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Asiabizservices Provides Free Singapore Business Name Availability Check

January 27, 2011 - Asiabiz offers investors the name availability check service to kick-start the registration of a business in Singapore. ACRA, the body governing the business organizations is bound by laws such as Companies Act, Partnership Act, Limited Liability Act, and Business Registration Act in carrying out its function. Before a company is registered for operations, it must ensure it has a unique name to be identified by its clients. “A unique name for a company is such that there is no other business entity in the vicinity that could be associated with that name,” illuminates Asiabiz. Also included in the ‘unique name’ clause is the absence of incidences such as being filed for a complaint regarding similarities in name and being mistaken for another company, in which case, the court shall issue an order to a certain company to change its name. In continuation with the approval of a business name, ACRAshall also ascertain and make certain that no businessshall carry a name that infringes trademarks, morals, and laws. Investors may find the service of Asiabiz most convenient. Asiabiz comments on its Free Singapore Company Name Availability Check Service: “We urge investors to visit our website and fill-up an online application providing us information such as their e-mail addressand two possible businessnames.” After a few hours, Asiabiz shall inform the investor via an e-mail about the status of each proposed business name. If, by chance, the two names are unavailable, the service can be availed unlimited. All the investors have to do is visit the site again and submit another online application. If, any or both names are ready, Asiabiz extends its specialization skills in assisting investors, particularly foreign, in registering a company. Asiabiz is always a step ahead of others in providing premium business solutions. It has innovated services to individually meet the needs of each investor. Among others, it offers nominee services for a shareholder, a resident director, and an agent; and accounting services including bookkeeping, payroll management, and drafting of financial statements. For compliance with other requirements, Asiabiz has ready resources to help investors in accomplishing every step of the process.

About the Publisher: Asiabizservices offers one-stop business solutions to companies, particularly, those that are managed and owned by foreign investors. Since its inception, Asiabizservices has successfully helped foreign entrepreneurs form a Singapore company. Among its specializations are Singapore company setup, corporate services, accounting services, nominee services, company registration, whether as a sole proprietorship, private limited, limited liability partnership; offshore company formation, incorporation of foreign companies either as a branch or subsidiary office, accounting services including payroll preparation and more.

Asiabizservices is the leading provider of Singapore Company Incorporation services and has successfully helped thousands of both local and foreign entrepreneurs incorporate a Singapore Company. It also provides chartered secretarial services.

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Asiabizservices Provides Free Singapore Business Name Availability Check  

"A unique name for a company is such that there is no other business entity in the vicinity that could be associated with that name."