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You will have to pay the total amount of the program fees before the start of the program. Below, please refer to account information for deposits.

The weather in Zamorano is generally warm: Daily temperature 80 – 87° F

Or you can bring a check, made payable to Escuela Agrícola Panamericana for you to deposit when you arrive on campus.


International Program and Placement Office

Moderate night temperatures 70 - 77° F Humid during June and July. It typically rains almost every day during the month of June. The duration of the daily precipitation may be only several minutes.

CITIBANK ACCOUNT No. 36233711 IBAN No.021000089 CITIUS33 111 Wall Street

General Information

New York, NY 10043 U.S.A. Tel. (813) 604 - 7055 Attention: Maria Wagner

Contacts Rosa Amada Zelaya Tel. (504) 2287-2000, 2776-6140, ext. 2136 Cell phone (504) 9893-9600

PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK ACOUNT No. 110100506 IBAN No.066-011-350 1390 Brickell Avenue

Alejandra Rivas Tel. (594) 2287-2000, ext.2133 Cell phone (504) 9576-0162

5th. Floor Miami, FL 33133-3324 U.S.A. Tel. (305) 539-7535 Fax (305) 539-7551/7600 Attention: Luciana Larrea


P.O. Box 93 Tegucigalpa, Honduras Central America

“Our institutional programs respond to the main challenges facing Latin America: the sustainable management of natural resources, environmental conservation, global competitiveness, and rural transformation to reduce poverty”

Please visit our web site at

Excellence is born from experience!

General Information Studying at Zamorano provides a rich and rewarding cultural experience; opportunities to learn Spanish, and develop skills and contacts useful in your professional careers. During your time on campus you will interact and develop friendships with many of our students selected from more than 15 different countries from throughout Latin America. You will also have ample opportunity to learn from our very capable and international faculty. We hope to make your participation in the Exchange Program a pleasant and rewarding experience!

Code of Conduct and Living Circumstances As an exchange student you will be residing in our on-campus, student dorms and will, therefore, have to conform to Zamorano´s code of conduct and personal grooming standards, just as our regular students do. Here are a few pointers: • “Clean cut” look and attire. Men: short hair, no beards or mustaches, no facial piercings. Women: hair tied in a ponytail while in classes and/or modules, no open-toed shoes or sandals, no facial piercings. • Dorms are single sex, and no night visitors are allowed. • Responsible for cleaning your room *Refer to the Reglamento for detailed information.

Visa and Immigration

Tips and useful information

At your arrival, you will have to go through immigration. You will have the opportunity to stay in Honduras for a maximum of 90 days. If your stay exceeds the number of allowed days in the country, you will have to pay $20 to extend your stay and fill out a form for this extension. These transactions will be coordinated through the Dean of Students Office and the Legal Office.

• Bring comfortable, wash-and-wear clothing and shoes. Your blue jeans should be in good of holes! • Bring a couple dressier outfits for special occasions or outings • You will be provided with several work shirts and rubber boots upon your arrival • US dollars can be exchanged for Lempiras (local currency) at the airport in Tegucigalpa or at a commercial bank located on our campus.

Other Resources • Wi-Fi campus • 24/7 medical attention • Professional counseling • Local transportation • Private Security Company to monitor the campus 24/7 • Laundry service

IPPO - General Information  

General information brochure of the International Program Office at Zamorano University

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