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Rikvin Proffers Singapore Company Registration Services June 30, 2011 ­ Singapore continues to be the best place visited for investments, especially for  business with the city­state’s appealing entrepreneurial countryside. Investors from Asia Pacific  flock to Singapore to do enterprise. “Businessmen   can   choose   a   private   limited   company   or   limited   liability   partnership.   Single  individuals can also enlist in sole proprietorship or if there are two persons, they can form a  partnership,” comments Rikvin. Both   the  private   limited   company  and  limited   liability   partnership  are   dressed   with   a   legal  character. Therefore, the shareholders in a private limited company and the partners in a limited  liability partnership are defended from economic liability. “In   a   private   limited,   the   shareholders   and   directors   do   not   have   liabilities   after   their   paid  portions   of   supply   in   the   company,   while   the   partner   in   a   limited   liability   partnership   is  responsible   for   his   own   action   or   conclusion.   This   means   that   anything   unfavorable  consequences a colleague has due to his or her decision, they cannot affect all other partners,”  quips Rikvin. A   private   limited   company   is   constituted   by   a   resident   director,   shareholder,   and   company  secretary. The director can be a local or foreign national by obtaining work visas such as an  employment pass and Entrepreneur pass. A director can also be a nominee director supplied by  Rikvin Services. “Shareholders   who   desire   for   anonymity   may   engage   our   nominee   shareholder   services,”  chimes Rikvin. In a limited liability partnership, a minimum of two partners whether individuals or enterprise  entities can list.  “Foreign­owned limited liability partnerships must have a local manager to run the business,”  states Rikvin. Moving   on,   both   the   sole   proprietorship   and   partnership   are   not   regarded   a  lawful   entity   in  Singapore.  “On the bright side however, the sole proprietors and partners have flexibility in running the  enterprise. They maintain full command over the enterprise and revenues,” shares Rikvin. About the Publisher: Rikvin offers business solutions for either local and foreign investors or entrepreneurs. One of  its   specialties   is   Singapore   Company   Incorporation.   The   company   has   successfully   help  hundreds of foreign individuals form a Singapore company. Rikvin has effectively facilitated both 

non­resident and resident financiers build business firms in Singapore. Incoming calls in our  phones are answered by live persons and not by an answering machine.   We recognize the  importance   of   your   time   and   we   are   aware   that   technology   cannot   replace   a   person   most  especially, when we need to make vital business moves. Rikvin PTE LTD 20 Cecil Street, #14­01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705 Main Lines: (65) 6438 8887 Fax: (65) 6438 2436 Email:     Website: 

Rikvin Proffers Singapore Company Registration Services  

On the bright side however, the sole proprietors and partners have flexibility in running the enterprise. They maintain full command over th...

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