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Exidus Before the economic crisis, Hurricane Katrina, and the oil spill was a young boy with a flair for writing rhymes. Exidus wrote a poem, won a local talent contest, and was published in the National Book of Poetry at only 10 years old. It did not take long for this poetic genius to jump into the rap game. Now this energetic, entertaining artist, under the management of Ism Entertainment, is breathing new life into the World of Hip Hop and representing the movement of the people. With his new, smash hit, Whop Whop from his forthcoming album “When I Speak”, Exidus is putting females everywhere back on the dance floor. His music is versatile, electrifying, and fun, mixing the jazz of New Orleans, LA with the crunk and soulful touch of Mississippi. The revolution has only begun and the plan is to continue to rock cities with the Whop Whop invasion. Next on the radar is his single Gwopaholic. His hard, Southern style turned Vegas club music comes from growing up along the Gulf Coast. When two sisters were killed simultaneously from a rape and car accident, Exidus got involved in the street life and was kicked out of every school from Pass Christian, MS to New Orleans. The one thing that kept him ahead was his music. He recorded his first song Mississippi Bon Fire with a group he formed called “Soul Disciple Camp” when he was 17. It became the #1 requested song on the local radio station on the Gulf Coast, proving that he could write, rap, produce, and perform. Without a copyright to the song and a group break-up, Exidus found his way back to the beginning. He linked with several other labels for the next decade and eventually landed in Tampa, FL with his song called Cool With It, which stayed in heavy rotation only after living there for a few weeks. That deal broke loose when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and his family was left homeless. The tragedy did not slow this heart of a hustler down. He jumped into the drug game and adopted a new way to make ends meet when he moved out to Las Vegas, NV and started pimping. “He started from the bottom, but has worked tirelessly to rise above,” says Dolla, CEO of Ism Entertainment. “Now Exidus is selling out shows and making breakthrough strides in the World of Hip Hop, all while making the women go crazy over his unique style.” He is the true meaning of freedom from captivity. Get ready to be intrigued by Exidus! ###

King of the Whop Whop Invasion  

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