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DIESEL Signage Manufacturing & Design Signage Design For Diesel USA inc. Design Brief: Create a signage system that is outfitted to the current footwear display trays, Is easily edit able, and blends with the stores interior design. Order of 150 - Hand Made

Logo, Business Card, Letter Head Corporate Stationary Set Design Brief: Create a corporate stationary set, including letter head, business card, and company logo. Company created from an unusual word = “flotilla�

NonProfit Ads Four NonProfit Ads for - 1/4 page (United States Department of Health and Human Services)

Design Brief: Create a series of four Ads that could be placed in a magazine in a series or at random. Ads were aimed to show the tools to a healthy lifestyle as the background texture/color and the rewards of a healthy lifestyle in the recycling of now oversized clothing.

Magazine Spread Bipolar Disorder - Spread Design Brief: Design a magazine spread that includes -Drop Cap -Pull Quote -By Line -Photo Credits -Photo Caption -Headline -Subhead -Footer (numbers - publisher - date) Image made in collage

Play Poster Dilation - The Play Design Brief: Create a Play including its title and story. The play is based on a dream I once had in great detail. Synopsis: A family of three takes it upon themselves to defeat a corrupt king whom is forced to take his entire kingdom hostage to break a curse hiding his treasure. The valiant rescue is immediately stopped and subsequent curses are placed upon each family member to prevent further rescue attempts. One curse creates a rip in time and an endless repeating cycle of days insures as the mad king continues his quest to achieve endless riches.

Child Toy Ads SuperBall | Withdraw - 1/4, 1/2, 1/2 spread Design Brief: Design three magazine Ads for a classic toy (SuperBall) These Ads were made to show the motion of a SuperBall through print. OptArt styles were used to create motion; two simple colors were also used to draw attention and to keep printing cost low. The Ads focus on Withdraw caused by not using a SuperBall and give advice from the SuperBall 10 step program.

Corporate Ads General Electric Ad Series - single magazine pages Design Brief: Create four Ads, two Focused on Product and two Focused on the Institution itself. Focus on GE LED lighting and 3D data storage

Fashion ADs + Logo Design BASIC Fashion Design Brief: Create two black and white newspaper ads for a fashion brand. I decided to create my own fashion brand and a logo to go along with it. The idea of this brand was to show how a BASIC fashion can be sexy and chic. The contrasting background texture is used in tandem with directional body positions to create and alluring look into the outfits and brand.