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Issue 05 - A Healthy Start


sweet & design of Scandinavia


a healthy start




Green Fingers miniature garden

Cookie MIX the perfect food gift




egg cartons, glass jars, old trivets etc

FREE Print&Cut files & designs

Canvas design * Cute cards

Clean eating recipes for a healthy start...

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*ZAKKA: is Japanese and can be best explained as an expression for ”many things”. It is a fashion and design phenomenon that comes from Japan, inspired by the utensils from the West and with a keen interest in Nordic and Scandinavian design, old or new. With this magazine we want to make ”zakka” a familiar expression in our northern part of the world as well. Zakka can also be described as ”the art of seeing the practical and usable in the ordinary and mundane” Sida 2


s we e t d e s i g n o f S c a n d i n av i a

A K K A Z ina of Scand n g i s e d sweet


We wish You a Big Warm WELCOME to the Fifth issue of ZAKKA! In this issue of ZAKKA we give you lots of sweet crafts, green tips and sweet & healthy recipes. As this is the last issue published, for now, we just want to say Thank You to all our readers and wish You Welcome to join us for a new start with “Chosefri” a new blog and upcoming mag. For more information visit; For the Healthy Start we will End this last issue with some nutrioius “Chosefri” clean eating recipes that I will be continuing to spread in the new blog “Chosefri”... Happy reading! Diana Ortscheid • /Zakka - sweet design of Scandinavia Sida 3

ZAKKA issue sweet


of Scan din


av i a

5 a healt hy star t

Table Of Content


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zakka craft


Sweet chocolate truffle eggs

Decorate with our Print&Cut labels

Pastries in roasting pan

Baked donuts & 3 kinds of frosting


Fabrics & trivets Upholstered old trivet

12 Sweet candy stash

36 Chocolate truffles 44 CookieMix

Dress up old Easter eggs

Bird’s nest with felted eggs

Glass jars with labels and other recycled materials

Sweet garden bunnys on the fridge


Quick and easy recipe

Print&Cut labels for printing

Knit a cute little cardigan for children by residual yarn

Print&Cut designs for printing

Decorate egg cartons to give away or serve your Easter eggs in

Print&Cut - sweet motifs for printing, postcards or coloring

17 Bird’s nest in a jar 22 Beautiful pantry 24 Fridge Magnets

26 ”Play-Doh” recipe

28 Cute Baby Cardigan 33 Sweet egg carton

green fingers

37 Miniature Garden

48 Baking in a pan 64 3xDONUTS

44 CookieMix labels 53 Canvas motifs 56 Springtime!


57 Springtime totebag

Get inspired or visit Spoon Flower, buy our cut and sew fabric and make your own garden totebag

42 All things GREEN

buy our cut and sew fabric with a cute little garden bunny...


A Healthy END

Thoughts and advice on growing your own plants

Reuse old cans and make beautiful pots

40 Canned daffodils?

Tips about flowers and gardening

Seasonal fruits & vegetables, in Europe

zakka tips! 54 Wrap art

Gift wrapping Tips ...

Seasonal fruits & vegetables, in Europe


61 Springtime bunny Get inspired or visit Spoon Flower,

66 67 68 70 72 74 76 78

Raw Chocolate Bites Raw Coconut Cupcakes Dinkel Cookies Skrädmjöl Brownies Chickpea Blondies Raw Caramel & Peanut Bars Oat flour Pancakes Chocolate Black Bean Truffles Sida 5


s we e t d e s i g n o f S c a n d i n av i a

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editorial Diana Ortscheid ENGLISH TRANSLATION by: Annie Olausson Bergfeldt ZAKKA - sweet design of Scandinavia EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS: Ortscheid art & design ShutterStock Find us / Follow us • • twitter

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COPYRIGHT: The copyright for projects within the magazine belongs to our designers and to Future Publishing Limited. We have worked hard to create these projects for you to make and love, and we kindly ask that you don not re-sell or distribute our work without permission from ZAKKA – sweet design of Scandinavia. We don not mind if you make a copy for a friend but please respect our hard work and do not make any part of our template PDFs available to others through your website or a third party website, or copy it multiple times without our permission. Please pass on this information if you make a copy for a friend. Copyright law protects creative work and unauthorised copying is illegal. We appreciate your help. /Diana Ortscheid ZAKKA sweet design of Scandinavia

COVER MODEL Emelie Rasmussen MODELS INSIDE MAG: Emelie & Joakim Elina & Elsa Molle & Luna Anna & Nathanelle


Anders & Henrik Eva Stormöga Gert & Ingeborg Ortscheid Sida 7

trivets r u o y p u Dressing bundle of trivets in coritks

small of both All with a , got tired s u s a t s , ju y become has surely nd that in time the we ea ges. Here d e e h t appearanc t a g new and burnt e to buyin iv t worn out a n r e lt a nes erfect orn out o w ld o have the p e h d reuse t and instea ossess. yp you alread

RECYCLING Renew with fabric ... Sida 8


We simply dressed our old trivets in various fabrics both from our own fabric series, you’ll find them on, and with other beautiful fabrics and scraps of fabric. Maybe a nice tea towel would fit to cut in half? Remember not to use bright fabrics as we, to make this craft quick and easy, just stapled the fabric on the back with a staple gun and thereof it is not possible to remove for washing.

Old alto

you ne


new triv (retailer ets in co IKEA) rk Fabric (t he fa bric ght on w we used ww.etsy.c om)

was bou


Staple g

un and s


Sida 9

instructions Things to do: Put the trivet on the fabric and cut a square for about 7 cm from the trivets edge. To make the variant with sewn-on patches sew them down now, we made it easy for us and staggered them down. Then staple the fabric on the underside of the trivet. Stick the staples in a circle and tighten the fabric before adhering to get a good smooth result.

When you are finished stapling, cut away excess fabric, although remember not to cut closer than half an inch away from the staples to avoid the fabric to start crawling out of their strongholds. Finish off by cutting a square to cover the ugly underside with. Measure the fabric to cover the surface where you stapled and add some cm to fold into. Staple along the folded edge, don not forget to tighten the fabric slightly. You have now completed your first trivet...

Sida 10

Sida 11

Happy Easter!

Sida 12

Sweet candy stash Are you tired of Easter eggs you’ve collected over the years? Here are some tips on how to make them look like the eggs of great-grandmother’s childhood.

Sida 13

Things you need: • Old Easter eggs • Wallpaper paste • Tissue paper color of your choice • Paint brushes about 2cm

• Twines / ribbons such as: jute twine, paper twine or cotton ribbon • Paper glue • Sweet napkins • Decorative paper

wide • White roof color (matte) • Acrylic paint to mix up with the white roof color, to get the right shade of color

• Small decorative stuff, for example, letters in wood, mini bears, princess crowns • Clear stamp, text designs • Stamp pad any color

• Lace tape in various colors

• Old cardboard

• Double-sided tape

• Paper punch for tag

• Bird feathers / easter feathers

• Hole pliers

1. FOR THE CHILDREN Dotty in pastel: Since we were looking for a matte finish

on the egg we used the white roof color. Paint one egghalf at a time. Allow to dry. Tag with a letter & teddy: Punch with any paper punch or cut a tag of matching decorative paper. Then attach the first letter of the children’s names with double sided tape and ”dirty” the edges of the tag with brown stamp color to get a bit worn look. Mix the roof color with acrylic to get the desired shade for the dots. We made one with pink respectively green dots. When the eggs are dry glue on a sweet lace band around the egg’s edge. Light pink ribbon for the pink egg, and beige ribbon for the green. Measure after the egg’s edge and put on doublesided tape around the egg, and then fasten the lace. Measure a piece of jute twine and tie around the pink egg, fasten tag & pink mini-bear and tie a bow. The same procedure with the green egg, but with yellow & white dotty cotton ribbon. Guess if your children gets thrilled when they get so cute little creations.

Sida 14

2. VINTAGE Decoupage of:

It is an advantage if you paint the egg white before you decoupage. Because if you want to decorate with a bright napkin / paper, the pattern on the egg tends to shine through if it is unpainted, and you will need many layers of decoupage. Start by tearing the tissue paper in different shapes and sizes of strips. • Beige with feathers. Take a little darker beige silk paper, brush on glue, apply a strip of paper and brush over with glue again. You do not need that much glue, it does not matter if it is not completely covered. Continue with paper and glue in layers until you are satisfied. Allow to dry. Paste some paper glue on top of the egg and attach some small dotty bird feathers, a jute twine bow and a small tag made of decorative paper. Now the egg is done! • White with elegant text. Want a little more ”life” in the egg, you can make your own decorated tissue paper, then stamp with optional Clear Stamp-stamps. You do not need to stamp carefully, it looks better if you are a little sloppy. Glue on a couple layers of unstamped white tissue paper around your egg and finish the last layer with your stamped tissue paper. Allow to dry. We felt that this egg was complete as it was, and did not add anything more.

Sida 15

3. ROMANTIC • Rosy pink White eggs with a napkin decoupage. Lap white tissue paper and glue. Add the napkin the last thing you do and brush a little on top. Allow to dry. An alternative is to put the napkin over only half of the egg and then stamp the remaining half with a nice stamp. • Printing ink Here we have used plain paper with print, in our case with oldfashioned newspaper text. And it’s the same principle as above. Brush the glue, put on paper, glue and lap until you are satisfied. Meanwhile, the egg is drying, take time to make a small tag of the old cardboard that you write or stamp your greetings and maybe stick a decoration, we chose to decorate with a necklace in form of a beautiful crown in silver, can be purchased at most hobby shops. Measure the right length of a lace ribbon, cut and paste as in ”Children Spotted pastellägg”. Cut a piece of brown paper twine, long enough for two laps around the egg. Wrap around, tie and attach your home-made tag and finish with a bow. Finally add some fine bird feathers in the bow and the egg is complete!

Sida 16

n i d r i B a jar?

tweet, tweet tweedelidee...

Sida 17

st in a jar e n ’s d ir b Little ith small

w ble little tin t only a o This adora n eggs is d e r, lt fe d han for Easte n io t a r o dec ay beautiful t to give aw if g t n e c e d but also a season. no matter

Sida 18

Things you need: • Glass jar with lid

• Scraps of fabric

• Wool

• Rubber Bands

• Bowl with lukewarm water

• Lace Band

• Dish soap

• A piece of string

• Coloured sisal natural fiber

• Cardboard

• Small twigs

• Stamp Pad, Black

• A small piece of wire

• Decoration Tape (japanese washi tape)

• Masking Tape • Scissors

• Hole plier

Sida 19


ce of suitable pie o do: Thininggsthte small eggs by tawkiarngmawater on and then

Start felt and conw drops of f dish soap o u pour a fe s yo p ro at d th l w o wo water while ke a fe in to roll. Ta e lukewarm the wool th in l al b l o gently beg wo hen . Rinse the e lather. W tinue rolling worst of th e d you can´t th an d ve o ile m co re y tl to h it g ti ll d ro you the egg is nsed an me fibers, mpletely ri so co n is se o ce lo ie d p an n. the surface scratch at dry in the su to ft le e b n ca d an y read d then add all twigs, an sm w fe a d an ith sisal and Fill the jar w s. g g e l oo in the dry w

Bend a small pie ce of wire to ha ng a greeting tag in and attach with tape on the inside of the lid. Cut out a suitable siz ed tag of the ca rdboard and mak a hole on one sid e e for the string with a hole plier Tape on some de . coration tape, write or stamp your tex and then hang the t little tag on the wi re inside of the lid and screw on.

Sida 20

Cut a square of fabric to cover lid. Fold it two times and then cutting edge of a quarter circle, and when you´re done the laid-open fabric is circular. Place the fabric on the lid and secure with a rubber band and then tie around a piece of lace ribbon. Is the jar intended as a gift is a tip to wrap it in a little cellophane.

Sida 21

Springtime postcards

-cute kids in bunny rabbit costume! Print&Cut POSTCARDS / MOTIFS This section of the Print & Cut, we give you the ability to print postcards with cute motifs. Print them as postcards, frame them or cut and paste into your springtime scrapproject, the choice is yours ...

Sida 22

Print&Cut TO ACCES PRINTABLE FILES see instructions at page 85

Springtime bunny - tote bag



Sida 23

Cut&Sew Cut & Sew is perfect for those with little experience in the sewing machine and means you are buying a piece of cloth with our design and then just cut and sew according to the instructions on the fabric. No measuring, no hassle just cut & sew ...

Things you need: • Cut & Sew fabric from • Scissors • Sewing thread • Sewing Machine • Vlieselin

Sida 24


Start with the three pockets, hem the edges of 1 cm and then sew them with a straight stitch according to the designated locations. Inner pocket is sewn with two extra seams down the middle.

my little garden

Flowers, trees and honey bees...

together the bottom by 3) Sew folding the bottom edge

the edges of the Zakka brand and position it as 2) Fold instructed. Sew inner fabric and outer fabric right side

toward each other and then sew a straight stitch across.

together with three stitches as below

Flowers, trees and honey bees...

the outer bag right side 4) Fold out and place inner bag as below. Sew together around the top with zigzag stitches.

the dotted strip, right sides 5) Sew facing, around the bag 4 cm from

the top edge. Fold the strip over the edge, fold under the edge and slip stitch it to the bag inside.

my little garden my little garden

the handles by folding them 6) Make with the outside facing in and then

sew along the edge. Then turn them outside out and iron them flat. Sew ends just below the lower edge of the binding. Fold the handles up and stitch as below.

my little garden

my little garden

Sida 25

d e z a l 3xG


lite yummy s e th ts u n re with 3 onuts, do Donuts, d everyone to love. He erfect ep or tle treats f ng and to make it th mod, re osti kinds of fr used a pizza carton aper e re ok p food gift w ith some scrap bo arton bit w ed the  c in L eled it a . e p ta washi before we e r m e o p s a p d e n u a s atching tis i donuts. Serve m e m o s h wit f our min nd a stripey o l l u f it a stuffed ss of milk a l g a , s d with frien JOY! straw, EN

Printable TO ACCES PRINTABLE FILES see instructions at page 85

Sida 26

Coloring sheets

Things you need: DONUTS 2 dl flour ulated sugar 0,75 dl + 2 tablespoons gran 1 tsp baking powder 0,5 tsp salt ttermilk 0,75 dl plus 2 tablespoons bu of oon (or regular milk with a teasp white vinegar added) 1 egg, beaten 1 tbsp vanilla sugar 1,5 tsp butter, melted GLAZE BROWNED BUTTER 3 dl powdered sugar 1-2 tbsp milk Coconut, for decorating CHOCOLATE & PEPPERMINT GLAZE 2 tbsp cocoa powder 1-2 tbsp milk mint A couple of drops of pepper essential oil or extract 3 dl powdered sugar corating Crushed candy canes, for de RASPBERRY GLAZE awed and purĂŠed 0,5 dl frozen raspberries, th 3-5 dl powdered sugar

Things to do: Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celcius. Lightly grease a donut pan or machine. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. In a small bowl, stir together the butter milk, egg, and butter. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir with a wooden spoon until fully incorporated. Fill the donut pan and bake for 8 minutes until lightly browned and cooked through, or bake in machine according to instructions, Remove from the oven and cool in the pan for a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack. While the donuts are cooling in the pan do the glazings. Mix the ingredients for each glaze until smooth and lightly thick. Dip the donut tops (slightly warm or cool) in the glaze, let set for a minute and enjoy.

Sida 27

Caramel & Peanut Bars Things you need:

Crust 2,5 dl Almonds 1,5 dl Medjool dates 2 pinches Of sea salt Caramel 1,5 dl Peanut butter 0,5 dl Coconut oil 2,5 dl Medjool dates 0,5 tsp Vanilla powder 1 tbsp pure Maple syrup 0,5 tsp Sea salt Chocolate frosting 1 dl Coconut oil 0,5 dl Cacao powder 0,5 tsp vanilla powder 2 tbsp pure Maple syrup 1 pinch of Sea salt

Things to do:

Line a 20x20 cm pan with parchment paper. In a food processor, mix together almonds, dates and salt until a sticky, workable dough is formed and then press then into bottom of a pan. Process all caramel ingredients in food processor until smooth. Layer on top of the crust layer in pan. Finally, in a heat proof bowl placed over warm water (not hot) let all chocolate frosting ingredients melt while stirring with a rubber spatula until smooth. Let the frosting sit for 5 minutes before layering on top of caramel in pan. Refrigerate or freeze until firmed up. Remove from pan, cut a warm knife and enjoy, best served cool.

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Sida 29

Sida 30

Sida 31

Profile for Diana Ortscheid

ZAKKA - No5 - PORTFOLIO: Diana Ortscheid  

ZAKKA sweet design of Scandinavia, all material belongs to Diana Ortscheid and Ortscheid art & design...

ZAKKA - No5 - PORTFOLIO: Diana Ortscheid  

ZAKKA sweet design of Scandinavia, all material belongs to Diana Ortscheid and Ortscheid art & design...


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