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Mobile Phone Repeater For communication through mobile phones, there must be a good network. The most efficient way of increasing signal range is the use of Mobile Repeaters. It is used when there is a problem of low signals, which results into distortion, dropped calls etc. Basically, mobile phones consist of inbuilt an amplifier, which boosts the weak signal. But they are closed inside the phone, due to which phones are incapable of accepting the signals. To remove this problem, extra mobile repeaters are attached with the phones. They just have an extra antenna and an amplifier which is used to catch the weak signals of the network and simply amplify them so that the antennas in the phones can catch the signals.

There are two types of Mobile repeaters:•

Analog Repeaters:-These analog repeaters are used to amplify (usually) all frequencies from cell phone carriers. They are almost always wide band (or broadband) repeaters. Such boosters are usually sold with a kit of outdoor antenna and cable and require an installation.


Smart Repeaters: - This new category of modern boosters utilizes powerful all-digital baseband processors to clean the signal before it is rebroadcast .These are more expensive than traditional analog repeaters as they use the technology of plug and play. So they don't need the installation of outdoor antennas (antenna is inside the booster box).

Mobile Phone Repeater