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15 Domain Gladstone QLD, AU 5835 Regional 208.00 sq.cms.

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Expert shares his winning formula Mr Ameer came to Australia at the age of 18 with big dreams. Initially a student struggling financially with a rather large debt, he quickly turned his finances and his life around through determination and with a little help from his mentors. After building his wealth through various investments, including real estate,

Zaki Ameer. REAL estate expert and wealth development coach Zaki Ameer has just launched his first book Dream it, Design It, Do It on Amazon, detailing how he went from being a broke student to building a $3milllion property portfolio in just two years. Mr Ameer said the main reasons people are unsuccessful and lose money in property investing is that they use bad strategies, and have an incorrect mindset. “Fortunately, both of these can be changed with the right education. The first and most important step is to discover what motivates you to success. “Of course, everyone is different, but once you understand your motivator, you can start to make steps toward your life by design.”

direct sales and shares, Mr Ameer accumulated 10 properties in two years, totalling $3 million. Mr Ameer used particular strategies to achieve his success that he describes in his book, which quickly amassed 1000 downloads




proved successful was ensuring he always bought under market value. “Buying under market value is more than just a discount or saving. “By buying under market value you are actually making money on the way in, as opposed to waiting for growth in the economy over time.” Mr Ameer also offers useful tips on renovations, finance and how to maintain a healthy mindset.

within 30 days of being listed for sale on Amazon, taking it to the number 1 position for the Buying and Selling Homes category on Amazon. His first strategy involves buying only in established suburbs. “Investing in property involves taking risks. But by analysing historical data, that these established suburbs already have, we can make those risks calculated ones.”

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