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Rikvin Explains Why You Should Setup a Singapore Company Now November 12, 2010 - As globalization continues to characterize the way an economy should be nurtured, Singapore perpetuates its reputation being the world’s best financial hub since its independence from British’s colonial power. Such is of particular truth as many of the financially-endowed businessmen in Europe are now making a business exodus, heading towards Asia, specifically to the island-state, where concepts of skyscrapers are not limited to constructing a large boat on top of three skyscrapers to express an affiliation and where a nation’s proud emblem constitutes the mighty lion for a head and a wading fish tail. Even in the neighbouring Asia, many tried their knack on a business in this powerful region; and they were never disappointed. To gain understanding on why Singapore’s flyers and temples such as Sri Mariamman are an attraction to people of diverse career and cultural background, Rikvin has been invited to indulge media and those who were present. “Singapore does not waver in its anchor in the international market,” says a business consultant of Rikvin in its opening statement, “its location is strategic to make east meets west and vice-versa, making it a perfect haven for business-inclined minds.” “The Port of Singapore, with its huge size and high market volume has earned a slot in the world’s largest ports, paving the way for business-minded individuals to trade across borders, and thereby classifying the port as a premier international maritime center.” Even its aviation technology and capacity, Rikvin proclaimed the city-state’s impressive 7-hour flight radius, enabling more than 2.8 billion people to interact, “the daily international flights from 80 airlines carry more than 15 million people to 50 countries and 180 cities a year.” The environment in Singapore is pro-business with its stable political system, strong national defense ability, and unfaltering economy foothold. Being in the industry since 1998, Rikvin, a firm that devotes its existence to serving investors as they explore business opportunities in Asia’s prolific melting pot is quoted saying, “our state’s first ranking on 2011 Ease of Doing Business for possessing the easiest place to do business for 5 consecutive years is evident that anybody can turn one’s idea into a profitable undertaking.” In Singapore, the path for obtaining a financial assistance for businessmen is not unconquerable. To help improve a company’s efficiency and strengthen its capabilities, local authorities established several programs such as equity financing, grants, tax incentives, and loans. “There are programs that focus on business aspirants that want to start a company or local enterprise,” remarked the representative of the corporate solution provider based in Singapore, aware that he had the undivided attention of everyone. “Large global multi-national corporations seeking to have their Asian region based in Singapore can also avail a specialized financial assistance,” exclaimed Rikvin in continuation. In conclusion, Rikvin phrased its final statement with an objective of cultivating a lasting good impression on its audience, saying, “Singapore protects Intellectual Property with much conviction, gaining a high ranking on surveys conducted by the World Economic Forum, Institute for Management Development, and the Political Economic Risk Consultancy.” Finally, because it is a signatory to several major IP conventions and treaties like Paris Convention, Berne Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Budapest Treaty, Madrid Protocol, World Intellectual Property Organization, and Agreement on Trade-related aspects of IP rights, Singapore, boasting the title of the world’s cleanest city can file for a global trademark registration direct from its premise.

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Rikvin Explains Why You Should Setup a Singapore Company Now  
Rikvin Explains Why You Should Setup a Singapore Company Now  

In Singapore, the path for obtaining a financial assistance for businessmen is not unconquerable. To help improve a company’s efficiency and...