and all! Instead, they have taken on the faรงade of a generic drug representative. The first steps in creating a logo for Perpetual Kid was to choose a display font that could add a little more flare to their brand. I decided on HairProblems. I paired up the font with a heavy slab serif to help ground it. Along with the exploration of fonts, I also tried to create a mascot for the team using a rubber finger puppet. 4

The Current Perpetual Kid Logo


First Iterations Part 1



First Iterations Part 2


Change it Up Unfortunately, with these designs, I was doing what I had previously done when designing for Josie. I was trying to add a little too much from the beginning, and it ended up being paired down to a simplified version of the first iterations. I had also dropped the idea of using the finger puppets as a mascot, due to the fact that Perpetual Kid does not own rights to their appearance. Instead, I created a little character that consisted of pieces of the HairProblems font. When deciding colors, it was a matter of choosing bright, vibrant colors. A pattern was also created through the use of the box-like shape from a previous iteration of the logo. The pattern, to me, looks like building blocks, or something toy-like, which I found as an appropriate texture to apply to the brand.


Perpetual Kid Pattern Design


Second Iteration

Mascot Character


Second Iterations Part 1 Stationary Packaging Part 1

Pulling the Brand Together When finalizing the brand, there was a reconsideration of the importance of the mascot. It was fun, but lacked in any appropriate reason for being there. It was at this time that I had to make the decision to create a mean little creature. My reason being was that he was representation of the unsatisfied “inner child� that perpetual kid trying to tame. It was this minute correction that really brought together the brand. This was further supported with asterisks commonly placed along different pieces of Perpetual Kid branded products, each of which would provide quirky advice or silly instructions.

Stationary Packaging Part 2



Third Iterations

entertain your inner child

Updated Stationary Packaging Part 1

Johnny Awesome 123.456.7890


is chil you inner unhapp

Johnny Awesome 123.456.7890

is you inner chil unhapp

perpetua lki 123 Some R andom Adress Somewher e, AB 12345



Feel free to use their DNA to clone some mor

e awesome into this world


Updated Stationary Packaging Part 2

perpetua lki

Read and reread. If you still don’t understand, that is your problem, not ours.


The Brand in Use

Consider the Process Up to this point, it almost seems clear that my process consists of the following steps: Over design, simplify, simply further. While I am unsure as to how productive this process is, I have recognized that it is the manner in which I work, and the products that I have created have been ones I’ve been satisfied with.



The Final Logo


451 Design 2013

Process Book 451 Pt 2  

Process for Perpetual Kid Branding

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