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Volume 1, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 1

Dream Factory’s Inception ...

After all the extraordinary feats that we accomplished in the Western Cape since our inception in 2011, issuing our FIRST newsletter ever is an addition to the remarkable achievements of 2013 From the destiny altering moments to the adventurous tours in the Mother City, this newsletter aims to capture the grand reminiscences shared with you since our establishment. This not only means that the memories we shared are tangible but can be kept throughout your journey as a dreamer.

We reached 25 000 youngsters all over the Mother City to date, ranging from 11 to 21 years of age. These youngsters are from different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, values, experiences, neighbourhoods and social class... Our Roadshow tours which extend to both the Primary and High Schools in the Cape Town area were hosted during the school assembly period. It gave the team a thorough view of the entire student body in the particular school that we visited. The Roadshow comprises of a 30 minute

We dream of a global dreamer’s segment, with an inspirational play, live moment and this newsletter is a dream musical performances from the Uihos Movement, motivational talks which also come true. WELCOME to the pilgrimage of a dreamer’s life captured on a tabloid. Throughout the chronicles of the rainbow nation never was there a Factory that dedicated its sole mission to producing dreams.


include an invitation to receive salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. 2014 certainly holds valuable memories especially for those who had given up on their dreams. Like a burning torch we will continue to remind you as the world’s forerunner that your deepest fear is not that you are inadequate but that you are powerful beyond measure and the power in you is far greater than the challenge ahead of you… Continued on page 2...

Inside this Editor’s Note


Sneak preview on the Dream Factory Roadshow...


A day in the life of an Actor with Texas Battle


International Day of Service


Dream Factory on SABC 2’s Hectic nine 9


A day in the life of an Attorney with Bowman


Nelson Mandela , Forever a 8 Legend Upcoming Events!!!!


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Editor’s Note It gives me great pleasure to publish my first ever newsletter as an aspiring writer. This issue incudes: the memories shared as a Dream Factory family, A day in the life of an Actor with Texas Battles, A day in the life of a Lawyer with Bowman Attorneys, Aspire to Inspire and Forever a Legend. Our hero Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who liberated us from oppression and fought his good fight of faith has left an astounding legacy for us as young dreamers. His dream lives on, not only in South Africa but in the world at large…

Inside The Roadshow

The roadshow commenced on the 6th of August 2013 with 19 schools reached all over the Western Cape and 17 dream boxes planted in the schools. Learners enthusiastically ventured to the nearly forgotten tradition of writing letters and sent us over 1000 letters about their dreams. We have committed ourselves to fulfilling at least one dream from every dream box planted in a school. We have fulfilled 25 dreams so far. Learners were also required to nominate a teacher who has played a key role in helping them discover their fortes. The astounding and rapid movement of the roadshow has helped us reach 9 043 school learners, of whom 3 989 gave their hearts to Jesus.

Many thanks to the editorial team and cheers to the first ever Dream Factory newsletter issue and volume. Our role as Dream Factory is to build a generation that dares to BE their dreams. To ignite, inspire and motivate hope for the future in the hearts of young people through creating a platform for them to realize their dreams and aspirations. We value and appreciate every one of you. God Bless You Dineo Alexandra Moela

Dream Factory Team The show swept through the Mother City starting off with Strandfontein Primary School and the long awaited pilgrimage continued on to Delft South Primary School, Sea Point High School, Bloubergrant High School, Rhodes High School, Gardens Commercial, Zola Business School, Langa Secondary School, Qingqa Mntwana Junior Secondary, Houtbay High School, John Pama Primary School, Study Budyz, Vista High School, Maitland High School and Windsor High School just to name a few. The response from these schools was remarkable and the impact was truly felt from the letters written in. Without a shadow of a doubt we are assured that lives have been impacted positively. Many dreamers walked away with hope restored and the inspiration to enlarge their dreams. It’s not everyday that someone urges you to enlarge your frontiers and reminds you that you are the dream. Many were given strength to pick themselves up and dust off the defeated mentality and charge on into tomorrow with a new vision and passion burning inside.

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Volume 1, Issue 1



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A day in the life of an Actor with Texas Battle From all the 1000 letters we received, only 22 letters belonging to the candidates on the left were selected to spend a day with Texas Battle on the 23rd of November 2013 at the Civic Centre in Cape Town.

Congratulations!!!! Texas Quency Battle is an American film and television actor. He is well known for his role as Marcus Forrester on the CBS soap opera, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. These ambitious dreamers got to spend a day with Texas as he shed more light on the dynamics of being an Actor. He gave a brief background of his life, his career and the ladder he climbed to get to where he is today. He cautioned these future actors to always have education to fall back on in life as the Entertainment industry is too volatile. WINNERS!! Bianca (Vista High), Anelisa (Delft South),

As the day progressed he placed the learners in groups and gave them 5 minutes to memorise a script which they later performed in front of their fellow dreamers as seen in the collage below. Obviously some learners swept us off our feet while others performed their parts exceptionally well. It was a day well spent...

Martinique (Delft South), Nicole (Delft South), Lindokuhle (Qingqa Mntwana), Sibongile (Qingqa Mntwana), Asanda (Sophumelela High), Charles (Bloubergrant High), Simthembile (Sea Point High), Nadia (Study Budyz), Zukhanye (Windsor High), Nosive (Maitland High), Celia (Maitland High), Aquila (Maitland High), Reatile (Maitland High), Neville (Maitland High), Zakeerah (Maitland High),

We are grateful for Texas’ willingness to make the winners’ dream come true. His inspirational words and conduct truly left the winners in awe. #FACT: DREAMS DO COME TRUE !!!!

Casey (Windsor High),

Zimkhitha (Gardens Commercial)

Charnelle (Strandfontein),

‘Thank you to the Dream Factory Show for giving me an opportunity to meet up and spend the day •Texas Battle• (Male actor from Bold & the Beautiful) I have learned a lot more about acting & I sure will never give it up for anything but take chances all the time. Because when one door shuts in your face one will humbly open for you. #Passion”

Zimkhitha (Gardens Commercial), Nosive (Zola Business School) and Londoloza (Zola Business School)

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Volume 1, Issue 1

International Day of Service in Fisantekraal The 30th of November 2013, marked as the International Day of Service. Together with partners from Christ Embassy Cape Town, we walked the streets of Fisantekraal to remind the community how valuable and loved they are. If you have more than enough, share with those who do not have. As you help them accomplish their dreams you give way for others to help you

accomplish your dreams. We handed 64 pairs of new school shoes to learners from Trevor Manuel Primary School. 64 teenagers will be walking into their future fulfilling their dreams with a brand new pair of shoes. We have a social responsibility to find a human need in our society and meet that need because we can. Be the change you want to see in your community, take a stand

and help someone else make progress in life. If something captures your heart you can bring about that change. You are the Dream!


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Showstoppers: Dream Factory On Hectic Nine 9 Hectic Nine 9 is a Youth Entertainment Show that reaches more than 2 million viewers everyday. The show is always entertaining and filled with enthusing experiences like hosting various well known South African artists weekly.

On the 26th of November 2013 we were invited to inform viewers about ‘DREAM FACTORY’ a movement for and by the youth to change this generation and the world at large. We invest in talent and viewers got to see it for themselves as our Uihos crew later It currently runs on SABC2 and is used turned up the heat by performing “Fired as an educational platform to tackle Up” on stage. sensitive issues affecting young people in South Africa today. We are certain that viewers all around

South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho, are now looking out for Dream Factory’s next appearance in their city, town, province or country.

Aspire to Inspire: A wise man once said: quit wanting to be someone else. Value yourself. If you aren't content with yourself then no one else will be. God is more than happy with you. Learn to appreciate yourself because God expresses Himself through you. By realizing your value you will find it easier to unleash your full potential. Become selective about what you hear. Words are powerful. Words can make you or break you. Spend time with you. Embrace your personality, your looks and your character. You are the only you on this planet. Smile always and invest in yourself . The world doesn't owe you anything BUT you owe the world YOU… It all starts with our imagination, what can you see, what kind of images flood your mind? What kind of thoughts do you nibble in your mind? Dreams are birthed out of images, emotions, words and sensation, that shocks through our bodies like electricity currents that eventually creates storylines, that build up into a burning passion that makes the story a reality. We carry these images in our hearts. You and the dream are one. You and the dream are inseparable. Live out the dream. Persevere…

Volume 1, Issue 1

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A Day In The Life Of An Attorney We selected 15 dreamers who aspire to become lawyers, out of all the 1000 dreamers who wrote to us to spend a day at Bowman Gilfillan, on the 12th of December 2013 in their Cape Town offices. Bowman is generally regarded as one of the premier corporate law firms in South Africa with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Kenya, Botswana and London. The company has more than 300 specialised lawyers and has 554 employees. It is known for being one of the big five law firms in South Africa.

These dreamers enjoyed a jam packed programme with various segments. They were given an opportunity to ask questions, speak to Bowman’s attorneys and even interact with other young dreamers from different facets of life in Cape Town. It gives us great pleasure to know that we can help you dreamers achieve your dreams and we hope that this programme stirred up the passion in your hearts to become Attorney’s .

Congratulations !!!!

|Anelisa Windsor High| Asavela Maitland High| Duwayne Maitland High| Faith Maitland High| Ivette Maitland High| Lorna Maitland High| Namhla Maitland High| Tiffany Maitland High| Ashley Vista High| Sherifa Vista High| Divean Gardens Commercial High| Genevieve Study Budyz| Mishka Houtbay High| Mkhuseli Zola Business School| Sesethu Zola Business School|

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Nelson Rolihlahka Mandela—Forever a Legend

18 July 1918 —5 December 2013 South Africa gave birth to a world ambitions of settling the score with answered racism with racism. His life leader, a champion and freedom the apartheid regime but strived for has been an inspiration. Nelson was fighter not only for South Africans an Africa that is at peace with itself… the dream. Long Live His Legacy. but the world at large. Nelson Mandela immersed himself in Nelson Mandela stood out from official talks to end white minority among the crowd and had one sole rule and in 1991 was elected ANC vision: that we may all live in a land President to replace his ailing friend where one’s value is not determined Oliver Tambo. He and President FW by race but is rather determined by de Klerk jointly won the Nobel Peace personality and character. Prize in 1993 and on the 27th of April 1994 he cast his first vote in the He humbly submitted to a life democratic South Africa, what a long sentence as his civil rebellion to the walk to freedom! law imposed on black South Africans was a threat to the government. On the 10th of May 1994 he was Throughout his imprisonment he had inaugurated first black President of rejected at least three conditional South Africa. True to his promise offers of release as the condition of Nelson Mandela stepped down in his release was that he would 1999 after one term as President. renounce violence and violent Nelson Mandela never wavered in his protest as a means of bringing devotion to equality, democracy, change in South Africa. justice and education. Upon his release Nelson had no Despite terrible incitement, he never

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Upcoming Events *January 2014* 

A day in the life of a Presenter with Laurian from Hectic Nine9

A day in the life of a Chef at Leopard’s Leap

A day in the life of a Politician


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Our first edition is noteworthy, we hope you actually use this newsletter and allow it to inspire you to DREAM BIG!

in your journal or scrapbook. It is newsletters like these that change your life and your destiny. Do share it with your friends, acquaintances and family.

going to be exquisite. Write to us, we could publish one of your letters, yep your letter!!!

Thank you so much for believing in The memories shared in this edition Dream Factory we appreciate every are priceless. Some are worth pasting Look out for our next issue it’s only single one of you. Feel free to email us, like our Facebook page, add us on BBM, Mxit, Whatsapp, follow us on Twitter and finally join us on Yookos... We would love to hear from you.

Email:| BBM Pin:(285F541C) Dream Factory DreamFactorytv Mobile: 079 799 3945 Remember, your dream starts NOW! It begins with you, being the dream. You don’t need to chase after the dream because by being you, you are the dream. Do one thing every day that counts towards fulfilling your dream. God loves you so much. You are His dream…

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