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SUNDAY JULY 8, 2012 EDITION LOCAL Boy Struck and Killed by Train in Wentzville

HOLLYWOOD How Hollywood Royalty Got Out of Speeding Tickets

MISSOURI Missouri Police Officer Accused of Trading No Arrest For Sex

EDITORIAL Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

Children Killed While Swimming at Lake of the Ozarks Page 3

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Wentzville Hometown News

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Boy Struck and Killed by Train Wentzville Board Approves Financial Incentives for GM in Wentzville structed in annual phases, with the Street in Wentzville about 9:45 Expansion last phase expected to occur in a.m. Sunday when he was hit by a

Mitchell Maserang, 15, was struck and killed by a train in Wentzville on Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mitchell, who was going to be a sophomore at Fox High School in Arnold, was wearing earbuds and crossing railroad tracks near Main

Police Officer Accused of Trading no Arrest for Sex

A 47-year-old Kansas City police officer has been charged with corruption after prosecutors say he demanded two women have

Norfolk Southern freight train.He was visiting his father and stepmother, and had been walking from their home in Wentzville to the town’s flea market. He was going to buy some Hot Wheels cars to add to his collection — he had thousands of them. “He was the only 15-year-old I know who would strike up a conversation with an adult and carry on a whole conversation,” said an uncle, Chris Kaiser of Overland. “He was a pure soul.” The accident is the second recent fatality in the region involving a teen walking along train tracks. sex with him in exchange for not arresting them. Jeffrey Holmes was released on $75,000 bond Tuesday after being charged with two counts of acceding to corruption by a public servant. The police department says Holmes has been suspended without pay. He has been on the force for 13 years. Prosecutors say Holmes had sex with the women at different motels in March and April in exchange for not arresting them. One of the women told police she was working as a prostitute. The other said she had outstanding warrants and marijuana in her motel room when she met Holmes. Holmes’ lawyer, Kevin Regan, didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

Wentzville—At its June 27 Board of Aldermen meeting, Wentzville’s Board approved an ordinance authorizing the city to provide financial incentives to help General Motors (GM) construct a 500,000square-foot expansion of GM’s Wentzville Assembly Plant, but the final total of the incentives GM will receive depends on the number of jobs the auto manufacturer adds at the Wentzville plant. The planned expansion at the plant will include a new production line for the Chevrolet Colorado mid-size pickup, and could add as many as 2,000 new jobs to the existing 1,300 jobs already present at the plant. GM is expected to invest $300,000,000 in the project. To help GM finance the project, the city has agreed to provide GM with two primary incentives: a sales-tax exemption that will allow GM to purchase construction materials for the project free of sales tax, and a partial property-tax abatement, which will exempt GM from paying up to 75 percent of the property taxes it would have otherwise had to pay on the expansion and new equipment purchased as a part of the project. The project will be con-

2016. Tax abatement for each phase will last for a period of ten years. To help ensure the city does not provide full incentives without receiving the expected benefits, the amount of property tax GM will have to pay is tied to the number of jobs retained and created by the project. If there are at least 3,300 jobs at the plant beginning in 2014, GM will pay 25 percent of the property tax amount, thus receiving the full 75 percent tax exemption. If the number of jobs is less than 3,300, GM will pay a higher percentage of the property tax amount. GM’s payments in lieu of taxes are based on a sliding scale to ensure that if fewer jobs than expected are provided at the plant, GM will get less tax abatement. Wentzville’s elected officials feel General Motors’ expansion of the Wentzville Assembly Plant brings both GM and Wentzville a significant step forward in providing more jobs and enhanced economic stabilization to Wentzville and surrounding communities. Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione expressed his support for the Board’s action and GM’s expansion plans. “The Board’s approval represents another significant step forward for the city of Wentzville and for the region,” said Guccione. “At a time when many areas are struggling with stagnant job markets, this partnership between GM and Wentzville creates the opportunity for tremendous growth in employment opportunities in the coming years.”

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Wentzville Hometown News

Children Killed While Swimming at Lake of the Ozarks

Two children from Ashland are dead on this Independence Day after an incident at the Lake of the Ozarks. At about 12:05 p.m., a girl, 13, and her brother, 8, were swimming near the 6.5 mile marker in the Gravois Arm of the lake when they were electrocuted. Investigators with the Highway Patrol are still trying to figure out the source of the electricity. Several adults at the scene were able to get the children out of the water and perform CPR until medical personnel arrived. Crews took them to Lake Regional Hospital were doctors pronounced them dead. The Highway Patrol continues to investigate their deaths. Update: Wednesday, July 4th at 6:58 p.m.:

While troopers are still investigating the cause, a spokesman with the Highway Patrol told KRCG 13 he knows of one possibility. “Well, I know they’ve got several docks there with slides they go down and pumps that pump water onto the slides,” Sgt. Paul Reinsch said. “That could be a possibility.” Reinsch said adults who jumped into the water to rescue the children reported feeling a strange sensation.

Copperhead Kills Missouri Man

Conservation officials say a southeast Missouri man who died after being bitten by a snake last weekend is only the state’s second fatality resulting from a copperhead bite.

Fifty-year-old Terry Brown of Ellsinore died Sunday in Poplar Bluff after being bitten on the thumb by the snake in his family’s tent along the Current River. Reports say Brown was trying to get the snake out of the tent Saturday when he was bitten, and was unconscious within 15 minutes. Missouri Department of Conservation herpetologist says a death in the Kansas City area in 1965 is the only other time a person died in Missouri from a copperhead bite.

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How Hollywood Royalty got out of Speeding Tickets

They are a revealing insight into an innocent abuse of power together with the allure of celebrity. When traffic policeman Roy Garrett patrolled Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard during the 50s and 60s on his Harley Davidson motorbike he would regularly pull over the great and good of the movie world. However, despite his ability to track down stars flouting the rules of the road, he was less keen to penalise them. Instead, the stars of Hollywood would give the cop signed photographs in exchange for him letting them off speeding tickets. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Jimmy Stewart thought they were headed for trouble when the career policeman sauntered up to their side window. But as soon as officer Garrett realised who the driver was he routinely ignored their misdemeanors in return for the pictures. Monroe signed her print: ‘To Roy, love and kisses. Thanks for keeping me of the clink.’ Dean Martin wrote: ‘To Roy, my new friend and pal.’ During his career, the late Mr Garrett built up a large ‘rogue’s gallery’ of movie stars from the halcyon days of the silver screen. His daughters, Shirley Brown and Donna Myers, have now decided to sell the images at auction following the recent death of their mother Lorene. ‘He had a good gig going and had the same Modus Operandi for years. ‘He would have some reason to stop these stars of Hollywood’s golden era on places like Sunset Boulevard, like for speeding or running a red light of offering to let them off a ticket in return for a signed photo of them. ‘He kept the photos for the rest of his life and the Marilyn Monroe one is a real gem. ‘She only signed photos for people she knew and not to random strangers. Because of this they aren’t that common at all. ‘She was the most famous movie star at the time and although she had her own driver she still used to drive herself. ‘She gave Roy the photo in 1956 and at the time she owned a Cadillac.’ She said: ‘I don’t know if my father showed these photos around the police station but he used to tell us how he got them. ‘He kept them in a drawer in the bedroom but he showed them to people who visited the house. ‘Most of the stars were from the 1950s and I’m sure a lot of people now wouldn’t know who these wonderful actors and actresses are. ‘The Marilyn Monroe one is a bit special. I think she used to get her secretary to arrange her signed photos but this one she did herself. The auction takes place on July 27.

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Wentzville Hometown News

Pike-Lincoln Tech Center Student Places in the Top 50% at National Skills Contest

Steve Love is shown trouble-shooting on a Caterpillar skid steer in the Diesel Equipment Contest at the National Skills USA Competition in Kansas City.

Steven Love, graduate of Louisiana High School and PikeLincoln Technical Center, recently placed 18th out of 40 teams in the Diesel Equipment Technology competition at the National Skills and Leadership Competition in Kansas City. Over 16,000 people attended the National Competition with over 6,000 students competing. The contest stations occupied the area of over 16 football fields. Steven competed in 14 different skills challenges during an 8 hour period. The challenges included: Precision Measurements, Engine Diagnostics, Electrical Systems, General Shop Skills, Chassis, Transmission Technology, Drive Axles, Job Interview Skills, Hydraulics Systems, Vehicle Inspection, Failure Analysis, Braking Systems, Operator Environment, and Auto Service Excellence. The competitions were judged by diesel technology professionals from Caterpillar, Inc.; Cummins, Inc.; John Deere, Detroit Diesel Corporation; United Parcel Services; Ohio Technical College; Navistar; Eaton Corporation; Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems, LLC.; MHCKenworth; Travel Centers of America/Petro Lube; Tognum America, Inc.; FedEx Freight, and ASE (Auto Service Excellence). Steve earned first place in the hands-on Diesel Equipment Technology State contest held at Linn State Technical College this Spring and earned the honor to compete at

Steven Love is shown reviewing a technical diagram in the Diesel Equipment Contest at the National Skills USA Competition in Kansas City.

the National Level. Steven is the son of Jeri Love and Curtis Love of Louisiana. Steven’s instructor for the Diesel Technology program is Mr. Charles “Buzz” Mendonsa. Mr. Mendonsa attended the National contest and served on the Courtesy Corp and assisted the Skills USA organization in conducting the competition. SkillsUSA is a national organization serving trade, industrial, technical, and health occupations students in public high schools, career and technical centers, and two year colleges. SkillsUSA has more the 250,000 student and professional members annually, organized into more than 13,000 chapters in 50 states and three territorial associations including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. SkillsUSA provides quality educational experiences for its members in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development. It builds self confidence, work attitudes, and communication skills. It emphasizes total quality at work, high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education, and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free enterprise system and involvement in community service activities. More than 1,000 trades associations and labor unions actively support SkillsUSA through financial aid, in kind contributions, and involve

ment of their people in SkillsUSA activities. Pike-Lincoln Technical Center (PLTC) offers community residents the opportunity to learn specialized skills and knowledge in nine unique programs: Administrative Business Technology, Auto Collision, Auto Services, Computers and Networking, Digital Design, Health Sciences, Practical Nursing, Welding, and Diesel Technology.

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In addition, several short term Health Sciences, Practical Nursing, Welding, and Diesel Technology. In addition, several short term Health Courses are offered. These include: Phlebotomy, EMT-Basic, and Paramedic. For more information contact Pike-Lincoln Technical Center at 573-485-2900 or by visiting while at the National Skills USA Competition in Kansas City.

Missouri, Tennessee Lake Electrocutions Kill 3 Children The Fourth of July turned deadly after three children died in two separate electrocution incidents in Missouri and Tennessee. Alexandra Anderson, 13, and brother Brayden, 8, were killed while swimming near a private dock in the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri around noon Wednesday. Adults standing on a dock heard screaming and jumped in. Police say those who jumped in felt electricity and cut off power to the dock. The adults immediately began CPR, but it was too late. Sgt. Paul Reinsch of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said the electricity could have come from any number of sources. “Obviously, the lights, lots of times, they have slides and they have pumps that pump water onto those slides so the children can use them,” Reinsch said. “There’s a lot of reasons electricity is on that dock.” Braden Dement, who went to school with the Andersons, said, “I’m really saddened. It’s terrible.” Alyssa Dement, a classmate of Brayden’s, added, “He had all these crazy things in him. He was just so funny.” Two hours later, at Cherokee Lake outside Knoxville, Tenn., a 10year-old was killed and another boy was seriously injured in an eerily similar incident. “Someone started hollering the kids are getting electrocuted,” witness Betty Hamilton said. Other witnesses said the boys had been swimming from one house boat to another when they suddenly cried for help. “We believe that somehow or another, the electricity at this point got into the metal of the boat, and when the children touched the metal ladder to get in, that’s when the electrocution occurred,” Grangier County Sheriff Scott Layel said. Witness Hamilton said, “People jumped into the water. My son and brother helped get the one little boy out. They gave him CPR and everything. I was comforting the parents the best I could.” Police say seven other people were also injured by the electricity in Cherokee Lake — four adults and three children — and were taken to area hospitals for medical attention. “A lot of good people trying to help. And, you know, that’s really admirable for somebody to put their life on the line, to attempt to try to save someone,” Sheriff Layel said. “That’s, that’s very commendable.” Police in Missouri and Tennessee say they are still unsure what energized the lakes. “Electricity can’t be seen at all and the children don’t have any experience with electricity either in the water or out of the water to be able to anticipate its presence there,” electrical engineer Peter Coste said.

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Wentzville Hometown News

Phoenix Mother Elderly Ohio Woman Dies Hours After Obama Eats at Her Restaurant Accused of Putting Beer in Carney said aboard Air Force One at the end of a two-day campaign Son’s Sippy Cup swing through the election battle-

A 36-year-old Phoenix mother has been charged with child abuse for allegedly pouring beer into her 2-year-old son’s sippy cup, according to news reports. Police say a waitress at Peter Piper Pizza reported that Valerie Marie Topete poured beer in her son’s cup Tuesday evening and that he drank some, the Arizona Republic reports. She told officers he “kept reaching” for the pitcher of beer. Police said she also left the boy alone at one point. The Republic, published by USA TODAY’s parent, Gannett, writes that the boy’s father and his two siblings, ages 4 and 8, were also at the restaurant. but doesn’t indicate where. The 2-year-old was taken to a hospital as a precaution and released to his father.

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE The elderly owner of an Ohio restaurant where President Barack Obama ate breakfast on Friday died of natural causes just hours after meeting him. Josephine “Ann” Harris, 70, owner of Ann’s Place, where Obama was served eggs, bacon, toast and grits, died at a hospital in Akron, Ohio. The president called her daughter from Air Force One to express his condolences. A hospital spokesman said Harris had complained of fatigue and a tingling feeling. White House press secretary Jay Carney said Harris apparently had not been well and was believed to have had a heart attack. The Summit County medical examiner’s office said Harris died of natural causes. Hospital spokesman Jim Gorsky said she died five hours after Obama’s visit. “The president expressed his sorrow,”

ground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. “Very sad event. He was very honored to meet her this morning and passed on his feelings that the whole family is in his thoughts and prayers,” he said. Harris’s encounter with Obama took place outside her diner, where the president ordered two eggs, over medium, with bacon and wheat toast and accepted a waitress’ offer of grits. Harris, a great-grandmother, hugged Obama and posed with him for photographs, local media said. “I’m sure this was her highlight,” Harris’ sister, Frankie Adkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma, told the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper. Obama was finishing up a campaign bus tour during which he visited several restaurants to dine and talk with the locals.

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4th Annual Newburg Childrens Museum Christamas Craft Bazaar November 17, 2012, 9am-3pm Eugene Northern Community Bldg olla,Missouri Bldg.. R Rolla,Missouri Kevin Olsen 573-529-2887

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Wentzville Hometown News

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How to Cure White Spots on Skin Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

The medical term for white spots on skin is vitiligo or leucoderma. It’s a skin disease in which the skin loses its color due to some genetic or environmental causes. The white spots appear as patches of white skin without pigment. White spots on skin are common in people who suffer from autoimmune diseases. One of these diseases is adrenocortical insufficiency. The adrenal gland is responsible for producing a hormone called corticosteroid. This disease occurs when there is a deficiency of this hormone in our body. Because of this reason the most common treatment as suggested by doctors for vitiligo is corticosteroid cream. Another treatment for the cure of white spots on skin is exposure to sunlight for long durations of time or artificial phototherapy. Cells that are responsible for pigmentation become active when the skin if exposed to light. Melanocytes are cells located in the skin that cause pigmentation. A recent advancement in the medical science has made it possible to transplant these cells from some other part of the body to the affected skin area. As a result of this transplantation vitiligo or white spots on skin can be completely cured. Cosmetics can also be used to cover up the white spots. However, a medical treatment should be employed to control the disease as it may become widespread and uncontrollable. It should also be known that since this disease is inherited, it cannot be prevented. Because of this reason, a good and effective treatment is required in order to avoid psychological effects, frustration and embarrassment. There are some other skin conditions or disorders in which the skin loses its color and becomes either of lighter or darker shade. Before using any of the treatments for vitiligo it is better to consult a dermatologist and confirm the symptoms. Most of the time only topical treatments are suggested by doctors for skin disorders including vitiligo, acne and eczema. However, some oral pills may also be prescribed if the condition is severe.

Diabetes is classified into two major groups - type 1 and type 2. People, who have type 1 diabetes, have damaged pancreatic cells, thus, their bodies fail to naturally produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes develops when pancreatic cells fail to produce adequate amount of insulin due to the production of anti-diuretic hormone in the body. Symptoms of diabetes in men depend on the diabetes type that has affected them. Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes in Men include: • Increased thirst leading to increased frequency and volume of urination. • Frequent hunger pangs over a short period of time. • In spite of increased food intake, there may be noticeable weight loss. • Type 1 diabetics may experience unexplained fatigue and tiredness. • Nausea and vomiting due to inability of storing fluids. • Persistent headaches. • Confusions in actions and decisions. • In a severe condition, bed-wetting becomes a major concern. • Feeling of tingling in feet. • Blurred vision. • Flushed face and fruity breath odour. • Type 1 diabetes in men can lead to erectile dysfunction which means impotency. Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes in Men Sometimes, development of type 2 diabetes is asymptomatic. Almost one-third of type 2 diabetics are unaware about their condition. If this type of diabetes presents symptoms, few of them can be identical to signs of type 1 diabetes. Apart from the common symptoms, type 2 diabetes presents certain specific symptoms. Some of these Symptoms of Diabetes in Men include: (Next Page)

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Wentzville Hometown News

• Vision problems, such as blurred vision and reduced eyesight. • Irritation and itching around genital parts, especially around the groin. • Type 2 diabetic men may experience sudden increase in weight. • Repercussions of diabetic condition may result in impotency. • Sensation of numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. • Type 2 diabetics are prone to yeast infection. • Type 2 diabetic may witness dark spots on the skin, especially around the neck or under the arms. These dark velvety spots are prominent signs of insulin resistance. Common Symptoms in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes • Increased thirst • Increased hunger pangs. • Frequent urination. • Unexplained weight loss despite increased eating. • Blurred vision. • Headaches. In case you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, immediately seek medical guidance to diagnose diabetes and prevent its complications. Timely treatment of this condition, right diet and proper exercise regime will help you to manage type 2 diabetes and help you lead a normal life.

Eat Healthy Lose Weight In The Best Way Possible by: Jolanda Toscani

You are probably wondering what the best way to lose some weight is, and probably you have tried some or many of them. So here is one I have found which got interested me so much. I would like to share with you some interesting facts I have stepped upon in it I and would like you to spread the word about it, too. I think this programme really deserves it. But, let me start from the beginning when I borrowed a diet program from my friend to see

what it is all about. Is it like many others lose weight programs because we are rather overwhelmed with them, or is there something new in it? And then, only thing I was able to say waswow! I began to read with the sense of scepticism because a person in these days do not know who to trust anymore because there are so many different information regarding everything and especially food. And by so many so called gurus

and specialists many diets of different types which promise miracles in a very short time, you simply do not know who to turn to and ask for piece of real advice. Without ulterior motives. So can you imagine me, experienced dieter, in my sofa, reading manual of this diet program to lose weight like it was some interesting crime story? Because in fact it was. There were bad guys who were claiming some things regarding food and the good one who was fighting against them. But sadly, it was a reality, the real world. I was wondering why they are hiding the truth from us. Because it suits them, because food and food products means a lot of money so it is good for them to make us fat and to use many medicals for weight loss after gaining some or many pounds. But, the question is -why I really appreciate the good one from the story, who is actually a woman? Because she was brave enough to tell and reveal us some hidden truth and facts about the food. The facts that are so simple, the facts about what the real and good foods for our body. Only the raw truth made simple with easy step by step to follow. But, let me ask you some ques For example, do you know that milk we buy isn’t very good for our health although many say it is? Do you know that soya in some form isn’t good for our health as well? Do you know that the number of overweight people has increased after we started avoiding fats? Do you know that some fats are actually quite good for us? Do you know that we can eat whole eggs and meat? Do you know what with we can substitute the sugar-our enemy number one? Do you know that we need to add some salt in our meals to be healthy? Do you know that important is calorie source and not just calories

Page 8 per serving? Do you know how valuable organic food is? Do you know that genetically speaking, humans still have the bodies of cavemen? Do you know that most types of bread are not good for us? For example, do you know that milk we buy isn’t very good for our health although many say it is?

Eating healthy while pregnant is very important from the very first months.

Strange, isn’t it? Do I see a question mark in your eyes? Well, famous American nutritionist explains it all and even more. She explains the reasons why we are overweight and what the solution is! Well, it is rather simple one we should eat healthy to lose weight. And how? Very simply, by following only three principles in this diet food plan, by knowing which food is good, which is the best for us and which food we should avoid? Furthermore, very important is to believe in yourself, to encourage yourself because you are your mind. Setting goals and your persistence above all will help you in your way to success. And it is only up to you to decide about your health and your entire life, which paths will you chose. It is best to start now. Please, for your sake, your family and particularly children get to know some unknown facts about food and let yourself regain your ideal health and above all, live long, healthy and prosperous life with the helping hand of weight loss diet food. You will be amazed.


Wentzville Hometown News

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For Our 55+ Readers Fun Activities for Senior Citizens

Tai Chi. • Photography: Digital cameras are remarkably easy and offer instant gratification. Simply point, shoot, and see the picture. • Scavenger hunt: Set up a scavenger hunt with a friend or try geocaching. • Grow your food: Try your hand at gardening, but not just any old gardening—grow your food. It gets you outside, you know exactly where your food came from, and it’s good for the environment too. • Rent a kayak: If you love an adventure, try renting a kayak to explore the water. Some companies offer special trips and discounts for senior citizens.

Indoor Activities For Seniors

If you’re looking for some down time, or simply need something to do on a rainy day, try some of these indoor activities: •

Fun activities for senior citizens help you keep the good times rolling well into the golden years. Whether you’re a healthy retiree or a nursing home resident, there are activities that will suit your needs.

Fun Activities for Independent Seniors When looking for fun activities for seniors, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. An activity doesn’t have to be labeled “for seniors” to be enjoyable. Thinking through the things you love most or that you’ve always dreamed of doing will give you a good starting point in finding

• •

the best activities for your lifestyle.

Outdoor Activities

Enjoy fresh air and the wide blue sky? The sky’s the limit for active seniors! Before you embark on any new exercise regimens or physical activities, get your physician’s approval. • • •

Back to nature activities: Fishing, gardening, and hiking are fun activities at any age. While you’re at it, broaden your horizons and try birdwatching. Letterboxing: Never heard of letterboxing? It’s a fun outdoor activity that combines hiking and treasure hunting. Learn more about it at Letterboxing North America. Sports: If you have your doctor’s approval to play sports, break out the golf clubs, soccer ball, or tennis racket and get playing. You could join a senior league or simply play with friends at the local park, recreation center, or YMCA. Exercise: Although it may sound like more work than play, exercise can be great fun or amazing relaxation, depending on the type you choose. Try • water aerobics, walking, yoga, or

Scrapbooking: Gathering your photos and mementos together in one place is a fun walk down memory lane. Even better, it helps you organize your treasures. Journaling: Try writing your thoughts down in a book for • emotional therapy or as creative exercise. Who knows? You might even discover a hidden talent for writing. Maybe the next great American novel is hiding in your head! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner club: Gather a group of friends and meet on a regular basis for meals and good conversation. Jewelry making: Even if you’re a beginner, it’s easy and fun to string beads onto cord to make necklaces and bracelets. After you’ve mastered the basics, you can expand your skill set. Zumba Gold: If tap dancing isn’t your thing, but you still love dancing, sweating, and burning calories, try Zumba Gold. Zumba’s a high energy Latin-inspired dance workout, and the Gold variety was designed with seniors in mind. You can find these classes at gyms, community centers, and dance schools. Take a computer class at your local college or university: Find out what the big deal is with social networking, how to burn CDs, how to purchase the best computer, and more. Work on your memoir or learn to write poetry: You can locate how-to books at your local library or book store or enroll in a class that will teach you the basics and get you started. Enjoy a wine tasting: You may have always found yourself too busy to travel out to a vineyard to enjoy comparing wines, but now’s your chance. If you’re part of a couple, turn it into a romantic getaway by checking into a bed and breakfast. If you don’t want to travel, invite some friends over and have a wine tasting party of your own.

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Wentzville Hometown News

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Find Out How Your Business Can Be In The Spotlight. Call 314-258-412

Classic Travel and Cruises

Hometown Treasures

Classic Travel and Cruises offer a full service travel agency providing vacation planning and booking services for family, romantic, adult (including honeymoons, destination weddings, and travel groups!), corporate and leisure travel, cruises, and vacations, both domestic and international. Their travel services also include arranging for airline tickets, making reservations for resorts, hotels and rental cars, and event planning. Owners, Shelly Lowry and Harry Yeakey and their team of inhouse travel specialists, including Hannah Lowry, Connie Byrne, Christy Althage, Laura Mains, Glenn Phillips and Deb Smith, as well as several outside agents, opened the Classic Travel and Cruises Lake St. Louis, MO office as of December 6, 2010. They emphasize that they are not a new business, they are an established business with a new name. The owners and staff bring over 110 years of travel and vacation industry experience to the agency, and Shelly and Harry are very pleased to have them!

Hometown Treasures is a local Wentzville consignment and resale store. Opening for business on January 8, 2011 the business is a family owned and operated business with a wide selection of products. At Hometown Treasures one can find home furnishings, decor items, clothing, yard and garden products, toys, tools and so much more. When you visit this consignment store you will be amazed at the vast selection of inventory. If your looking for a sofa or maybe a dinette set, you can possibly find it here and at a price you can afford. Children grow out of their clothes so fast you can save money by purchasing gently used clothing at a very good deal. That also includes toys which we all know children break or get tired of so easily. Just this past March Hometown Treasure had expanded to almost twice its size to accommodate the ever ending increase in inventory. Also new product is always needed so bring in your unwanted furniture, decor, clothing or what ever you no longer need and make a few extra bucks by doing so. Hometown Treasure is located next door to Club Fitness in the Rural King Center. Tell them you found out about them in the Wentzville Hometown News or call them at (636) 327-7170.

Visit their office or give them a call

1313 Lake St. Louis Blvd. Lake St. Louis, MO 63367 636-625-8747

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Wentzville Church Expansion Under Construction & Near Completion

The Element Church located in the old Beltz Mall in Lake St. Louis has had growing pains for sometime. Their weekly worshipers has grown each week by leaps and bounds and we can understand why due to it’s Pastor and his teachings. Pastor Erik Lawson is quite the speaker. His teachings of the bible is taught in layman’s terms that everyone can understand. Element Church is a nondenominational church that welcomes all to attend at least once to see if this can become their church. Pastor Lawson’s sermons are interesting in a relaxed atmosphere. This church says come as you are, no fancy attire is needed to attend and ladies hats are far from required. The Sunday sermons at Element are casual and Pastor Erik always cracks jokes that attracts the attention of the audience. He makes going to church a great and fun filled experience. Pastor Erik has been overseeing the construction of his church expansion from start to near completion. Adding approximatley 33,000 more square footage to the present footage will give a total seating of about 1,000. Also there are new restrooms, common areas, coffee and lounge areas. There is also a comfort area for parents with young children with a live feed to wide screen tv monitors so these parents don’t miss a thing. Element Church also has eKids for the school age children to listen to the teaching of the church’s youth pastor. These children are always anxious to attend and each week they have the capabilities to meet new friend their age. So don’t pass up the chance to try Element Church one Sunday and see what all the HoopLa is about. You just might find out that this may be the church you have been looking for all these years. Be sure when you attend the first time to pick up your Welcome Bag with nice things inside. You don’t have to be a member to receive your free bag of goodies.

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Wentzville Hometown News

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream! No matter what the occasion - a child's birthday party, an elegant dinner or a casual family get-together -- ice cream is a wonderful treat that adds to the celebration. It can be served at the end to the meal, as a snack or even as the main attraction at parties. It’s no wonder that this popular and delicious dairy food deserves a month of special recognition. And in July, nothing turns down the sweltering heat like ice cream. Today's on-thego families are opting for simple dining ideas. The less time spent in the kitchen, the better. Ice cream is an easy and delicious solution. Over 90 percent of all households in the United States enjoy ice cream, and related frozen treats. Old favorites such as sundaes, root beer floats, banana splits, milkshakes, pie ala-mode, and ice cream cones are among the most popular and simplest choices. However, serving ideas for ice cream are only as limited as your imagination! There’s more good news about ice cream. It can be part of a healthy eating plan. There are so many varieties available, including light and low-fat versions. Not only does ice cream have great flavor, it provides nutrients such as calcium and protein, ranking it high on the nutrient ladder compared to empty calories desserts. Take time this month to enjoy National Ice Cream Month. Raise a frosty milkshake, ice cream cone or try one of the following recipes to celebrate the great taste of ice cream this July or throughout the summer.

Squeeze Freeze Ice Cream Ingredients: 1 tablespoon sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 cup whole milk* 1 tablespoon salt Ice, crushed or cubes By Ellen Wheeler, Nutrition Educator St. Louis District Dairy Council

Orange Creamsicles 2 cups (1 pint) vanilla ice cream, softened 1 can (6 ounces) frozen orange juice concentrate 1 carton (6 ounces) low-fat orange yogurt 6 5-ounce paper cups 6 wooden sticks

Cooking Directions: In a large bowl, mix softened ice cream, juice concentrate and yogurt, stirring until thoroughly blended. Pour into paper cups. Cover each cup with foil. Make a slit in foil with knife and insert stick into orange mixture. Freeze until hard (about 6 hours). Remove foil and paper cups to serve. Makes 6 servings

Nutrition Facts Calories : 175; Total Fat: 5 g; Calcium: 10% Daily Value; Protein: 5 g

Items: 1 small resealable plastic bag 1 large resealable plastic bag Directions: Put sugar, vanilla and milk in small plastic bag. Remove as much air from the bag as possible and seal properly. Put salt in large plastic bag. Place the small bag into the large plastic bag with the salt in it. Add 18-20 ice cubes or crushed ice to large bag. Remove as much air as possible from the large bag and seal properly. Knead the bag for approximately 10 minutes. When a soft ice cream is formed, take a spoon to eat the ice cream out of the bag.*It is important to use whole milk. Other types take too long to freeze. Salt is also very important. Without it the ice cream will not freeze. Nutrition Facts Calories: 140; Total Fat: 4g; Calcium: 10% Daily Value; Protein: 4g

Sky High Ice Cream Pie For the pie shell: 3 egg whites (room temperature) 1/4 teaspoon lemon extract 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar 1/8 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup sugar 1 baked 9-inch pie shell For the pie filling: 6 cups ice cream (lemon, vanilla or other flavor) 1 cup blueberries 1 cup raspberries 1 1/2 cup strawberry ice cream sauce (optional) For the pie shell: Heat oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. To make meringue, beat egg whites, lemon extract, cream of tarter and salt in a large bowl until soft peaks form.* Gradually add sugar, beating at high speed, until stiff peaks form. Spread meringue in pie shell, building up the sides. Bake until lightly browned and crisp, 60-70 minutes. Cool on wire rack. For the pie filling: At serving time, scoop ice cream into pie shell and sprinkle with berries. If choose, serve with strawberry sauce on the side. Makes 8 servings. Nutrition Facts Calories: 550; Total Fat: 19 g; Calcium: 10% Daily Value; Protein: 6g

St. Louis District Dairy Council 325 N. Kirkwood Rd, Suite 222 St. Louis MO 63122 Phone: (314) 835-9668 x 13 Fax: (314) 835-9969"Like" us on Facebook:

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USS Columbus To Hold Reunion

Send Us Your Upcoming Events and We Will Post Them FREE Of Charge! Simply Send Your Information to

Crate Car Raffle For "Leap of Love" Leaps of Love, an organization established to embrace families affected by childhood brain tumors and late-effects of childhood cancer, has recently been donated a 2008 Rayburn Combo Race Car w/604 Crate to be raffled off to raise funds for its organization. Winner may choose between the Car or $10,000! The 'Race Ready' Crate Car will be taken and displayed at many of the tracks throughout the race season where they will sell tickets $20 each or 6 for $100. You may also purchase tickets online at DRAWING WILL BE HELD Friday, October 12, 2012 at intermission at the Tri City Speedway in Granite City, IL. No tickets will be sold after the start of the first race at Tri City Speedway Friday, October 12, 2012; and no tickets will be sold after 12:00 noon on October 12, 2012, if purchased over the internet. The winner does not have to be in attendance to win. Highland Speedway has also designated Saturday, July 21, 2012 as Leaps of Love Night at the Races. Many of the families that LOL serves will be at the track that afternoon playing games and meeting the drivers as they arrive. "Most of these families have never attended a dirt track race before. They are so excited to not only be there but to have the opportunity to meet and greet the drivers." For every admission ticket sold for this race, $5 will be donated to 'Leaps of Love.' There will be also be a 50/50 drawing and raffle items throughout the evening. Sponsorship opportunities are also available; a tax-deductible donation of a product for the raffle, donation of a service for the raffle, monetary donation OR 'Event Sponsor; for $500. As an 'Event Sponsor', you will receive recognition on signage posted at the event, name mentioned throughout the evening, as well as 4 VIP tickets that include draft beer, wine and food. Leaps of Love is a nonprofit organization out of Highland, IL that was established in 2010 to embrace families affected by childhood brain tumors and late-effects of childhood cancer by providing hope, strength and encouragement to meet the challenges they face today as well as the long-term effects of tomorrow. For more information about the raffle, contact Traci Riechmann at For more information about Leaps of Love, call 618-410-7212 or go online at

Navy and Marine Corps shipmates who served on the USS COLUMBUS CA-74/CG-12 from 1944 through 1976 and the USS COLUMBUS (SSN-762) past and present, if you would like to share memories and camaraderie with old friends and make new ones, please contact Allen R. Hope, President, 3828 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815-4505 Home: (260) 486-2221 - 8AM 5PM Eastern Time Fax: 260-4929771 . USS COLUMBUS CA-74/ CG-12/SSN-762 Reunion September 12 – September 16, 2012 at HOLIDAY INN PORTLAND AIRPORT –PORTLAND, OR. Please contact Allen R. Hope, President, 3828 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815-4505 Home: (260) 486-2221 - 8AM 5PM Eastern Time Fax: (260) 492-9771

Wentzville Weekly Flea Market 500 Main Street

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Saint Charles County Fair Days July 24-28, 2012 4:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. Tuesday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M on Saturday at Rotary Park Show Hours Tue-Fri 4-11, Sat 9-11 Public Admission Price Adult Tuesday - Thursday $10, Adult Friday $15, Adult Saturday $20, Children ages 6 - 12 Tues.- Sat. $5, Children ages 5 & under Tues.- Sat. Free, Senior Citizens Day (60 yrs & older) Wednesday Only $5

“JULY DANCE” At the Wentzville Gr ee n LLan an te rn Se ni or C ente Gree een ante tern Seni nio Ce terr 506 South Linn Ave. Sat. July 14, 2012 6:00PM to 9:00PM “A little bit Country,” Rock & RollBig Band Music by Wil Smith Cover Charge $7.00 per person Includes Soft Drinks & Snacks

“DOOR PRIZES” Open 6:00am till ? every Sunday year-round. Spaces for vendors just $20.00 and are first come first/taken prior to 7:00am unless marked "Reserved.". Ample parking, restrooms and concessions. No pets allowed or to be sold un the flea market grounds.

Tickets are available at the Senior Center 9:00 AM- 3:00PM Monday-Friday or at the Door “Thanks to Pizza Pro For Providing Pizza & Snacks!”

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Important City Phone Numbers

City Hall 310 West Pearce Blvd. 636-327-5101 Police Department, 1019 Schroeder Creek Blvd. 636-327-5105 Fire Protection District 209 W. Pearce Blvd. 636-332-9869 Public Works 636-327-5102 Parks & Recreation 636-332-9236 City of Wentzville Parks and Recreation The City of Wentzville Parks and Recreation department provides many opportunities for people of all ages. Programs offered include fitness, sports leagues, cultural arts and enrichment classes. In addition, the department offers special events throughout the year including the Hill of Thrills Soapbox Race, Easter Egg Hunt, Holiday Night Lights and many others. We strive to offer something for everyone in the community. The Parks and Recreation Department prides itself in keeping each park safe and beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Parks in the community feature playgrounds, picnic shelters, paved trails, ball fields, a fishing lake, swimming pool, and many other outdoor amenities. Progress Park houses the administrative offices, gymnasium, fitness center and Progress Park Center. The Center is a banquet hall facility which can be rented to host wedding receptions, birthday parties or other indoor festivities. The Parks and Recreation brochure is published three times each year. All residents receive the brochure by mail. To view an online PDF version click Fun Times or pick up a copy from the Parks and Recreation office.

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Is US Government Reading Email Attorney General Koster Sues VaWithout a Warrant? It Doesn’t Want cation Package Telemarketers for to Talk About it Violating Missouri’s No-Call Law Does the U.S. government read your email? It’s a simple question, but apparently there’s no simple answer. And the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service are reluctant to say anything on the topic. In March, the American Civil Liberties Union caused a nationwide stir when the advocacy group released the results of its year-long investigation into law enforcement use of cellphone tracking data. After issuing hundreds of Freedom of Information Act requests, the ACLU learned that many local police departments around the country routinely pay mobile phone network operators a small fee to get detailed records of historic cell phone location information. The data tell cops not just where a suspect might have been at a given moment, but also create the possibility of retracing someone’s whereabouts for months. In most cases, law enforcement obtains the data without applying for a search warrant; generally, subpoenas are issued instead, which require law enforcement to meet a lower legal standard. ACLU lawyer Catherine Crump, who ran the cellphone location data investigation, is at it again. This time, she has filed similar Freedom of Information Act requests with several federal agencies, asking about their policies and legal processes for reading Internet users’ emails. “It’s high time we know what’s going on,” Crump told “It’s been clear since the 1870s that the government needs a warrant to read postal mail. There’s no good reason email should be treated differently.” There are hints that it is being treated differently, however. In a landmark 2010 case, United States v. Warshak, government investigators acknowledged that they read 27,000 emails without obtaining a search warrant, violating both the suspect’s privacy and the privacy of everyone who communicated with the suspect, according to Crump. Evidence obtained during that email search was thrown out on appeal by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, but that ruling applies only to four U.S. states.

Jefferson City, Mo. – Attorney General Chris Koster said today he has filed a lawsuit against three telemarketing companies for making solicitation phone calls to Missourians on the state’s no-call list. Koster filed suit against:

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Branson Premier Travel, L.L.C., doing business as Ozark Mountain Vacation Services, based in Branson; Branson Travel & Cruise, L.L.C., doing business as Knasel Marketing Plus Contact Center, based in St. Louis; and Super Market Merchandising and Supply, Inc., based in St. Louis.

The lawsuit also names the owner of the three companies, Kevin Knasel. According to Koster, the companies called consumers to solicit vacation packages and other products and services. Koster is asking the court to stop the telemarketers from calling Missourians on the no-call list. He is also seeking civil penalties and the costs of the investigation and prosecution. Koster reminds Missourians they can sign up for the Do-Not-Call hotline on his website at or by calling 866-6622551. He encourages consumers who receive harassing solicitation calls to file a complaint at 1-866-buzzoff (1-866-289-9633). Consumers can now register their personal cell phones with the Attorney General’s Office at or by calling 866-6622551.

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