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A Registered Singapore Office Address Provided by Rikvin

July 23, 2011 - In Singapore, a business, will uphold a physical address and the identical address will be listed with ACRA as part of fulfilling the requirement. Upon registration, local addresses have to meet certain requirements defined by Singapore Companies Act. Singapore sustains a clear policy on this facet. Consider what Rikvin has to utter. “Residential or commercial address may specify to register for certified enterprise address,” says Rikvin. To be qualified to list for an enterprise, a residential address should, according to Rikvin, “be given with a permission required previously from the Housing and Development Board [HDB] or Urban Development Authority [UDA]” whichever may appear applicable. It will never be a Postal Office Box as such is not valid. Foreign businesses that cannot instantly find a fitting physical location to support their company in Singapore may hire the services of Rikvin. Rikvin, being an enterprise consultant for two decades admits that clients approached them to avail, particularly, the businessaddressto list with ACRA. “The businessaddresswe provide is suitable to show on their businesscards, letterheads, and any other official documents and components use in business.” Included in such service are mail notification, mail forwarding, dedicated phone line, and dedicated fax to e-mail. “Businessmen find it handy that they’d be notified through an e-mail of any obtained post mail or parcel simultaneously with the details of the sender,” Rikvin comments of the mail notification feature. Should businessmen choose for mail forwarding, Rikvin is swift to elucidate that it can be arranged as per directions of their clients. Apart from postal mails, parcels and courier merchandises are also included in the service. On the other hand, “a deposit of S$100 is required to compensate the forwarding charges,” Rikvin includes. Upon the demand of clients, Rikvin may also provide a unique local phone number for the company with trained employees to hold all calls using the said telephone number. It can even be redirected to another phone number as specified by clients. From fax to e-mail, Rikvin Services also feature the forwarding of a fax document to an e-mail; so regardless of the location, businessmen will not ever overlook a transaction or data. Rikvin Services dedicates its assets, employees, knowledge and skills in helping investors develop their enterprise in Singapore. “While our clients are getting bigger, our company expands as well,” finishes Rikvin.

About the Publisher: Rikvin offers business solutions for either local and foreign investors or entrepreneurs. One of its specialties is Singapore Company Registration. The company has successfully help hundreds of foreign

individuals form a Singapore company. Rikvin has effectively facilitated both non-resident and resident financiers build business firms in Singapore. Incoming calls in our phones are answered by live persons and not by an answering machine. We recognize the importance of your time and we are aware that technology cannot replace a person most especially, when we need to make vital businessmoves.

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A Registered Singapore Office Address Provided by Rikvin  

Rikvin Services dedicates its assets, employees, knowledge and skills in helping investors develop their enterprise in Singapore. “While our...